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Jupiter Exaltation & Commodity Price Fall

अच्छे सितारे या अच्छे दिन ?  

 Traditional Indian astrology says that when Jupiter remains in Cancer sign for a year in its 12 year Rashi cycle, it is considered Uchcha ( exalted). Jupiter is considered planet for satisfaction and contentment , so its exaltation creates conditions for plenty of supply of commodities at reasonable and affordable prices. This condition may not be good for companies but it is certainly good for general public and political administrators.

  This year , on 19th June 2014, Jupiter entered Cancer sign where it will remain till July 2015. 

As whole world economy is dependent on crude oil for its energy needs , the prices of all other commodities are dependent to an extent on crude oil prices. Therefore, softening of all commodity prices is possible only if crude oil prices relent. 

And that is precisely  happened after 19th June 2014 and that can be seen in above crude oil prices chart of one year. There is continuous fall in crude oil prices after 16th June 2014 when it was 107$ and has touched $ 74  as on date. 

If you feel it is one exception , then see gold price chart from June 2014 onward ..

Therefore, we can see that there is allround commodity price fall in metals , precious metals , reality prices, crude oil and even grains prices have not risen in India despite drought conditions this year.

How Politicians Benefit from Good Stars...

   Is it only a coincidence that Modi Govt. promised Achchhe Din and they came also on time ?  Economist Swaminathan SA Aiyar, in his Sunday column in the Times of India, summing up the performance of the Modi government as it completes six months in office in following words " Achhey Sitarein, lucky stars, rather than achhey din, good times " . Read more at

Aftershocks of Exalted Jupiter in 2015  

The Jupiter exit from exaltation in mid 2015  will restore  price rise syndrome again. Also , while price fall is good for public , it is bad for Corporates Earnings and this will certainly put many companies out of business next year because of recession. Banks may find it hard to recover their loans from Corporates , leading to another financial crisis by 2015 end.

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sir ji on given date 19 june 2014 when jupiter was exalted rates of silver and was shoot up imediately for one month why it happens asrologically