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Gujarat & HP Election Results on 18 December 2017

                            Will BJP Win Gujarat & Himachal Assembly Elections ?

       (  Disclaimer :  The astrological Analysis done here is totally based upon transit position of Planets on 18th December 2017 , day of counting . In absence of use of any birth date of a leader or party , the accuracy of prediction may suffer .)

 The elections were conducted from November 2017 till 14th December in 3 stages . Counting will start on morning of 18th December . 

Interestingly , there is no change in planetary signs till polling day of 14th December , when the planet position is like below :


But just before  counting starts on 18th December , the position becomes like this :

Here , Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on 15th December while Moon joins Sagittarius at 7 AM on 18th December on  the day of counting .  Saturn and Moon are quite close to Sun so both are combust and lose their power to act . 

    One of the interpretation of this combination is that Sun will prevail and over power Saturn . The question is who is Sun , the authority,  in this election ? Most would say it is PM Modi and in that case BJP should win despite many theories of vote diversion .

Also , Sun-Saturn , Moon-Saturn conjunction should cause rise of stock market in absence of Jupiter aspect on these yogas . That also means BJP should win in these elections . 

 P.S. on 18 December 2017 :     BJP won 99 seats in Gujarat against requirement of 92 seats while in H.P. , it secured two third majority .     

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Good practical prediction
Sir how you we derive MK Dk etc is it based on the degree in which the planet is placed
Can you give the expansion of these terms


Thanks, Sir.

You make it look so easy !

May be when Saturn reaches Capricorn, things might change for people, unless at that point some other factor gets in.




Sir, when will our farmers issues will be solved in our country


Dear Sir,

Can we interpret it as -

Saturn represents agriculture / rural population and Sun represents Modi and the urban power centres. The votes from urban power centres helped BJP to retain the power against the rural peasant votes.

Looking forward to your explanation




"Also , Sun-Saturn , Moon-Saturn conjunction should cause rise of stock market in absence of Jupiter aspect on these yogas ."

Could you elaborate on this a bit? Jupiter being a planet of expansion its aspect and not absence of aspect should bring rise. Moreover, sun and saturn are enemies, so why would there be a rise?