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Astrology for Depression Treatment

दुःख और डिप्रेशन  से कैसे बाहर निकलें  ?

This is a Great  Story (from Mahabharata ) for  Overcoming  Depression After Any Tragedy in Life ... 


After the war had ended and Yudhisthira was crowned as King , Yudhisthira lost his interest in administrative work of the Kingdom. People would come to his Court with some problems but King Yudhisthira would keep on discussing and lamenting the loss of so many kith and kins in war.

He would start telling the visitors about his grief and would say that it was a worthless war that he fought and lost all his near and dears. People would listen and King Yudhisthira was all the time in so much in depression ,that he would postpone the required action on administrative issues .

This way things started deteriorating and different sort of problems started due to inaction on part of the new King. Since he was King , nobody dared  tell Yudhisthira about…

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