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Role of Astrology in Central Govt Budget

How Will Be Central Government's Budget on 1 Feb 2018

  Indian Government’s Budget had been traditionally presented on 28th February every year since British rule period till 2016. Earlier the time was 5 PM to coincide with 12 Noon at British Parliament . But BJP changed it to  11 AM time in 1999  and now BJP has changed the date also  to 1 February .

In astrology , place, date and time are extremely important parameters and any deviation in these can bring major changes in the thought process and direction of the event .

Budgets Till 1998 ( 28 Feb at 5 PM Every year )

It is very interesting to note that till year 1998 , when budget was presented at 5 PM every year , the ascendant sign used to be at 29 degree in Cancer .

So, the ascendant was at border line , which shows weakness in the event and ascendant lord Moon as we know is for emotional issues , waxing and waning and denotes child like features .

Due to weak asc…

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