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(Mumbai / Asaram Bapu) Rape Incidence National Breaking News

   I had written a detailed astrological analysis in this website on the 16 December 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya Case , just  to show how Mars ( Mangal) and Saturn's aspects or meeting creates big news on TV channels. In that article, in last para , I had predicted for similar but relatively minor incidences in April 2013 . And it did happen in mid April with rape incidence to a 7 year old girl in Delhi . Now this time, with same combination occurring again on 19th August , the similar breaking news happened on 22/23 August 2013 on Mumbai Photo Journalist rape case, followed by rape allegation against Asaram Bapu and his consequent arrest. 

    Those who know the basics of astrology , can see in above charts that Mars is in Kendra ( 4 squares inside)  from Saturn in all three cases and Mars is entering in its exalted sign (Makar), Own sign ( Mesha) and Neecha sign ( Cancer)  respectively in three unfortunate incidents  , while Saturn remains fixed in Libra (Tula) as shown in charts. …

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Why India is A Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Recently India and Pakistan both celebrated 66th anniversary of Independence. These countries were born like twins at almost same time. Astrological effects can be best described through the examples of twin births and I have several of them.

In Twin births ,most of the planet configuration remains same but  change of one or two critical parameters  result in big contrast in nature and characteristics of the twins. India and Pakistan's birth as twin nation is a very interesting astrological case study but today I am restricting my study only to study of religious aspects of the two countries.

Before we start our discussions on Pakistan and India , we need to discuss briefly about 9 planets's relationship with God /Faith  and Guna Theory of Planets.    

Indian astrology classifies its 9 planets on various parameters. One such parameter is Guna (गुण ). There are 3 gunas : Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. Let us understand the theory behind Gunas.

We can divide a 24 hou…

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Do you Believe in Re-Birth ?

Is Re-incarnation A Reality ? (  क्या पुनर्जन्म होता है ?)

Indian Astrology is based on edifice of Law of Karma and  Law of Karma is again based on Re-birth concept . Rebirth is itself a very controversial subject.Following essay by Swami  Sivanand , is in support of Reincarnation Theory . I hope you will seriously ponder over his logics.

 Emerson, Plato, Pythagoras had perfect belief in the doctrine of reincarnation. The doctrine of reincarnation is the foundation of Hinduism and Buddhism. The ancient Egyptians believed it. The Greek philosophers made it the corner-stone of their philosophy.

Man clings to this earthly life. This clinging to life proves that there is past experience and existence. This proves also that there is a future life. Man likes this life immensely and strongly yearns for a future life also.

Some are born and pass out within a few weeks, a few months, a few years. Some children die in the womb. Some are centenarians.…

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Remedial Measures of Astrology

ग्रह शांति के तथाकथित  "उपाय"  


An astrologer of Delhi ,himself wearing Rs. 5 Lakh worth of emeralds on his hand and arm.Emerald is recommended for Mercury or Budh planet for increase in business , intelligence  etc  but  excess  of  anything,even vitamins,is always detrimental and it must backfire but this astrologer is ignorant of this basic fact.( Photo courtesy Outlook , Nov'2004 )

 In 6 months  of my on-line astrological consultancy , I have been often asked a question ,why I do not advise traditional उपाय or remedial measures like pouring oil on Shani stone , wearing gemstone or throwing something in river or Poojapaath, tantra  and mantra. This essay is  all about those issues.

  The ancient Indian astrologers, who were more astronomer than astrologer, earned the trust of public , by accurately calculating the timing of solar and lunar eclipses . And when eclipses actually happened as calculated , eve…

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