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Will BJP Win 2019 LS Elections ?

Will PM Narendra Modi Win 2019 LS Elections ?

    Since start of February 2018 , this question has gained traction in media , particularly after BJP losing the 2 Loksabha seats in a by election . Many political analysts are busy in writing the obituaries for BJP after last 2 months developments where banks reported massive NPAs and absconders like Nirav Modi linked to PM Modi just because they shared a common surname . 

    Astrological analysis gives some insight in such emotionally charged environment when everyone takes one side or other side as astrology solely depends upon planets , which can not be tempered .  So, I will base my analysis on reliable data of Bhartiya Janata Party's birth chart ( 6 April 1980, 1145 Hrs at Delhi ). 

  BJP's Birth Chart

Let us see some salients points in this chart :

1.  6 out of 9 planets are in 3-9 houses including Rahu-Ketu axis which is affecting Mars, Jupiter , Saturn and Mercury . It is similar to India's independence chart wh…

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