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Saturn in Sagittarius Marks End of Reforms

                Like Demonetization , GST Scheme is Being Diluted by Modi Govt .

      Over 40% business entities make zero GST payment

Demonetization announcement last year was a master stroke by Modi govt . It had all the potential to unearth black money hoarded by rich businessmen . But it appeared later on that , there was no planning at any level to implement it on all India level with a given time period . Result was that , there was all round chaos and that forced the government to dilute the whole scheme and government virtually conceded defeat to smart black money holders .

     Now , the same thing is repeated with GST implementation . GST could be a great tool for tax compliance but it has been diluted in its enactment stage by having multiple rates . If that was not enough , the shoddy implementation of that is to be solely blamed on central government . Not going for robust computer network is simply unforgivable . When trillions of tax is to be collected , the GSTN network was to be built in advance . And we have sites like IRCTC , which books more than 15 lakh tickets everyday . We have in house expertise for this but government is in habit of making a deficient system and wakes up only when there is hue and cry .

     Any way , technical glitches would be over in next 6 months as they get solved one by one . But fundamental mistakes in law drafting and implementing them will dilute the GST exercise similar to failed demonetization . The deliberate exclusion of petroleum goods from GST is really bad . Transport businesses and DG set users cannot claim input tax credit for this . And they are planning for all India strike for this reason . If GST could have 28% rate and cess , petroleum goods could also be included under GST , may be with another rate . 

The latest in series of diluting the tax network is the announcement on 6th October by GST Council where they removed limit for PAN card on gold selling above Rs 50,000 , increasing the business limit to Rs 1.5 crores and such announcements which have been termed by media like Mini budget announcements .

Facing lot of criticism on loss of GDP ,PM Modi has said that he will further modify the GST , which practically means GST will become another name for  VAT and Service tax , with same set of structure , compliance and corruption . See this Economic Times report on GST Compliance and it disappoints deeply

Astrologically , the period from November 2014 till October 2017 had the great potential for tax reforms and eradication of parallel economy because Saturn is great reformer and it was in Scorpio in this period . The government did attempt the reforms but it did not have the real intentions so it faulted at execution stage . Now this time is over as Saturn finally enters Sagittarius .

We will have one more minor reform period when Jupiter enters Scorpio during October 2018 to November 2019 , but that will be much smaller than what Saturn does .

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