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Destiny Vs Action

Which is More Stronger ?  Bhaagya ( Destiny) or Karma ( Action) !

   Destiny vs Action is the eternal debate in society just like the hen & egg debate . An astrologer is always confronted with this question , so I am also no exception and 40% of my time is spent in giving a convincing  answer for this. So, today I am giving my view on this question. Since I am also an experienced engineer , I would give only practical answers. 

   Everybody would agree that any action has to happen against a background , whether you click a photograph , sow a crop , construct a building,  earn money and so on . There absolutely can not be any action without a backdrop . This background is destiny . So, your gender , body features, personality, IQ , family you were born in, education , finances at your disposal, relations, your city / village  , state , nation, continent , caste , religion , language etc form background for any action you are going to do. 

   All the backgrounds stated…

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