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Beef & Wine Ban Breaking News Due to Venus Retrogression

        Breaking News on Meat & Wine Ban Due to Venus Retrogression


Venus is Planet for For Food

      Venus is the planet which signifies all the consumption which body can do and it includes food , clothes , sex, beauty , music ,perfume, good houses and artefacts, decorative items , cosmetics , jewellery etc . The most important out of all is food . Also , anything which is having highest quality or price also falls under purview of Venus . 

Therefore , costly food items like meat and wines are definitely under Venus while normal food also comes under Venus .

Retrogression of Planets

The retrogression of planet is apparent movement of planets in reverse direction as seen from Earth . Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times a year for about 15 days , Venus is retrograde every 18 months for one and half month , Mars is retrograde for about 2 months in every 687 days and Jupiter , Saturn are retrograde 4 months every year . Rahu, Ketu are always retrograde and Sun…

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