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The Time for Paradigm Shift in India's Governance

 अच्छे और बुरे दिन किसके और कैसे आएंगे ? 

 When I started studying astrology in 1998, I was very curious to know , which planet affects events most. Over the last 16 years , I got the firm answer for this question that it is Saturn (Shani) . The next question arising out of this answer was how and when Saturn does so ? And the answer was through its famous transits called Saadesaati and Dhaiyya , which happen 3 times ( one 7.5 years called Saadesaati and two 2.5 years called Dhaiyya ) in a cycle of 30 years revolution around Sun.  

During last 16 years , I also experienced one Dhaiyya and one Saadesaati in second cycle of life , so I have personal experience about this phenomenon. My next question was : if it also affects non-human entities like organisations, govt. , nations, industry , corporates etc or not , and the answer was nothing escapes Saturn's audit , whosoever has an entity and identity. 

Based on this p…

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