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Banking Sector Under 8th Transit of Saturn

         8th Transit of Saturn & Scams in Indian Financial Sector 

     Those who have availed Financial Astrology lessons from me, had been told since 2017 , that Banking / NBFC sector was to face correction during Saturn's transit in Sagittarius . This period is known for scams , loss of money , name and fame of banking sector . Last time it was 30 years back during 1987 to 1990 and now this is due from 2017 to 2020 period so we have started getting season of scams by Nirav Modi , Vikram Kothari and many more to follow now .  

What Happened In Previous 8th Transit  of Saturn ?

 30 years before , the Indian banking sector was solely about public sector banks . In 1987 , Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government was under pressure because of Bofors scam . To win elections,  opposition led by Chaudhary Devilal promised Moon to farmers and unemployed and it got majority in 1987 Haryana Assembly elections  and then 1989 Loksabha elections were won by Janta Dal . Forced b…

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