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Astrology & Osho

Osho on Astrology's Greatness 

   Astrology is perhaps the most ancient subject and also in a way the most ignored. It is the most ancient because astrology has been in existence as far back as we have been able to investigate the history of mankind. Astrological inscriptions have been found on bone remnants from the Sumerian cisvilization which existed twenty-five thousand years before Jesus. Bone remnants have been discovered with astrological inscriptions and with an outline of the moon's orbit in the sky.

    But in India this science is even older. In the Rigveda reference is made to a certain constellation of the stars which could only have occurred ninety-five thousand years ago. Because of this, Lokmanya Tilak concluded that the Vedas must certainly be even more ancient: the constellation of the stars as the Vedas describe it could only have occurred at a certain moment ninety-five thousand years ago; so that particular vedic reference must be at least ninety-five thousa…

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Lovers & Haters of Astrology

Lovers & Haters of Astrology 

In any gathering, merely uttering  the word astrology, invokes instantaneous  curiosity and subsequent debate on  its utility &  basis . If you are introduced as an astrologer in any gathering , you are bombarded with innumerable queries and it is assumed that astrologer has the responsibility to convince everybody on Earth , why he / she became an astrologer or what use astrology has in modern society. It is more so , if you happen to be a trained engineer or scientist also. So, I am penning my views  here , what I have answered many times in such gathering.

Based on my study and practice , I can say that astrology is similar to nuclear physics. Nuclear physics has many proven and unproved theories, which promise many impossible things. Only few of these theories have been tested and applied to benefit mankind e.g. Nuclear Powered Powerhouses , submarines ,spacemissions, chemotherapy etc.

For this trillions of dollars have been investe…

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