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AAP, Kejriwal And Jupiter Retrogression

Political predictions are most difficult because you never have any concrete birth data to apply astrological theories. So any such prediction based on the leader's birth chart or party's birth chart will usually fail .
It is like predicting Sensex . So , in stock market , we use Technical Analysis , which just studies the trends of Price and Volume and makes some predictions . Technical analysts say that their predictions are about 80% time true at least for short term scenario.
Jupiter & Saturn's retrogression phenomena can be similarly used as shown below in Aam Admi Party's Political Journey .
Jupiter's Retrogression Explained  
 Every year when Jupiter moves away about 4 Rashi signs  from Sun's sign , its retrogression starts. Astronomically speaking , the speed of Jupiter appears less than Earth's speed and so it appears moving backward , as observed from Earth. This negative speed reaches maximum in about 2 months from the retrogression start date and then this negative speed slowly reduces over further 2 months to zero. So, retrogression phenomenon lasts for 4 months every year.
After this 4 months period , Jupiter again achieves its fast and direct motion for next 8 months , within which it again achieves maximum forward or direct motion within 4 months.  
So extreme backward motion and extreme forward motion will have 6 months gap. 
This is true for Saturn also . 
AAP's Political Journey 
Aam Admi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal decided to fight Delhi Assembly elections in 2013 . On 7th November 2013 , Jupiter became retrograde and this was to last for next 4 months.
Congress Party being at Centre and unpopular , the opposition was to benefit from this and retrogression would help both major opposition , BJP and AAP. 
The elections were held on 4th December 2013 and results declared on 7th December 2013. Opposition bagged 62 seats while Congress got 8 seats . BJP got 32 and AAP got 28 seats. 
In absence of extreme Jupiter retrogression , despite decimation of Congress, divided opposition could not make govt. on its own till end December 2013. But by the end of December 2013, AAP got the opportunity when Jupiter got into extreme retrogression at speed of -0.1350 degree per day , almost 2 months after 7th November 2013. 
So, the first week of January 2014 was the euphoria period for AAP, with all TV Channels and media full of praise for Kejriwal's actions, thoughts and character. This was the time when whole country became hopeful about emergence of a new honest party. The euphoria was so much that party planned for Loksabha election sweep in May 2014 . 
Buoyed by huge popular support in Delhi, on  14th February 2014 , Delhi CM Kejriwal resigned to win Loksabha elections.
But Jupiter retrogression was slowing and by 7th March 2014, Jupiter again started its direct journey and AAP started losing ground . He was labelled as absconder and irresponsible for resigning after 49 days. 
In another 4 months of Jupiter direct motion , when Jupiter had extreme direct motion rate of + 0.2220 degree per day , his effect was considerably reduced and whole country was singing Modi victory Songs and BJP bagged all 7 Delhi MP seats, while Kejriwal lost his own seat also from Varanasi .His party won only 4 seats from Punjab and none from metro cities. 
2015 Elections
After 2014 Loksabha elections, BJP became party in power and lost its opposition tag while Congress was totally eliminated , even as opposition. So, AAP became sole opposition party in 2015 elections of Delhi. 
After July 2014, Jupiter's direct motion started receding and it took another 4 months till 9th December 2014, when Jupiter again started its retrogression period after a year. Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand elections were won by BJP just before Jupiter retrogression and J&K election results , held after retrogression start,  were not as per expectations of BJP .
BJP was sensing defeat in Delhi , so it kept on delaying decisions for elections in Delhi and finally it went for elections in February 2015 , when it had no other option. Please look below picture , how Jupiter was at extreme retrogression speed of -0.1329 degree per day  on the day of election of 7th February 2015 . 
BJP now being party in power and there being no opposition in Delhi except AAP , the extreme Jupiter retrogression gave  67 seat ( more than 62 in 2013) to AAP and 3 seats to BJP ruling in centre , less than 8 for Congress ruling in centre in 2013 elections.
 The Journey Ahead for AAP 
The peak of popularity having been achieved in first week of February 2015, the slide has begun after result declaration date of 10th February 2015. On 10th April 2015, Jupiter will again take direct motion . 
The internecine wars within AAP have begun within a month of oath taking. These will become more intense after 10th April 2015 and achieve peak, after 4 months, in the month of August 2015. During this period , AAP and its convenor will face brickbats and loss of popularity and party may be divided also. 
The Saturn in Libra during November 2011 to October 2014 was the reason for creation of a popular party and this time being over now , so we will have this party just like many other regional parties in country, with lots of infighting.  
The motion of largest planet of our solar system , Jupiter, can be used to get the glimpse of popularity of a party ,  price trends in equity, currency or commodity markets. 

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