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Role of Astrology in Central Govt Budget

January 25, 2018

How Will Be Central Government's Budget on 1 Feb 2018

  Indian Government’s Budget had been traditionally presented on 28th February every year since British rule period till 2016. Earlier the time was 5 PM to coincide with 12 Noon at British Parliament . But BJP changed it to  11 AM time in 1999  and now BJP has changed the date also  to 1 February .

In astrology , place, date and time are extremely important parameters and any deviation in these can bring major changes in the thought process and direction of the event .

Budgets Till 1998 ( 28 Feb at 5 PM Every year )

It is very interesting to note that till year 1998 , when budget was presented at 5 PM every year , the ascendant sign used to be at 29 degree in Cancer .

So, the ascendant was at border line , which shows weakness in the event and ascendant lord Moon as we know is for emotional issues , waxing and waning and denotes child like features .

Due to weak ascendant , the budget exercise was without a direction and depended on Finance Minister’s personal thinking rather than Country’s needs and aspirations.

Because of Moon and Cancer sign , it was quite emotionally charged event as if something great would happen on that day , while it was a non-event in practice . It had no clear direction for Indian economy and more like a family’s monthly budget without any future vision or ambition .

Budgets from 1999 till 2016 ( 28 Feb at 11 AM every year )

With change of timing , the ascendant shifted to Taurus , owned by Venus . Taurus as we know denotes consumption , food , banking and Venus is also about luxury goods , consumption , spending , consumerism .

Therefore , Venus got the control of the budget direction and government budgets started focusing on expenses , loan disbursals , imports / exports , free trade and foreign investments.

The ascendant degree shifted from border to 6 degree , making it better and focused.

This period led to expansion of market for luxury goods, vehicles , white goods , jewellery , stock markets , food outlets , wine shops , branded clothes , good houses, looking good etc . FMCG , E-commerce online shopping etc got popular in this period .

So, the public got used to spending , taking loans , investing in stock market , real estate but the condition of tax payment remained abysmal as Venus is not about paying taxes to government .

Budget on 1 February 2017 at 11 AM

Another big change of date happened , so ascendant sign again changed and it became Aries .

Aries denotes fiery sign , for border or new beginning and it is owned by Mars the planet for forcible extraction of taxes , penalty , fear and physical action .

Therefore, the new theme of the budget became the extraction of taxes which so far traders and rich persons were not paying while consuming best goods and services .If Moon was child like and Venus was like a teenager enjoying life at other’s cost , Mars is like the policeman or soldier out to enforce the law .

So, the very first budget had the Aadhar Act included in Budget Bill to compulsorily collect the footprints of all investments, government subsidies , tax compliance and major spendings. Next big thing proposed in the budget was online GST system .

People first time felt that it would be very difficult to evade taxes .

Now on , every budget will focus more on tax compliance , leakage of revenue and subsidy and people will be forced to pay actual taxes within a decade as Mars is now ascendant lord .

If we see the above chart , we see that ascendant lord Mars was placed in 12th house of investment , along with Moon and Jupiter aspected it from 6th house of taxes . So, this budget brought happiness for investors in stock market .

Coming Budget on 1 February 2018

The change of ascendant sign and ascendant lord planet signifies the major direction of the event happening at that time . So, Aries will remain the ascendant till date or time is changed again . And that means days of strict , online surveillance of taxes is to remain the main theme of all new budgets .

However , the yearly focus area will change as per the placement of Moon and Mars in this chart . Last year , both were in 12th House of investment .

Here , we can see that Mars is in 8th House of secrecy , mystery and surprises . Then Rahu is with Moon and aspects Mars also . Rahu means technology and that effectively means that government is coming up with something linked with technology to eradicate the menace of tax evasion and subsidy misuse .

In this chart , Sun is with Ketu in Capricorn sign with Venus in close degrees in 10th house of prominence. These are inimical combinations for rich and people who are great spenders ( Venus ) . This time , 12th house of investment is owned by Jupiter and that is in 7th house of opposition .

Therefore , this budget is more likely to increase tax revenue ( Mars , Jupiter , Saturn aspecting 11H of income ) by increasing taxes on rich . It may be by introducing Long term capital gains on equity investment or agricultural income on rich farmers . Government can announce any new scheme for unearthing black money during the year .

Supreme Court is expected to give clearance to use of Aadhar card with some riders and that will be the green signal for government to go ahead with full force for Adhar based surveillance of economic activities. Introduction of E way bills from 1 February will also help government in plugging the loopholes in GST .

At the same time , Jupiter aspect on ascendant shows happiness to honest taxpayers , genuinely poor people needing govt subsidy .

Gujarat & HP Election Results on 18 December 2017

December 11, 2017

                            Will BJP Win Gujarat & Himachal Assembly Elections ?

       (  Disclaimer :  The astrological Analysis done here is totally based upon transit position of Planets on 18th December 2017 , day of counting . In absence of use of any birth date of a leader or party , the accuracy of prediction may suffer .)

 The elections were conducted from November 2017 till 14th December in 3 stages . Counting will start on morning of 18th December . 

Interestingly , there is no change in planetary signs till polling day of 14th December , when the planet position is like below :


But just before  counting starts on 18th December , the position becomes like this :

Here , Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on 15th December while Moon joins Sagittarius at 7 AM on 18th December on  the day of counting .  Saturn and Moon are quite close to Sun so both are combust and lose their power to act . 

    One of the interpretation of this combination is that Sun will prevail and over power Saturn . The question is who is Sun , the authority,  in this election ? Most would say it is PM Modi and in that case BJP should win despite many theories of vote diversion .

Also , Sun-Saturn , Moon-Saturn conjunction should cause rise of stock market in absence of Jupiter aspect on these yogas . That also means BJP should win in these elections . 

 P.S. on 18 December 2017 :     BJP won 99 seats in Gujarat against requirement of 92 seats while in H.P. , it secured two third majority .     

Why Astrology Uses Date , Time & Place of Birth for Prediction ?

November 30, 2017

According to Vedic astrology there are 12 houses in a horoscope and birth chart represents the position of planets during the time of birth. How can one predict about today and tomorrow based on the planetary positions during birth ?

Answer : 

Suppose you purchased a piece of 1000 square yard land, away from city limits and got it registered in your name . After 25 years , will the land location change in any way ? Will the water or underground things buried under your land change ? Will your address change ? Will Sunrise, sunset, wind direction change for your location ? Will the climate , rainfall , summer , winter etc change for your location ? Will soil characteristics of your land change ?

No ! All broad parameters of your land ownership will remain fixed.

The same way , the day some person or event or an organisation is born , its broad cosmic  characteristics are frozen and those cannot be changed . When any person or animal is born , most of parameters and design is fixed via DNA and those cannot be changed . A human being cannot become a horse or a wheat crop will not become a barley crop over the time .

Suppose you want to grow wheat on your 1000 sq yards after 15 years . You still have to undergo the same process of finding underground water level , soil investigation, climate , rainfall etc to assess which crop can be grown profitably in the given land .

If you want to construct a multistory complex on your land in later years, you will have to investigate your soil's load bearing capacity to know how much tall building can be erected on that land and in which earthquake zone your land falls.

Through all these examples , you can understand that beginning of an event or a person's life never leaves its significance for its entire life .

You were 3-4 Kg infant when born but even after decades you cannot get away from the fact of birth on a certain date to certain parents and a neighbourhood . You will be always recognized by your initial background and your age will be counted from that day .

Mr. Rahul Gandhi will always be recognized as a son and grandson of an Indian PM , no matter what he does or become in future.

Astrology takes this biggest parameter of life as basis for predicting the intrinsic value of that person or organization.

Then the subsequent changes are also added by use of Dasha systems and current state of planets by transit calculations . The sum total of all these past and present planetary effects ( original land + new construction / destruction) will decide the current value or future value and astrology predicts it correctly .

For more you may read this essay :


MBTI or Astrology Chart : Which one is better ?

November 23, 2017

Isn’t it a good idea to match/check the MBTI personality traits rather than matching the Kundli in India for marriages ?

   This was the question asked on and my answer is reproduced below :


Problem with such types of indicators is that the person himself would choose a type and that will create a bias . If someone else decides MBTI , then it may not be correct . So, both way it suffers .

Astrological charts on the other hand are free from any bias as the inputs taken are fixed and cannot be tempered easily and rules of astrology are very well recorded and lastly these have been in practice for thousands of years .

This reminds me my own experience in Management Development Institute , Gurgaon , India about a decade ago . It is a prestigious Institute by Govt of India established about 45 years back .

My employer had sent me along with 29 managers from my company for a week’s course in Management . On one of the days of the training , a professor gave 30 of us a questionnaire , which had about 40 Multiple Choice Type Questions . He told us that he will tell our personality type from our scores . You may yourself go for this exercise here. 

It took one hours in filling that , then professor checked the scores and called each of us predicting the personality . Frankly speaking , the participants were not much impressed with Professor’s telling the personality through MBTI . Since I knew the whole game , I filled wrong choices . When professor started telling about me , other participants started laughing .

So, he asked me what was wrong with the score ? I told him that participants were laughing because your findings were wrong . He was dismayed how it was possible . I told him that your prediction is dependent upon participant’s feedback , so either it can be deliberately tempered or they may be victim of self assessment bias . In both the situations , your method is not foolproof .

Professor was bewildered by this comment in full class . He said that such bias and tempering can happen with any method . I said that there are many methods which can not be easily tempered . He asked me to tell if I knew any such method .

I said that I will not tell the name of method but I will demonstrate it right here in the class . I then pointed to a person in the participants and asked him to stand up . I asked him if he had ever met me before, to which he denied any earlier interaction of any kind as he was from Tamilnadu and I am from Uttar Pradesh . None of us knew our names before that .

After establishing my ignorance about him , I asked him to reply some questions without any delay in Yes or No , to which he agreed . I asked him :

  1. Are you an aggressive person ? Answer : Yes
  2. Are you outspoken and react revengefully ? A: Yes
  3. Do you have occasional disputes with colleagues , boss ? Answer : Yes
  4. Do you fight with your wife / relatives / neighbours also ? Answer : Yes
  5. Do you get transferred in job frequently ? Answer : Yes
  6. Are you very good in risk taking and management always gives you very difficult tasks and postings in interior places but your efforts are not recognized by the management ?

    To the last question , he became emotional and expressed his anger on management before everyone .

The professor was flabbergasted ! He had taken more than 20 minutes on each participant after a 2 hour exercise and was still not able to make a reliable prediction about the participants’ personality while I did it without any questionnaire and instantly ? He lost all that he was going to teach in last 2 hours on MBTI based on our feedback and started discussing my method .

He asked me what was the basis of my predictions about that manager ? I said if I tell my method , you will immediately debunk it as a myth so I will not tell it but you yourself have seen that method as temper proof as I used his facial and physical features , which he cannot hide or change . He had Mars personality based on his physical feature and face type.

Professor called me later in his office to know it . I discussed it there how I arrived at my conclusions based on planets and physical feature . He termed it quite interesting and effective . I commented that Indian intellectuals appreciate the foreign knowledge more even if it is superficial while denounce our ancient wisdom , even if it is much better than western methods .

That is why, in case of marriage matching, our Samudrik Shashtra ( body features , palms reading ) and astrology works much better than MBTI .

Saturn in Sagittarius Marks End of Reforms

October 8, 2017

                Like Demonetization , GST Scheme is Being Diluted by Modi Govt .

      Over 40% business entities make zero GST payment

Demonetization announcement last year was a master stroke by Modi govt . It had all the potential to unearth black money hoarded by rich businessmen . But it appeared later on that , there was no planning at any level to implement it on all India level with a given time period . Result was that , there was all round chaos and that forced the government to dilute the whole scheme and government virtually conceded defeat to smart black money holders .

     Now , the same thing is repeated with GST implementation . GST could be a great tool for tax compliance but it has been diluted in its enactment stage by having multiple rates . If that was not enough , the shoddy implementation of that is to be solely blamed on central government . Not going for robust computer network is simply unforgivable . When trillions of tax is to be collected , the GSTN network was to be built in advance . And we have sites like IRCTC , which books more than 15 lakh tickets everyday . We have in house expertise for this but government is in habit of making a deficient system and wakes up only when there is hue and cry .

     Any way , technical glitches would be over in next 6 months as they get solved one by one . But fundamental mistakes in law drafting and implementing them will dilute the GST exercise similar to failed demonetization . The deliberate exclusion of petroleum goods from GST is really bad . Transport businesses and DG set users cannot claim input tax credit for this . And they are planning for all India strike for this reason . If GST could have 28% rate and cess , petroleum goods could also be included under GST , may be with another rate . 

The latest in series of diluting the tax network is the announcement on 6th October by GST Council where they removed limit for PAN card on gold selling above Rs 50,000 , increasing the business limit to Rs 1.5 crores and such announcements which have been termed by media like Mini budget announcements .

Facing lot of criticism on loss of GDP ,PM Modi has said that he will further modify the GST , which practically means GST will become another name for  VAT and Service tax , with same set of structure , compliance and corruption . See this Economic Times report on GST Compliance and it disappoints deeply

Astrologically , the period from November 2014 till October 2017 had the great potential for tax reforms and eradication of parallel economy because Saturn is great reformer and it was in Scorpio in this period . The government did attempt the reforms but it did not have the real intentions so it faulted at execution stage . Now this time is over as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

We will have one more minor reform period when Jupiter enters Scorpio during October 2018 to November 2019 , but that will be much smaller than what Saturn does .

Panchkula Violence & Mars-Rahu Conjunction

August 27, 2017

                   Conviction of Guru Ram Rahim Causes Violence in Panchkula


People aware of astrology  very well know about planet Mars for creating Violence , when it is in conjunction with inimical planets like Saturn or Rahu or when it is in debilitation in Cancer sign .  Last time , when Mars was in Scorpio Sign and it had conjunction with Saturn during February 2016 to September 2016 ,  Haryana had faced similar violence in Jaat Reservation agitation in last week of Feb 2016 .

Now Mars is in Cancer Sign and it is debilitated ( Neecha ) there . On 25th August 2017 , Rahu was in degree conjunction with Mars  without any Jupiter aspect , leading to violence in Panchkula , after CBI court held the Rock star  guru of Dera Sachchaa Sauda as guilty of rape against two disciples. Hundreds of People got injured , millions worth property got damaged and burnt while 36 People died . 36 dead in violence after conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

In above image, you can see that Mars and Rahu both are in Cancer (4) sign and at 29 degree . Venus is also in the same sign , signifying  indictment of Baba in rape case . The extent of punishment shall be announced by the court on 28th August 2017, but then Mars would have left Cancer sign so further violence is not expected on that scale .

It is pertinent to mention  that Saturn is to enter  Sagittarius sign of religion ( Shani Sadesati) so reforms are due in the working of religions, weeding out of false and fake Gurus and surge in religion related violence will happen .

Last time it had happened 30 years before during 1984-1993 ( Babri Demolition ) when Saturn was in similar sign. We already had 3 Talaq verdict by Supreme Court this month  and now Babri demolition case is also coming up for Supreme Court hearing . In coming months , we may witness more violence because of court and religion encounter . Further details are  here   Saturn in Sagittarius .



Bihar Midnight Coup by CM Nitish Kumar

August 1, 2017

Change of Heart & Mind of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Last week , we saw the defection of Bihar Chief Minister  Nitish Kumar to BJP side , leaving his pre-poll partner Sh Lalu Prasad Yadav , thus weakening opposition unity against PM Narendra Modi .

I had written before Loksabha elections in 2014 , that Bihar is moving towards national parties . The astrological basis for the same was assuming Scorpio Sign for Bihar state . Scorpio sign is undergoing intense Saadesati now and it is running from November 2011 to January 2020 .

 Based on this theory , I had calculated that Bihar remained under Congress rule             ( national party) till 1989. Saturn Saadesati  last time for Scorpio was during 1982 to 1990 and power shifted to regional parties in this period .

After 30 years , Saturn makes things reverse so national parties should gain power again during 2011-2020. Since Congress is in decimated  stage , so BJP remains only national party , which should gain in Bihar . In Loksabha elections , BJP really did well alone but theory could not be verified in Assembly elections . 

But last week's events confirmed again that BJP is going to gain hugely in Bihar in coming years and it will become number one party when Saturn visits Sagittarius , eliminating regional parties in coming elections . BJP has only gained in this episode with weakening of a stalwat leader like Nitish Kumar , after Lalu Yadav's elimination from political scene in Bihar .  


Will the Doklam Standoff Lead to a Second India-China War ?

July 19, 2017

                         India - China Border Stand Off  Near Sikkim

   I have been discussing on  this website the Moon Mahadasha in freedom chart of India . I had written that in current Moon Mahadasha from 2015 to 2025 , India will regularly engage with its neighbors as Moon is 3rd House lord of neighbours and valour .

Moon is placed in that house , so India will assert itself in this period unlike Venus or Sun Mahadasha from 1989 to 2015 .  


In above dasha table , we can see that currently Moon-Rahu period is running from February 2017 till August 2018 . Moon is inimical to Rahu and that is also forming 3-11 relationship with each other , signifying questions of gain ( border ) with neighbors.

Rahu is head only planet so it signifies mental stress , phobia , baseless fears but it lacks severely the ground level physical action so this period will create many fears but none of them may translate into actual war .

The situation has taken some threatening posture since last one month . Reason is that Saturn is moving in reverse speed and has entered into Scorpio sign since last one month . Scorpio is the sign for China and it falls into 7th house of opposition in India's chart as given above . Therefore , China has taken tough posture assuming that India will buckle under pressure as happened earlier .

But this time , situation is different for India . India has treaty for defending Bhutan and China is claiming territory of Bhutan so Bhutan desires that Indian forces defend Bhutan's territory .  So, if India relents , then our country will lose a trusted neighbour to China . Therefore India has no option but to guard Bhutan's territory in Doklam .

This stand off will continue for one more month till Saturn retrogression continues  . After that , the tension will get released slowly and would end by October 2017 when Saturn will move to Sagittarius .


PS on 28th August 2017 :  

As predicted in last paragraph , after end of Saturn retrogression both countries agreed today to withdraw troops from border

Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

May 23, 2017

 Breaking News of Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

     While discussing the transits in my online class on Financial Astrology last month , after discussing past Mars-Saturn conjunction in 2016,  I discussed the impending Mars-Saturn  opposition in May 2017 .


It was told that  18th May 2017 onward , when Mars-Saturn gap reduces to less than 10 degree , the market will make a turn , meaning if it is on upward , then a downward or vice versa . Also , it was told to watch for a violent event , just like Dhaka Massacre happened in July 2016 during Mars-Saturn conjunction . Also, tension runs on LOC of India - Pakistan , with Indian army shelling in Naushera sector .  




And the National Stock Exchange NIFTY Index on falling trend from 17th May's high of 9500 :



This is just an example for knowing the trend earlier .  Want to Learn Astrology or Financial Astrology online ?

See these links : 1.  Learn Financial & Investment Astrology  2.  Learn Basic Astrology  

Beef & Wine Ban Breaking News Due to Venus Retrogression

April 5, 2017

        Breaking News on Meat & Wine Ban Due to Venus Retrogression


Venus is Planet for For Food

      Venus is the planet which signifies all the consumption which body can do and it includes food , clothes , sex, beauty , music ,perfume, good houses and artefacts, decorative items , cosmetics , jewellery etc . The most important out of all is food . Also , anything which is having highest quality or price also falls under purview of Venus . 

Therefore , costly food items like meat and wines are definitely under Venus while normal food also comes under Venus .

Retrogression of Planets

The retrogression of planet is apparent movement of planets in reverse direction as seen from Earth . Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times a year for about 15 days , Venus is retrograde every 18 months for one and half month , Mars is retrograde for about 2 months in every 687 days and Jupiter , Saturn are retrograde 4 months every year . Rahu, Ketu are always retrograde and Sun , Moon are never retrograde . 

We have discussed on this site many times effect of Jupiter , Saturn and Mars retrogression . Venus retrogression is least talked retrogression . Retrogression of planet causes some abnormality in the areas , it controls . So, Venus retrogression will always cause some crisis , creating breaking news in media and that can be in food , clothes or luxury items supply chain.

Examples of 3 Venus Retrogression Since 2013

I am taking 3 examples of Venus Retrogression to show the Food related crisis in those periods : 

1.  Venus Retrogression During December 2013-January 2014

The Vegetable prices shot up while onion prices touched Rs 80 a kilo in December 2013, which eased only in January after arrival of fresh crop . Centre had Congress govt and BJP was in opposition , which won assembly elections because of prevailing high food inflation. AAP also won Delhi assembly elections in December 2013 .See this news dated 12 December 2013 Why your bag of vegetables costs more every week!

".. The steep and prolonged increase in the price of vegetables across India has imposed severe hardship on the average citizen. Official statistics places wholesale vegetable price inflation in October at 78 per cent compared to a year ago. The price rise was exemplified in particular by onions, a staple for most Indians, costing over Rs 80/kg in many parts of the country recently. The price of other vegetables of common consumption such as tomatoes and potatoes has also shot up. A catchall explanation that one often hears from the Government and its economists is that "demand is exceeding supply ".

2. Venus Retrogression in 25 July 2015 to 6 September 2015 in Leo Sign

This was during Monsoon season . Whenever Venus retrogression happens during Monsoon , there will be either excess rains or deficit rains . So, this time , there were floods in West Bengal, Assam , Rajasthan , Gujrat while north India witnessed draughts . Flood and draught caused soaring of food prices , specially pulses , tomato and onions .  . 

Monsoon 2015 ends with 14% shortfall

See news about high prices for Daal and onions Drought leads to 40% hike in dal prices , Govt mulls increase in floor price for onion exports .  

This resulted in import of onions and daal and their prices could cool down in October only when imported commodities arrived .

3. Current Venus Retrogression Happening from 4 March 2017 in Pisces Sign , the exaltation sign for Venus . Meat Ban and Wine Ban followed .

This time , the costly items like meat and wines got into breaking news , when BJP won elections in U.P. and Yogi govt banned illegal slaughter houses and meat shops without licenses . Other BJP govts followed the same and meat ban became the breaking news in media.  

The Supreme Court passed order for closure of wine shops 500 meter within the highways or populated area and then wine shops were closed .

This TV news will lose its steam after 15th April , when retrogression of Venus ends . Govt or Supreme Court may come up with some modifications in their order , after this date . 

Post UP Assembly Election Analysis

March 19, 2017

Analysis of Assembly Elections - 2017


     As they say , winner takes all , currently winning Modi-Shah pair is taking all credit , but if we do a fair analysis , we will find that, in 5 assembly elections and even last year's Bihar assembly election , there exists  a clear  guideline by voters for getting a full majority in elections :

1.  If a party has not performed in 5 year term and engaged in corruption , there will be a strong anti-incumbacy factor , where voters would remove such party by huge vote margins to any credible opposition party .

2. If the performance of the party is above average and its leader heading the govt has clean image , the voters will return the govt , particularly if there is no credible opposition .


In Bihar , the govt headed by Sh Nitish Kumar was above average in performance and people believed in clean image of the CM , so despite same Modi-Shah pair trying their best to uproot the govt , voters in Bihar returned the govt despite Lalu association with Nitish Kumar . Nitish Kumar was already projected as CM for coalition govt .


In Loksabha elections 2009 , UPA-1 had average performance , had a clean image of PM Manmohan Singh and absence of credible opposition led to Congress return . In 2014 , UPA-2 had performed miserably , got tainted in scams and BJP had credible opposition face of Modi , so BJP returned in power . BJP  would have won even without making tall promises ( 15 Lakh in each account etc ) in such situation.

Subsequent assembly elections result in Haryana , Jharkhand , Maharashtra and J&K were also on same lines . Assam , West Bengal , Odisha , Tamilnadu election results also proved this .


In current 5 assembly elections , Punjab had strong anti-incumbacy , just like UPA-2 of Manmohan Singh . Akalis were perceived as worst performer and BJP as junior partner did nothing to prevent them . People like Siddhu had to quit the party . AAP could not provide a credible opposition or a CM face alternative because of Kejriwal's whimsical style . Therefore , Congress got a clear walkover , without promising stars because it had credible Amrinder Singh against non-performer Parkash Singh Badal .

      Goa also had a strong anti-incumbacy against the CM and BJP . Modi-Shah pair knew it but did nothing before elections , so many loyal workers left party before elections . Just before election day , Modi-Shah duo promised voters that honest Manohar Parrikar would be brought back and that made some difference and BJP could get 13 seats . Post elections , it was Manohar Parrikar's clean image , which sealed the deal with coalition partners . The opposition in Goa was divided and Congress had no alternative face compared to Manohar Parrikar , so it could not reach the majority mark in elections or could manage 3-4 MLAs after elections .

In Manipur , there was strong anti-incumbacy against CM Ibobi Singh , but Congress always assumed that in North East states , there is no national party alternative to Congress and regional parties are divided so , it will form the govt . This attitude cost Congress dearly in Manipur , where BJP filled the political vacuum for anti-incumbacy . 

Story was same in U.P and Uttarakhand . Both the states had strong anti-incumbacy and not so credible image of party and CM . BJP was ready as credible party , with Modi  brand , so despite not having a CM face , got a thumping majority in both  states .

Jupiter , the planet for wisdom became retrograde in first week of February and that increased the anti-incumbacy sentiments in public during voting . 

With rising number of educated and young voters taking over the old voters , performance of govt and image of the leader projected for CM and PM becomes a major factor for win or defeat of party . Other things like use of social media , PK like management , caste and religion etc to win an election are turning a fluke .  

U.P Elections & Reversal in CM's Personality

   It is very difficult to predict who will become next CM in UP like scenario ,even if you know BJP will win . Anybody can be thrust upon the people by BJP high command . That is why , I always try to use Contrast Theory , which says that next CM would be generally opposite in characteristics . I used it to predict Donald Trump presidency in US because , there candidate was known earlier . 

In U.P. , the known candidates like Sh Akhilesh Yadav  and Ms Mayawati were ruled out but BJP had not declared CM candidate . Sh. Rajnath Singh matched to some extent . Now , when Yogi Adityanath has been sworn in as U.P. CM , it is quite easy to see the contrast :

1.  Reversal in Name   ( Akhilesh Yadav - AY  to Yogi Adityanath -YA )

2.  Enjoying the power with own family, along with 36 member extended family .No problem in State ever affected his smiling face. In contrast ,the new CM is bachelor and ascetic and less likely to smile . 

3.  Earlier CM was dubbed in media and by opposition as powerless Babua CM, scolded often by father and overpowered by senior cabinet ministers. By contrast , Yogi may even veto BJP high command's diktats . He has his own Hindu Vahini organization to fall back and state bureaucrats have to obey his commands .   

4.  Earlier CM depended on minority votes . New CM believes in majority votes .

5.  Former CM had child like speech delivery while new CM is just opposite of that with impressive and hard hitting speech .

6. With vast experience of 5 terms as MP and Gorakh Dham administration for a decade, it can be expected that he would turn out a better administrator for U.P.  

What Next  ?

As I had discussed elsewhere on this website , entry of Saturn in Sagittarius from January 2017 till January 2020 means religion and nationalism will be in focus worldwide . Subsequent Jupiter+Saturn conjunction during 2020-2022 will result in a new world order .

U.P. election results and choice of new CM of BJP in U.P. point to the same direction . The Ayodhya dispute is very likely to get resolved , after some squabble, in current tenure of UP Assembly till 2022,  as both these astrological phenomena will be over in this period .

Success of Yogi in U.P. will pave the way for his elevation to PM's post, as happened with PM Modi . There will be a race among all BJP CMs for PM's post , when Modi decides to exit 2024 LS elections or even earlier for any reason. Yogi has much better chance for becoming a PM among all BJP CMs, only if he provides a good governance like PM Narendra Modi did in Gujrat .  


Jupiter Retrogression & Assembly Elections in 2017

March 1, 2017

Effect of Jupiter Retrogression in 2017 Assembly Elections


    It is difficult to predict outcome of elections in India using astrology , because it is multi-party , multi-candidates based poll  .Neither one can trust political parties or leaders's  birth data to make a chart nor any good guess can be made as happens in US Presidential elections, where only 2 candidates are there . See this forecast on US Presidential Elections of 2016


  In Indian elections , the voters are divided on caste and religious lines and winner is based on first-past-the-post  principle.In such elections , last minute small issues can play a bigger role than all serious issues of past 5 years, as people have short memory and political leaders try to create trivial issues to distract voters . 

Under such situations , I found that studying planetary position during elections, is the best way to predict an outcome .

  I have observed since 2003 , that whenever Jupiter or Saturn reverse their motion (retrograde to direct or direct to retrograde) during the election campaign period   , the results have a surprise element and mostly are against ruling party . That has happened in 2003 assembly elections,  2004 & 2014 LS elections , and 2013 state assembly  elections .

Jupiter Retrograde from  6 February 2017

 5 State assembly polls are taking place from 4 February to 8 March 2017 in various stages . The Jupiter was in Virgo at 29 degree on 1 Feb 2017 and it started its 4 month long retrogression from 6 Feb 2017 as shown in following table .  Based on this theory , BJP should have better performance in later stages polls . 

Date Jupiter Degree Daily Speed  Elections in   Outcome for BJP
1 Feb 2017 179 0.02      
2 Feb 2017 179.02 0.01      
3 Feb  2017 179.03 0.01      
4 Feb 2017 179.04 0.01 Goa & Punjab Elections   BJP Not Doing Well
5 Feb 2017 179.04 0      
6 Feb 2017 179.05 0      
7 Feb 2017 179.05 0      
8 Feb 2017 179.04 -0.01 Jupiter Retrogression Starts
9 Feb 2017 179.03 -0.01      
10 Feb 2017 179.02 -0.01      
11 Feb 2017 179.01 -0.01 U.P. Stage 1   BJP starts doing well
12 Feb 2017 178.99 -0.02      
13 Feb 2017 178.98 -0.02      
14 Feb 2017 178.95 -0.02      
15 Feb 2017 178.93 -0.03 Uttarakhand Polls , UP Stage 2   BJP Above Average Performance
16 Feb 2017 178.9 -0.03      
17 Feb 2017 178.87 -0.03      
18 Feb 2017 178.83 -0.04      
19 Feb 2017 178.79 -0.04 UP Stage 3   BJP Good Performance
20 Feb 2017 178.75 -0.04      
21 Feb 2017 178.71 -0.05      
22 Feb 2017 178.66 -0.05      
23 Feb 2017 178.61 -0.05 UP Stage 4   BJP Better Performance
24 Feb 2017 178.55 -0.05      
25 Feb 2017 178.5 -0.06      
26 Feb 2017 178.44 -0.06      
27 Feb 2017 178.38 -0.06 UP Stage 5   BJP Better Performance
28 Feb 2017 178.31 -0.07      
1 Mar 2017 178.24 -0.07      
2 Mar 2017 178.17 -0.07      
3 Mar 2017 178.1 -0.07      
4 Mar 2017 178.02 -0.08 UP Stage 6 , Manipur Stage 2   BJP Best Performance
5 Mar  2017 177.94 -0.08      
6 Mar  2017 177.86 -0.08      
7 Mar 2017 177.78 -0.09      
8 Mar 2017 177.69 -0.09 UP Stage 7 , Manipur Stage 2   BJP Best Performance
9 Mar 2017 177.6 -0.09      
10 Mar 2017 177.51 -0.09      
11 Mar 2017 177.42 -0.09 Results Declaration   Surprise

  This is  just for testing the theory and I will add the actual results after 11 March 2017, stage wise for BJP and see its effectiveness .

Post Election Scenario in U.P. 

If BJP gets full majority , Sh. Rajnath Singh has maximum  probability to become Chief Minister. Since Jupiter is in slow retrogression speed , BJP may not get full majority despite being single largest party and a hung assembly evolves . That will lead  to President's rule for few months , which will also be indirect BJP rule in U.P.  as retrogression would help BJP . Overall , retrogression helps opposition everywhere !

PM Modi's Achchhe Din Calendar

December 21, 2016

Return of Bad Days Again For 6 Months

This has reference to my earlier blog post on 2 November 2014 , when Saturn was to enter Scorpio sign . .

I had given following rules for understanding Jupiter-Saturn interplay , which affects politics and popular mood .

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th counted from Saturn, shown above in chart ) , where it creates upheavals for changes and reforms .

2.  Jupiter , where ever posited in a Rashi , stagnates the prospects of that rashi significations ( but brings satisfaction)  , while it enhances prospects for 3 other rashis it looks ( 5th, 7th and 9th) .  

Jupiter- Saturn Changes in Sign Since Formation of Modi Govt. in May 2014   

1.   Jupiter under  Saturn  Aspect  so Clear Bad Days For New Govt : Main Events : Draught and deficit rains causing huge price rise , floods in J&K . PM Modi in silent mode . People wondered why he is not speaking now . 

2.  As Saturn moves to Scorpio , the Jupiter is relieved from Saturn aspect and it is return of Achchhe Din , the good days . Main events : Win in Maharashtra , Jharkhand , Haryana Assembly elections and in J&K got power sharing . Stock market moved to its highest point  as Sensex breached 30000 on 4 March 2015 .

I had predicted the coming bad days on 2 November 2014 and fall of stock market also as shown in first link. 

3. Return of Bad Days Again as Saturn aspects Jupiter Again ! Main events : Parliament stalled . Successive draught in India leads to big price rise . BJP loses Bihar elections , GST stalled in Parliament , logjam with opposition continues . Stock market touches low of 23000 on 11 Feb 2016 . Vijay Mallya flees India , Bank bad debts crash market . Price rise at its peak . Brexit happens on June 24 .  

See it here :

4.  Return of Achche Din ( Good Days )

With Jupiter again escaping the Saturn aspect , the good sentiments again started building . Monsoon was normal , giving hope for good GDP figures . Govt tried to relax norms for bank loans and industries were given loan restructuring , GST Constitution bill was passed after accepting many opposition's suggestions .  Sensex had recovered to 29000 on 8 September 2016 .

Surgical strike on Pakistan improved PM Modi's popularity while opposition was in problem , particularly , Samajwadi Party was in crisis during August to October period and BJP was assuming UP elections as cakewalk .

5.  Return of Bad Days Again

 As you can see in above image , Jupiter and Saturn were both aspecting second house of banking so major upheaval was due here after July 2016 .  PM Modi announced the big currency note ban on 8 November 2016 and all hell breaks loose  . Every financial body and individual undergo a financial earthquake kind scenario .

PM Modi was anticipating a big breakthrough and historical achievement with popularity benefit . There is no doubt about his intentions to clean the country of the bad , black money . But Saturn would not allow that till June 2017 . 

See it here as Jupiter is again under the grip of Saturn till that time as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

It will be tough period for PM Modi as he has taken this decision on his own , so allies and colleagues will not back him . Many assembly elections are due in these 6 months . Election of President and Vice President of India are also due in this period .

But the good news is that , this recurring cycle of good and bad days will not repeat after this till 2020.

Update :

Simultaneous Jupiter Retrogression from 6 February 2017 , will have positive effects on otherwise negative effects stated till June . So, things may not be as adverse as they were in past 2 years . BJP will have mixed results till March because of this .But Saturn retrogression in April needs to be watched for further direction.    



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Why is Lord Bramha not worshipped !

December 17, 2016


There is only one Bramha Temple in Pushkar, Rajashthan  . There are many stories in Hindu Puranas to answer this question but I wrote my view point in response to this Quora question

The trinity of God Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh represents 3 steps in our life : Generation , Operation ( Sustenance) and Destruction making GOD .

It is eternal 3 phase cycle for any existence . Bramha represents Generation or birth , Vishnu the sustenance and Mahesh or Mahadev the end or death.

If we see human life or any life , we observe that generation takes a little time , death even less than that and major part of our life comes under sustenance or survival and everyone strives to live more .

This way , birth is least important activity for an individual . In fact we are not involved in our birth . Almost same is true for death also . The sustenance gets maximum focus . So, Vishnu is most celebrated God , found everywhere in every form ( Avtaar) . Elongation of life is possible if we can avoid our end or death , so because of fear factor , Mahadev or penalising power also gets some respect , particularly when we are in panic . And his temples are also found everywhere .

Who does bother about reasons behind our birth ? That is one time phenomenon and none is interested in returning to that state again thus generation becomes least respectful activity and even if that happens , it happens in closed door environment , be it inside womb , germination inside soil or manufacturing inside a factory .

Within our body , genitalia , responsible for procreation is to be kept always covered up . Nature, otherwise also keeps genitals in hidden situation in body . That is essentially Bramha's organ in our body , important , yet invisible , and not worshipped .

Compared to that , face in any body , is responsible for sustenance ( eating , breathing , seeing , hearing , smelling ) and represents Vishnu . And face gets all recognition and focus in life .It is used for identity, respect and make up , cosmetics , ornaments are used to decorate it .

The head or top part under our hairs also gets very less exposure . Most of the cultures insist to cover it up . That part , containing Brain , is our death centre , the Mahadev and it also gets some importance .

And that is part of evolution cycle !

Everybody thanks the driver of a car for a safe journey but no one even thinks to thank the workers who manufactured the car, nor you ever see them in your life !

That is why,  Bramha remains invisible and needs not be worshipped openly !

PS : People can raise objection to my views by saying that we do respect our parents for giving birth to us ! But that is not true . Parents are respected more for upbringing ( Vishnu's role ) rather than giving birth( Bramha's role) . Everybody hates parents who leave the child on road after birth .

Globalization Ends, Localization Returns !

December 9, 2016

      Return of Localization in World Economy 


In my 2 decades of astrological journey , I have found Saturn as the greatest Game Changer and 30 year cycle based on Saturn's revolution around Sun as the best indicator of long term changes.  I have lots of research data on this aspect , which can be used productively in investment decisions . 

In my today's writing , I will discuss the return of Localization in World Trade and Economy . 

When & Why Globalization ( liberalization)  Started ?

Most experts would agree that real Globalization started from 1990 . Before 1990 , foreign investment / trade happened by way of direct transfer of machines and commodities. Globalization was not possible before 1990 because world was divided into 2 major groups : one controlled by US led capitalist countries and another by USSR led socialist economies ( erstwhile Russian Confederation with its 14 neighbours ) which included China , India , Eastern Europe. These two trade blocks insulated trade from each other , so globalisation was not possible . 

After second World War , while capitalist group developed economically , the socialist block stagnated and then started declining economically . By 1990 , the leader of Socialist block USSR collapsed . That led to India and China also embracing Capitalism as the only option to get out of problems created by socialism entangle .   

Start of WTO

   That led to great trade and investment opportunity to Capitalist countries led by USA and western Europe . We all know that there was a body called GATT ( General Agreement on Trade & Tariff ) created after Second World War . Uruguay round for changing this agreement started when Ministers met in September 1986, in Punta del Este, Uruguay . But these talks accelerated because of disintegration of USSR and WTO ( World Trade Organisation ) agreement signed in April 1994 and WTO started from 1 January 1995

The Arrival of MS Windows & Internet in 1995

Next big change for world trade & economy came from technology called as information technology . The start of GUI based OS of MS Windows and application software based on that changed the offices world over . Start of internet and connecting of computers worldwide was another big boost for foreign trade and investment .

Opening of Indian & Chinese Economies & Start of European Union

These changes forced the Asian Economies of India and China in 1990-91 to leave the path of socialistic economy to free trade and capitalistic competitive economy . India under PM Mr PV Narsimha Rao and China under Deng Xiaopeng opened their economies for foreign investment and free trade , guided by WTO . India modernised its stock markets by adopting electronic share trading , started by National Stock Exchange for foreign capital investment in its debt and equity markets .       

The fall of Berlin wall subsequent to disintegration of USSR paved the way for Germany's unification in 1990 . Then  Maastricht Treaty established the European Union in 1993.

The Start of Globalisation

Practically we can say that the process of Globalization started taking shape from 1986 with Uruguay Round , it got major boost in 1990 and by beginning of 1995 , world trade and globalization were in practical operation . So 10 years were spent in achieving the practical results . 

The next 20 Years of Globalization made many countries achieve tremendous economic growth . China, India, Germany , USA were major beneficiaries of this Globalization . With start of 2014 , the negative side of globalization was becoming more prominent . The fast growing economies started stagnating , unemployment started increasing . The recession of 2008 in US , the global turmoil in financial markets , their cascading effects on each other forced world leaders to talk about national priorities , employment generation for citizens .

End Of Globalization in 2016

By 2016 end the process for localization has started in many countries with new nationalist governments coming in India , US and other countries . The Indian PM announcing "Make in India" in 2015 was echoed in US elections of November 2016 where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump won it on promise of bringing back jobs to US citizens from China and India. Same way , Britain decided to exit European Union . Germany and other European nations are also likely to exit European Union in coming years after elections there .  

The Astrological Angle

 Libra is Zodiac sign of Trade where the Saturn exalts and the world trade peaks in old form . It was there till September 1985 . Scorpio the 8th Sign is for grassroot changes so tectonic shift happens in thinking . Saturn was in Scorpio till December 1987 . World politics had started chnaging in this period and Uruguay Round talks started in 1986. Till 1990 , Saturn was in Sagittarius and major upheaval happened during that period in world politics . Saturn's stay in own signs Capricorn and Aquarius from 1990 to June 1995 finally led to WTO or globalisation of trade and economy .

Saturn's Reversal Effect After 30 Years 

  Saturn reverses the trend after 30 years . If markets were in protective mode before 1986 then it started the globalisation process . Now when Globalisation peaked in 2014 during Saturn in Libra , the process of protectionism and localization has started in Saturn in Scorpio . Like wise , Saturn in Sagittarius during 2017 to 2019 will lead to major realignment of world economies in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Africa  and Asia .

The signals are already there . The Modi wave in India , Brexit in Britain , Trump in US are just beginning points . Like USSR , China will feel the heat this time as it has benefited most by Globalization and there are enough signs for its crash as communist country or even disintegration. Russia is also under stagnation and Putin departure may crack it any time .

Saudi Arabia is already under a shock and it is in existential fear. It has to find new ways of living as oil income is dropping.  See this link .

India, Pakistan will also feel the pressure to reform the politics and economy they have been in last 20 years . The new realities may force economic union in South East Asia led by India .Japan, China & Russia may join it .  

So, after 30 years , we are to witness the scenes of 1990s , when USSR disintegrated , Germany became one , Europe became one . Let us see now who unites and who disintegrates in next 10 years .

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PM Modi Lost Battle Against Black Money !

November 28, 2016

Prediction Fulfilled ....

I had written in my 14th November post   Next 30 Days Critical For PM Modi ...

" .....This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money ."

The reason was the start of Sun-Saturn conjunction from 16th November 2016 lasting for a month, without Jupiter aspect . With today's announcement of  another voluntary declaration scheme for black money at 50% tax rate, the great opportunity to transform India by eliminating all black money has been lost .,

Now , corrupt can become clean by losing half  money and restart their operations once again and make up for the loss in present demonetization .

People who were braving the difficulty in the hope that corrupt people will lose their ill gotten money , were living in fool's paradise . This step has reinforced the old belief that rich in India will never be punished and law will remain liberal for them . 

This also proves that astrology can give hints about the impending changes, when nobody imagines . It also proves that without Jupiter's involvement , no scheme can be successful . In present case only Mars was under Jupiter aspect , so violence was avoided but Saturn blocked the intentions of PM Modi . 

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The Critical Period For PM Modi

November 14, 2016

 Next 30 Days Critical for PM Modi in Fight Against Black Money

  After returning from Japan, PM Modi made an emotional and passionate appeal to Indian citizens for co-operation for  next 50 days . He also expressed the threat perception to his life , just as late PM Indira Gandhi had said a day before her assassination . 

 Astrologically speaking,  period from 16th November to 15th December 2016 is very critical for PM to withstand political pressure, conspiracy on his life or tarnishing of image by his opponents. His success now largely depends how much he sticks or dilutes the scheme in this period . 

If you see the following chart on 16th November 2016 , you can understand why there may be mass protest by public in coming days ..

( These charts are not based on any Lagna or place or person . These are only to show graphically the mutual aspect and degrees of planets )

On 16th November Sun will enter Scorpio sign of secrecy and conspiracy where Saturn is already there . So, powerful people from political outfits, signified by Sun will instigate clandestinely the public represented by Saturn against Modi govt.

During 16 to 20 November , there will be some action by govt and then  another peak will be when Sun-Saturn meet at 21 degree during week starting 5th December 2016 . During the same period, Saturn  will also have aspect wise degree conjunction on Mars , so violent protests are also possible , to force the govt  significantly dilute the scheme .  

Only after 10th December 2016 , things would be calmed down and reasons can be many . Jupiter is not aspecting Sun and Saturn so positive solutions are difficult in this period . Fatigue in banking system will take over and public will lose patience if current state of things continue . 

By 16th December the chart will look like this ..

You can see above that, though Sun-Saturn yoga ends by 16th December, but Banking system ( Taurus Sign) remains pressurised as it has simultaneous 4th aspect from Mars and direct aspect from Saturn. Food sector also comes under Taurus sign so , by this time there may be another crisis related to food items scarcity , created by loss of transportation, trading activities or hoarding and factory production in previous month. This will continue till mid January 2017 . 

This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money . However , I am quite sure about PM's intentions and he will soon fire his next Bramhastra against black money .  I pray him good health and long life because as long as he is there , we have hopes for India's transformation . After him , nobody is going to take that challenge for decades .  

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Black Money Analysis by An Astrologer

November 13, 2016


Many people have put many objections to current demonetisation drive of government . People are finding fault in this schemes and say it could have been implemented in a better way but nobody tells the better way . There could be no better way than this because of reasons given below :

They have put following questions and I would try to answer them as per my ability and knowledge and mind it I am not member of any political party .

1. Why the time was not given for public to brace for such problem ?

Top secrecy is the answer and perhaps except PM and RBI governor , finance secretary , nobody was informed till last day of announcement . Preparations were going on for last many months , before announcement of Voluntary disclosure scheme and tone of this scheme was quite threatening but people refused to listen .

Any little notice could be misused , as is evident that even 4 hours on 8 November were highly misused by black money holders .

2. Why 500 and 2k notes are being released ?

The way this surgical strike has happened on high denomination notes , not many black money holders will keep high denomination notes as permanent asset in safes . Rather these notes should be in high circulation like a counterfeit note . Printing and circulating high denomination notes is economic and easy for govt .

Govt plans to come out with 5K and 10K notes also but people will be scared to take and use it for hoarding as these notes can be demonetised in future at short notice , and that will not affect common public . With rise of electronic banking , govt may next time ban these notes forever , so if some one keeps them as black money may lose all the money again .

3. Why this step was required by Govt ?

In last 12 years , there was a rise of welfare schemes like NAREGA , Kanya Dhan, free scholarship , mid day meals and hundreds of such schemes , where govt releases money through banks but more than 50% of this money was misused and got converted to black money and never returned to bank as deposit.

In last 10 years , banks released more than 15 lakh crore to Industrialists / businesses and that was used by industrialists and businesses to hoard blackmoney and then declare the business sick so banks lost money . They had no problem as the law was slack and nothing could be done against them . They could declare themselves as insolvent like Mallya and get away from punishment.

Then normal public ( about 40% of population ) was enjoying the BPL category benefit by enjoying subsidies , scholarships , various schemes , showing income less than 2000 per month . The poverty was not reducing officially despite big welfare schemes .

Even Jandhan yojna did not get any money in such accounts but Mr Modi had got them opened for the demonetisation scheme as now half of these accounts have got 49000 in each of them in 3 days .

Because of all these issues , banks became loss making . It was like drying up of Ocean because rivers did not flow back water .

They had no money to pay as deposit was shrinking and only service class was saving . Govt was forced to print more notes . Withdrawals in bank were more than deposits and fresh currency was printed to make banks running. So no money was available for lending and new economic activities , therefore, no employment growth was possible .

With one stroke of Jan Dhan , Voluntary disclosure , Demonetisation, now there is no way left for the businesses , industrialists or so called Gareeb public but to go to the bank and deposit whatever money they were hiding . Another option is to burn or destroy it .

If they burn or destroy , then currency in circulation is reduced and that is called as Deflation ( reverse of inflation ) , so value of Rupee will rise and govt can print more money ,without increasing price rise .

If they bring it to banks , it will be taxed and banks will regain their health and will be able to lend more money . Govt will have money for big schemes of railways and infrastructure.

4. What will be the good effects of this exercise ?

A. Banks will be now the only source of cash money , so everyone will have to approach them . They can lend now at lower interst rates as their cost of borrowing is only 4% of savings bank rate .

B. Businesses will have no cash or working capital so they will have to borrow the working and initial capital from bank on tough lending conditions . With change of law in lending this year , the borrower can be arrested and put in jail if they defaults in bank payment . Banks can insist on showing daily expenses in businesses to monitor their loan utilisation . Banks can force for electronic payment by businesses to labours and suppliers.

C. Those so called poor , who get 250,000 deposited in their Jan dhan account will be asked to declare their source of income . If money launderers gave it , then they may be caught and if it was their own then they don't deserve govt subsidy , they were enjoying so far . So suddenly many people will rise above poverty line without govt money expenditure and number of tax payers will rise .

D. Property business will become like stock market with 100% bank payment . There will be a Property Exchange like NSE , Stock Exchange , where you can see availability of property , its e-registration and possession certified and you can buy or sell property online in a day without any worry about price and quality . That will reduce rates of property and rentals . With regulatory authority for real estate in place , it is only a matter of a couple of years .

E) Normal public becomes too scared to try putting money in home beyond 30-40K and rest would be kept in bank . Use of mobile and e-cards will increase .

F ) Govt will no longer come with any tax relief scheme in future . It will be better to come with currency banning scheme every 5 years regularly as that will give better results . Cost of printing new notes is getting smaller with new technology , so spending 10000 crores in demonetisation , govt can get 1 lakh crore any time .

G) Banking , housing finance , e commerce will become profitable business and share price of these will rise soon .

H) PM has hinted that more such exercises are in pipe line . Most expected surgical strike is in reality market . Govt may come up with an order that all properties may be re-registered electronically at a single national porter with unique property ID like demat shares , with PAN card against each holder as in share and demat happens .

That will expose the multiple holders of property . The Benaami Act has already been passed in 2016 , so defaulters may be asked to declare it within 60 days and pay 50% fine or tax or get their property confiscated . Income tax deptt may call for source of money for buying property.

Shah Committee on Black money has asked govt to ban holding of cash more than 3 Lakh any where for any reason and make it illegal and that can be accepted by govt any time . So if any black money more than this amount is found it can be confiscated immediately .

" Earlier this year, the SIT had called for a complete ban on cash transactions above Rs. three lakh as well as setting a Rs. 15-lakh cap on cash holdings by individuals to prevent holding of unaccounted wealth in cash. "

Govt may also ask to furnish every one the physical gold holding and if more gold is found anytime that can also be confiscated .

I) It will surely change the way elections are fought , businesses are done , property sell and buy happens and every thing can become similar to what happens in developed countries like Singapore or USA over next 3-4 years .

J) Govt will get massive tax revenue because of all these exercises , which can be put in good schemes for infrastructure , roads, railways , airports etc .

K) Initially prices will rise everywhere because of govt taxation at every stage in income and GST for 4-5 yeasr but after that it wil stabilise .

L) There will be rise of heart attacks and stress related diseases because of increase in legal cases and notices sent to money bags in next year but after that it will reduce stress of people because of illegal works as businesses will become legal.

Astrologically , the exercise has happened at start of Saturn going to Sagittarius in January so , this will continue for next 3 years till 2019 . Interestingly Capricorn sign ( denoting VIP , famous and powerful persons ) will start now Shani Saadesati for 7.5 years for such persons and they have no choice but to reform themselves or get destroyed .

Read more here about Saturn entering Saadesati…/consequences-of-saturn-s-entry-into-s…

And effects of Moon Mahadasha for India ..

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US Elections Outcome

November 4, 2016

  It is very difficult to predict election results because astrologers usually do not have the authentic charts of contestants . Again ,  there may be multi-cornered contest . Fortunately , US Presidential elections has only 2 candidates and a fixed date for voting , so common sense and transit of planets can be used for making an  intelligent guess on any election outcome .

  Then , there is law of reversal which helps in knowing possible victor in any elections . As per this law , the next candidate is most likely to have opposite characteristics to existing post holder . For example , next Indian PM after Sh. Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2004 was Sh Manmohan Singh . If Mr Vajapayee was popular , good speaker and controlled the govt himself , Mr. Manmohan Singh , was cool, silent , not popular,  media shy, subservient , was under other's directions and not concerned to corruption. Before Vajpayee , there were Devegowda / Gujral and before them P V Narsimha Rao .

So, it was very clear that next PM in 2014 should be outspoken ,with tight controls ,  who has a penchant for media & publicity , is against corruption and of hot  disposition . If you fit this description to available candidates in 2014 elections, you could easily guess the winner , who was obviously Mr. Modi .

Based on this , we can predict now that next PM of India , when Modi leaves the scene , will again be a person of lax attitude , cool temperament and media shy .

If we apply this theory to present US Presidential elections , we can see that next President should be opposite to President Obama's personality . Mr. Obama is cool , mixing , with social etiquettes , intelligent and educated , from poor background , not too much dominant and  friendly in nature . Accordingly,  next US president has to be arrogant , socially and politically incorrect , dominant in world politics like Putin , from rich background and obviously Mr. Trump is that candidate .

Reason behind this theory is that, public has a short memory and it gets bored with existing leadership even if one is very good leader and gets more attracted to opposite kind of leadership for a change and that wins finally.

Astrologically ,  we can identify major planet for the two candidates and then use transit on the date of event . Mars is planet for amassing wealth by fair or unfair means . It is planet for crude , uncivilised behaviour with a tendency to attack and dominate , with little respect for rules of the game . Mr. Trump has all these features and it can be said that Mars should be the dominant player  for Mr. Trump .

Mrs. Hillary, on the other hand is more like a Sun and Mercury kind of personality as she is a lawyer by profession , follows the rules , good in communication and presentation, had been near to power centre , being first lady of USA in Clinton presidency and later as foreign minister in Obama Presidency.

Planet for popularity is Saturn , which makes any leader popular and that is no where powerful in Mrs Hillary or Trump's nature ( it reflects in Obama's personality ) , so this time both candidates are hated for some or other reasons . See  Hatred for Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, this time the contest is between Mars & Mercury Personalities and astrologically both are inimical to each other .

As per Indian astrology , Mars was in problem since February 2016 till September 2016 when it was with arch enemy Saturn in Scorpio , so Trump had many obstacles in getting nominated . Thereafter , from 18 September 2016 till 31st October 2016 , Mars was under Rahu's inimical aspect and in this period , he was under media attack for being indecent to women, many years ago .

Now Mars has reached in better position in Capricorn on 1st November 2016 . Mars is exalted there and gets good 5th aspect from Jupiter . Saturn is having 3rd bad aspect on Mars but that is cancelled by Saturn being in Mars sign Scorpio . Elections will happen on 8th November in this scenario , when Mars is best placed . Mr. Trump got lead over Hillary , after 31st October  with email case surfacing , when Mars reached this position. 

In contrast , you can see that Sun is debilitated in Libra , with Mercury and inimical Ketu is having 9th aspect on this Sun . All this indicates Sun personality ( Hillary ) will not fare good .

In my earlier essay , I had written that after Saturn going to Sagittarius in January 2017 , religious tensions are to increase world wide and Trump is against Islamic terrorism . 

This Presidency will remain till 2020 end and it will also see Saturn-Jupiter conjunction , happening every 20 years , which was just before  9/11 US event of 2001 . So, Trump Presidency has to be very much eventful and happening for whole world . 

China is to undergo last phase of Saadesati of Saturn , so Trump is well placed to take on China as luck would favour him .

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Cyber Attack From Pakistan & China

October 23, 2016

I had written on my blog on 1st October , that there will not be any direct war which other astrologers and media were speculating after Surgical attack on 29th September .  I had written ...

Rahu is planet for technology , diplomacy,  spying , fear and phobia . It does not fight direct wars , it acts clandestinely . So, Pakistan acted that way and then India also started for diplomatic war and then followed with    Surgical strike on Pak occupied Kashmir .   

This situation would continue till Mars is in Sagittarius till 1st November, Mars being under Rahu aspect  . There will be fearful environment with Virtual War as Rahu is more for virtual , hyped, mental things than direct action .  

Now the news is coming that Cyber Attack from Pakistan & China on many government websites  have happened after surgical strikes . In my city Kanpur , the website of local power distribution undertaking KESCO hacked by Pakistan based hackers on 6th October and could be restored after 15 days . Kesco site Crash news !

The bigger news came from Indian Banking sector . More than 3 million ATM-Debit cards were hacked across all major banks like SBI , ICICI and other banks and payment withdrawn in China .

There may be many more such hacks which Indian government  will downplay while Pakistan and China would rejoice for taking revenge for Surgical strike .

That is what a Mars+Rahu combination stands for  and that is the reason I always say that astrology needs modern interpretation than traditional old version !

Mind it that many astrologers had predicted direct war with Pakistan near mid October . You can see this youtube video of ABP NEWS  ! See this Aajtak News channel Link .

Situation will ease when Mars goes to Capricorn after 1st November 2016 as Saturn and Mars both will be under exchange , being in each other's signs and Jupiter will aspect Mars . 

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वेबसाईट पर अपना आगमन दर्ज करें

Jyotish is the boat which supports mankind during black day of life. You are serving humanity not human.

It is Jhakash

:) Race begins now sir......i am always with you.

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