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AAP, Kejriwal And Jupiter Retrogression

Political predictions are most difficult because you never have any concrete birth data to apply astrological theories. So any such prediction based on the leader's birth chart or party's birth chart will usually fail .
It is like predicting Sensex . So , in stock market , we use Technical Analysis , which just studies the trends of Price and Volume and makes some predictions . Technical analysts say that their predictions are about 80% time true at least for short term scenario.
Jupiter & Saturn's retrogression phenomena can be similarly used as shown below in Aam Admi Party's Political Journey .
Jupiter's Retrogression Explained  
 Every year when Jupiter moves away about 4 Rashi signs  from Sun's sign , its retrogression starts. Astronomically speaking , the speed of Jupiter appears less than Earth's speed and so it appears moving backward , as observed from Earth. This negative speed reaches maximum in about 2 months from the retrog…

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After Yoga Next is Jyotisha !

After Acceptance of  Yoga in West , Next is Jyotisha !
    Indian Yogis and spiritual saints had started visiting western countries around last decade of 19th Century and by middle of 20th century they had established their organisations in Europe and North America. Despite all this , Indian Yoga (योग) did not find popular acceptance till 1970 and therefore local scientist community also did not consider it worth researching . Till then, aerobics was considered better than Yoga in these countries . 
   It was only after Indian professionals started migrating to these countries after 1970, that ethnic Indian techniques started getting more prominence in western countries, because local population could now directly interact and  learn more about Indian way of life and understand merits of Indian living , cuisine , Yoga and such things.
   The Indians took with them age old formulae of Ayurveda , herbs ,spices,  Bollywood films , festival celebrations , Y…

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