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Lovers & Haters of Astrology

Lovers & Haters of Astrology 

In any gathering, merely uttering  the word astrology, invokes instantaneous  curiosity and subsequent debate on  its utility &  basis . If you are introduced as an astrologer in any gathering , you are bombarded with innumerable queries and it is assumed that astrologer has the responsibility to convince everybody on Earth , why he / she became an astrologer or what use astrology has in modern society. It is more so , if you happen to be a trained engineer or scientist also. So, I am penning my views  here , what I have answered many times in such gathering.

Based on my study and practice , I can say that astrology is similar to nuclear physics. Nuclear physics has many proven and unproved theories, which promise many impossible things. Only few of these theories have been tested and applied to benefit mankind e.g. Nuclear Powered Powerhouses , submarines ,spacemissions, chemotherapy etc.

For this trillions of dollars have been invested worldwide in last century , millions study it in universities every year and billions of dollar are being invested daily worldwide for this. Current multi-billion CERN Experiment in France is just one example, where billions of dollars have been contributed by many countries including India, without any guarantee for a successful outcome or utility of such experiments. 

At the same time, World Super Powers remain worried about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and its knowledge and have close monitoring of nuclear technologies because nuclear technology has dual usage : good and bad both. This way nuclear knowledge remains a secret also , to a layman and it will be gibberish for an ordinary folk. But this common man's perception of nuclear science does not reduce the greatness or fascination for  nuclear science.

  Astrology is far more complex than nuclear science as it tries to explain the issues of whole world with a simple 12 sign , 9 planet and 27 constellation mathematical model with almost nil institutional support and dollar funding like nuclear science. This subject also has many theories , which need testing for their effectiveness.But all efforts in this subject are from individuals only ,not the institutions and govt. So the research results remain restricted to the individuals only and these cannot be shared with all and sundry. Also such individual's research secrets die with individuals and not passed on to next generation like science. One of the reason being that such individuals would not like to pass on  such explosive knowledge  to general public , which later on falls  in hands of wicked rulers and terror spreaders.

I did my own research on, who really gets benefited from use of astrology. I found that the percentage of such persons who really benefited from astrological guidance was somewhere 12 to 18% and most of them were those , who were running Guru ( Jupiter) dasha or antardasha or persons who were having Jupiter's signs Pisces and Sagittarius as ascendant or Moon sign or excessive influence of Jupiter by association in any manner . This percentage figure is also confirmed by Jupiter's weightage in astrology : 16 years out of 120 years's Vinshottari Mahadasha system ( 16/120 = 13 % ).

In old astrological texts , it is said that astrology ( jyotish) is keelit vidya ( coded or password protected science ) and hence it cannot be misused on great extent like nuclear knowledge did in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. In my practice and experience , I found it correct. Therefore, astrology's secrets , its predictions and benefits are not for mass usage , it is only for those, who believe and understand its theories and then organise their life according to its tenets and guidelines.

A real astrologer understands this limitation that he will not be able to guide and change even destiny of his own wife , children or a relative , if Jupiter association is not there in the chart. But normal people will never accept this theory and keep insisting for astrological remedies from astrologer ,on whom they have blind faith. The big astrological shops and online websites run their business on the success of that 13% factor, while attracting and getting money from rest 87% population also.

  Further, about 16% of population is of atheist which is influenced by planet Saturn , which signifies Karma only and will never accept religious or astrological theories at all . Saturn has 19 years out of 120 years , that makes for about 16%. The excessive influence of Saturn on a person will make him Karma Yogi and a disbeliever in God and astrology / destiny.

This way, I found that on one side of Bell Shaped curve , there are 14% staunch supporters of astrology , who got benefited because of Jupiter influence in their chart , while on other end , there are 16% astrology haters , under Saturn influence , who never got benefited from astrology (as they lack inner faith in God). Rest 70% population keeps on oscillating between believers and disbelievers , as per situation. 

I also observed that astrology supporters are not very keen to spread their faith on astrology while atheist or astrology haters consider it their duty to abolish the astrology from whole Earth. At the end , both group will exist as long as Jupiter and Saturn exist in solar system and there is no point in such debates. Also , most of arguments and so-called surveys / experiments proving  astrology a hoax are actually against Western astrology and astrologers, which is really absurd compared to Indian astrology.    

   Real astrologer are also aware that it is not their mission to make people believe in astrology or God. If more people know this explosive science , it will be hazardous for mankind , as happened in case of  nuclear science (generating nuclear waste, atom bomb), so it is divinely protected from misuse by US or China like superpowers.

Imagine somebody being suddenly  removed from service or  partnership or isolated by family members on start of bad dasha period, or not taken for employment because of Rashi incompatibility etc. There may be panic decisions on economy and trade , if astrology becomes a well known science . In the Google's age , some knowledge should remain divinely protected for security of mankind , even if it gets the blame of being a pseudo science.

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