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Predictions About Kerala Floods 2018

Read Yash Shukla's answer to Why has no astrologer predicted the sad flood situation in Kerala, where we could have seen their genuine worth to the society? on Quora


Some one from Kerala had asked on Quora that why no astrologer had predicted about unprecedented  Kerala floods in August 2018 .  This was predicted in this blog post on 26 May 2018 because of Mars+Ketu Conjunction. Read it here  :


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Dear Sir,

You have written

// That will reduce the employment overseas and .........years back in 1990s and would now reverse from 2020s onward .//

//Saturn turns everything upside down every 30 years , so the change is inevitable //

That would mean Kerala is having some sort of connection with Sagittarius.




Hi Sir,
as a Malayalee myself, I feel this disaster is a wake-up call for Kerala and we need to change ourselves.
Do you see the mentality of taking care of the environment and other mentality will happen with Malayalees?