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Fee Structure

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Indian Client (Rs)
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Marriage Matching

1 hour phone consultation with 4-5 page report on Ascendant , Dasha, Transit, Nadi, Manglik and Ashtakoot 36 Guna Milan Matching .

2000 50 ( Rs 3000)
Full Chart Reading with Report 1 hour phone consultation with 8 page report on Ascendant , Major Yoga in Kundali , Mahadasha , Shani Transit , Advice for coming life. 3000 85 ( Rs 5000)
Only Phone Discussion on New Chart without Report

1 hour phone consultation on the Chart without Report

2000 50 ( Rs 3000)
Follow Up in Future on Same Chart 1 hour phone consultation 1000 30 ( Rs 2500)
Learn Basic Astrology in 10 Hours 5 Sessions of 2 Hours Each over Phone / Skype covering use of Jagannath Hora Software for Chart Making , discussions on Ascendant , Planets, Rashi, Yoga, Mahadasha , Transit from Moon and Matchmaking . 12000 250 ( Rs 15000)
Learn Stock Market Astrology in 10 Hours 5 Sessions of 2 Hours Each over Phone / Skype covering use of Jagannath Hora Software and Planets, Rashi, Yogas for rise and fall of NIFTY and Business Sectors. 12000 250 ( Rs 15000)

Whatsapp Number & Email

For any other type of consultancy , send your Date, Time , Place of your Birth along with details of

Problem to Whatsapp Number 8173979026 or Email at . 


Other Terms & Conditions

1. Along with your actual date , time and place of birth, send your problem, by email , giving some information about your current residence ,  status, job, education and any relevant fact about problem to confirm your chart.

2. I will go through your problem , match it with chart and then see if this problem has any solution in near future ( 2-3 years ) . Some problems can be easily solved or managed if some modification in way of thinking is done .

3. Advice works best when there is good Jupiter influence in the chart .

4. There is no gemstone or special Puja recommendation on my behalf , but if you believe in them , you should keep on doing the same as I believe that behaviour modification is more effective than gemstones.

Note :

Those who, have lot of hesitations , confusions , disbelief, due to earlier bad experiences from fake, greedy ,  uneducated astrologers or those who find the consultation fee as excessive should not seek  consultation, as fee charged is no value for a professional and honest advice and that happens only when Jupiter is good in your chart. 

It would be better if you read many astrological essays written on main page and get convinced and then only opt for  consultancy. It will save me from convincing exercise.


Client's Feedback in Last 5 Years

My style of astrological analysis is more like a shock treatment for a chronic disease. My written report usually creates a shock in clients' minds as they can relate their all past misadventures , failures and missed opportunities owing to their social beliefs or actions which were against their cosmic design.

After getting my fee in advance, I have nothing more to extract from clients like gemstone sales commissions or Puja paath rituals charges so I can express true design of your chart , whether initially you like it or not. So, people expecting a magic wand solution or Miracles or Chamatkar may not find instant appeal in my analysis.

If you do not follow do's and don'ts , you are destined to face same failures and problems , just like a diabetes patient will face the same consequences , if he does not amend his / her lifestyle , after getting an excessive blood sugar report.

So, final impact of report is felt only after some months or a year , when person is himself able to see the fresh events in light of his/her cosmic design. Person gets enlightened during fresh bad event , as he can analyse it in the backdrop of my predictions and then he has no option but to adopt those behavioural modifications.

And like a diabetes specialist, that is my ultimate objective , to make your life better by changing your actions for better destiny .

This way , I get my appreciations from most clients after 6 months but these last for life. The reverse happens for gemstone astrologers . They may get some immediate appreciation but they cannot handle relapse of problem and that creates a trust issue with clients.

Some Comments from my Clients...

Most clients express their satisfaction at the end of  phone discussion , some have written  emails feedback like below , given by a lady engineer ..

to me

Dear Shukla ji,

My words of gratitude will not do enough justice for the patient counselling you had given. Your patience and perseverance in solving problems of clients reflect your compassionate and ethical attitude, which is sublime in comparison to business only attitude of some.

And for Gen Y people like me who question veracity of fallacious astrological remedies, your behavior based solutions laced with logic are perfect answers. Your approach to analyzing problems and prescribing solutions, like exploiting our weakness as strength made me realize that real purpose of Jyotisha for benefit of all can be achieved if astrologers are like you. I feel optimistic after your counselling and I sincerely request your guidance and wisdom in future also.

Thanking you,

Teja M. , Telangana

I should not disclose their particulars on internet for privacy, so I am giving some excerpts from their emails below :

1. A NRI Engr. working in Australia ...

“ ....I must say that i am thoroughly impressed with the report. Particularly worth mentioning here is the way you have explained the basis of your assessment and have described the methodology adopted - precisely the details one would need to understand/relate and satisfy one's curiosity in relation to these readings. Further, the remedies advised by you are very logical, rational, to-the-point and devoid of not-so-convincing archaic formulas.

...Also, i would like to mention here that I could straightaway see the impact of your words when i followed your simple yet powerful suggestions . I could see discernible improvement in my day-to-day life. Thanks for that..I do believe you have a remarkable understanding of human psyche and spiritual intuitiveness required for your chosen area and confident that you will be successful in your ventures.

2. From An Eye Surgeon, Dr. Patil from Mumbai ..

Dear Shuklaji,
...Awesome analysis. Really gives great clarity on the subject matter. Appreciate your valuable inputs and guidance and the methodology of presenting the facts is superb...”

3. From a US NRI , Mr. Patel.

...You explained very nicely about the Mango Tree. I really liked that. Have noted down about the Jupiter strategy you meant. One more request, if you could please tell me about other planets like Saturn, Moon, Sun and Mercury. I really appreciate that....

4. A NRI from USA and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engg.

... Thanks for the report again. I liked the way you have explained and drawn analogies while explaining planets. I am myself very practical person as I work as a Mechanical Engineer, and descriptions like this would help gather things better....

5. From a Bank Executive from Mumbai

.... Thank you so so much for helping me with this. I wish I would have connected with you earlier, and saved so much tough time.....

6. From An IT Manager in Indian MNC in Hyderabad ...

“ I have gone through the mail which has boosted my confidence and faith on our relation. We got to plan and take things forward as soon as possible to unite in nuptial knot.

I thank you again from bottom of my heart...”

7. From a NRI Businessman in Panama Republic , South America

...Because you properly explained me about Shani, I understood and I have recognized the change it has made. ....Thank you for consultation.I have shared my experience to aid your research further.

If tomorrow you are not available, who will be there to consult for the real frank truths that astrologers should tell clients?

8. From A NRI IT Executive in UK ..

..You have accurately addressed my deep-seated question regarding the wrong ascendant & exact time of birth that I have been holding all along and unsure about. Thank you very much...

9. From A Legal Professional from Mumbai..

....had gone through your report and its a true reflection of past events...


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