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Jyotish Yoga for Real Breaking News

ज्योतिष के कितने प्रयोग हमारी रोज़मर्रा की जिन्दगी में हो सकते हैं,  मैं उनके कुछ उदाहरण इस ब्लॉग के जरिये आगे आने वाले दिनोँ में प्रस्तुत करूंगा।  हम सभी लोग टीवी के ब्रेकिंग न्यूज से परिचित हैं।मैं यहाँ असली वाली  ब्रेकिंग न्यूज की बात  कर रहा हूँ . यह कब शुरू होगी यह जानना काफी कठिन है ,ठीक वैसे ही जैसे कि  यह जानना कि  शादी के बाद दंपत्ति को संतान कब होगी . लेकिन संतान होने के बाद उसकी आयु के बारे में बताना आसान है, जो एक दिन से लेकर 100 साल तक हो सकती है। …

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Talented Executives leave ! Dead wood doesn't...

Every company faces the problem of people leaving the company for better pay or profile.

Early this year, Mark, a senior software designer, got an offer from a prestigious international firm to work in its India operations developing specialized software. He was thrilled by the offer.

He had heard a lot about the CEO. The salary was great. The company had all the right systems in place employee-friendly human resources (HR) policies, a spanking new office,and the very best technology,even a canteen that served superb food.

Twice Mark was sent abroad for training. "My learning curve is the sharpest it's ever been," he said soon after he joined.

Last week, less than eight months after he joined, Mark walked out of the job.

Why did this talented employee leave ?

Arun quit for the same reason that drives many good people away.

The answer lies in one of the largest studies undertaken by the Gallup Organization. The study surveyed over a million employees and 80,000 managers and was p…

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Benefits of Having a Family Astrologer

      Family is the first and basic unit of human society. We all belong to a family and our decisions during  active life are mostly centered around family. During any event of joy or sorrow, we take refuge of our family only. We keep many secrets within our family only.Most of us live and willing to die for our family .

      While we solve many of our  personal and family problems by interacting  within  the family, there are many issues in our modern day living , which cannot be solved within  family because of lack of necessary expertise.

   There comes the need of having an extended family. Our friends usually make up for this requirement. But still , there is need of expert advice in many critical issues, like medical, legal, psychiatric, career or spiritual issues.

  Most of us remain oblivious of the need of such experts till we face an emergency in these area.

  However, during critical periods, we have very little time to find out a good doctor…

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