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Use of Astrology in Management Education -1



                           ( Using Religion to Prevent Spitting/ Urinating on Walls in Public Places)

 Last week , we had the unprecedented natural disaster at Kedarnath shrine and at other places in Uttarakhand. Once more , the mismanagement and lack of coordination among governmental agencies became obvious. This is when our govt. officials are regularly trained in best management institutes of India and abroad.      

    During  my 24 years's working in Govt. Power sector after  my engineering graduation in 1988, I also got opportunity of attending Residential Management Development Programs at  Premier Institutions like MDI, Gurgaon and IMI, New Delhi.

    But on every occasion, I  found that there was  gross disconnect between the management education preached in the airconditioned controlled environment and the real war like situation at working sites , where all this education is supposed to be practiced. It was more for fulfilling a HRD norm of giving a certain days of training to officers rather than bringing any transformational change in their working.

     During my training also , I  raised this issue that something is missing in management education but nobody had any alternative method.

The word management includes MAN . Unless the management theories take care of this MAN in his all manifestations , these theories cannot solve our unique problems.

Let me explain through an example. An average Indian citizen is least bothered about the cleanliness and sanitation in public places. All management theories imported from West failed here to ensure it. But , everybody knows that there is also an exception to this. The temples,mosques and churches are cleaner in India than any other public place. Because India has a legacy of being a God-fearing country.

So, when ceramic tiles with images of god and goddesses are placed in public place stairs , people would not urinate or spit Paan-Peek पान पीक ( somebody told me that it still happens if light is not there) . Further, we Indians cannot organise for any important issue easily, but millions will gather for three month long Kumbh Mela without any cost implications, just for the sake of God.

Therefore, the MAN in Management is to be understood in its three dimensions of Desh, Kaal and Paatra ( देश , काल और पात्र ) translated as place,period and person. An Indian citizen responds to religious significations more than atheist western management theories.

Since the world class IIMs and IITs treat these issues as taboos in their curriculum, these institutions have not been able to make noticeable difference in Indian society's functioning and its productivity level.

It is unfortunate that while practicing western secularism , we abandoned the positive attributes arising out of God-fearing mentality. We abandoned the religion , which resulted in elimination of God-fear ( the supreme of all positive fears ) and that has caused an overall chaos and crisis in every field of public and private life in India.

So, it is my firm belief that in Indian context, unless god-fear ( irrespective of which religion you belong ) is instilled in our teachings from nursery to Ph.D. level again , every type of education is to resemble like a beautiful mummified deadbody without soul and hence ineffective in making any dent in Indian scenario of hopelessness.

I will write an interesting personal experience to prove my point in my next post.

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