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Polar Vortex Winter Due to Retrograde Venus


This winter season in north hemisphere was notable for various reasons. In US , Canada and Europe , people suffered temperatures ranging upto  -50 degree Centigrade . In India , starting from around 20th December 2013, not a week passed in north India without 2-3 rainy chilled days and this continues till now . 

As an astrologer, I have also been an avid observer of weather related phenomena. In ancient classics , not much literature is available on astro-meteorology . Acharya Varaahmihir did some research into this  but it was north-central India-centric and further astrological texts are also mostly north India centric . 

But our modern world has become truly global and we can get  weather data from all over the world and co-relate it with planetary movement. 

Before , I come to my main issue , I would like to brief the readers about basic astro-meteorology as per Achaarya Varaahmihir. 

Astro - Meteorology Basics 

Of all 9 planets Indian astrology uses , Sun has a fi…

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