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Effects of Moon Mahadasha for India !

India Got freedom on Midnight of 14/ 15th August 1947 . Accordingly ,

Indian Chart of freedom is as given below :

I have discussed Indian Chart in detail in my India-Pakistan Analysis at this link why-india-is-a-secular-country-pakistan-is-not-

A major change has happened in September 2015 with respect to this chart of India . The Sun Mahadasha of 6 years has ended and Moon period has started for 10 years . 

Before we deliberate on Moon Mahadasha possibilities , let us summarize the earlier Mahadashas in brief :

Saturn Till 1965

In 1947-1965 period , India was busy in casting foundations of new country by building democratic institutions , big industries, mostly in public sector and launching of popular schemes . Saturn relates to hardwork , scarcity , problems and also calls for reforms in overlooked areas .

India was developing in all spheres during this period like  industries, IITs, electricity boards , dams , public sector companies etc were set up d…

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