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End of Shani Transit for Pharma, Auto,Export &  Shipping Sectors .

    13 months earlier , I had written in this website about the bleak scenario of Indian automobile sector and also predicted  that by October 2014, the sector would have recovered from recession and many bad news like lower sales , shutdown of factories and industrial unrest would become a thing of past.

I had also predicted the strong recovery of share prices for investors who purchase the auto shares at that time. The whole write up of 11 July 2013 is here :

Now when Saturn is about to leave Libra Sign after 2 months , the positive effects for Virgo ( Kanya ) , Cancer ( Karka ) and Pisces ( Meena ) ruled sectors are clearly visible . Virgo sign is ending its saadesaati while Cancer and Pisces are ending their 4th and 8th Dhaiyya transits . The shares of all these sectors have almost doubled since last one year and are expected to rise further .

The Pharma Sector : The Virgo sign…

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