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Should Astrologer Accept Fee ?

क्या ज्योतिषी को फीस लेनी चाहिए ?

    Astrology is based on Law of Karma and action - result / Give-Take / Credit-Debit  theory . Based on these  theories , Rishis who  founded Indian astrology, had given a code of conduct for questioner and astrologer both and that was practised until 50-60 years ago . The same instructions apply to doctor -patient and Guru - Shishya pair and any consultancy subject . But , later on English education reversed this code of conduct . Let me discuss the old code of conduct and  beauty of that system, though it is not applicable now .

The code for giver of knowledge / skill i.e. astrologer , Vaidya or Guru . They were :

1. Never ask money from seeker of service and do your best irrespective of the status of seeker of service .
2. But , if you get anything for your services voluntarily , it is to be accepted for personal use , after donating 20% to good cause ( voluntary  income tax)…

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