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Mars-Ketu Conjunction Causing Thunderstorms

Mars - Ketu Conjunction Causing Natural Disasters

On 2 May 2018, Mars entered into earthy Capricorn sign where Ketu was already present. These two planets are well known for creating accidents ( Mars)  and natural disasters ( Ketu) . And this time , Jupiter has no association or aspect on this conjunction ,so it has more destructive power.


So, the very start of this conjunction resulted in a big duststorm ( earthy sign !) on evening of 2 May 2018 in northern India .It killed more than 100 persons with loss of crores. 

  If that was not enough , on 7th May , another storm hit the northern planes . This time it was spread as far as Andhra Pradesh , including Northern India from Rajasthan to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, killing more than 70 people. The storms in month of May are normal but these 2 successive thunderstorms broke the record of last 30 years. Local cyclones are still happening and in my city of Kanpur , we had a severe localised tornado 2 days back .

Astrological Reasons Behind its Prominence

Mars-Ketu conjunction happens every 18 months when Ketu stays in any zodiac sign and would last about 30-40 days , so it is not always a very damaging phenomenon, particularly if Jupiter also associates. But this time , this conjunction is special as Mars is in exaltation sign Capricorn , so any disaster would be prominent , creating breaking news . Jupiter has no association with it.

Further , this time Mars will be in Capricorn for about 6 months till first week of November 2018 . Reason is that , Mars will reach till 15 degree on 27 June when it will retrograde and will be coming back to 4 degree on 27 August 2018, and then again move forward and exit Capricorn on 5 November 2018 . 

Because of this , Mars- Ketu degree conjunction will happen 3 times on 8 June (forward motion ), 20 July ( Retrograde motion), 26 September ( again forward motion) . These dates are approximate as Ketu position is calculated tentatively so it can have one week error . We will see major weather , geographical events in these periods with news for landslide , floods disasters of big proportions globally and in India  as the entire rainy season is covered by this conjunction .

Politically , there will be on & off in global tensions at high levels between US/ North Korea / Iran and India-Pakistan-China based on Mars direct or retrograde position. Crude oil prices will also fluctuate because of this . Indian political scene would also remain charged with violence news in an election year . 

Over all , the period till September end is worth remaining careful for the govt,  disaster management agencies and public in general . In individual horoscope , it will affect wherever Capricorn sign is placed and opposite sign Cancer .   


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