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Venus Retrogression Effects in October 2018

                          Consumer Goods Crisis Possible in Festive Season


Venus has started retrograde motion from today . Last time , it had happened in March 2017 when there occurred ban on Wine selling near residential areas and highways , along with ban on unauthorized slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh, which had led to price rise of non-veg foods and wine prices . 

Venus is in Libra sign of retail sector which is its own sign and it is also its own sign so it has not been bad so far . It is with Jupiter also which is good . But now with its retrogression , things would start turning bad in agricultural , food , automobiles and consumer goods sector .Jupiter would also leave Libra by 11th October 2018 , so situation can be bad for next one month . Venus Retrogression would end by 17 November 2018.

 Scarcity of major commodity (pulses) , vegetables ( Onion , tomato , potato ) , price hike of automobiles and other consumer appliances are some of the possible events in this period . E-commerce companies may also suffer a blow in their sale . 

Libra sign also denotes judiciary so in this period , some major verdict is also possible which may be unexpected in nature. On climate front , this can lead to some major cyclonic rains in Southern / Eastern part of India.

Update on 14 October : 

As pointed out by Mr Chakraborty in comments , #Me Too Campaign is also the fall out of this Venus Retrograde .

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Venus Retrogression : Is it responsible for the #MeToo movement ? If yes, then may be it will be effective till 17th November !