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Will the Doklam Standoff Lead to a Second India-China War ?

July 19, 2017

                         India - China Border Stand Off  Near Sikkim

   I have been discussing on  this website the Moon Mahadasha in freedom chart of India . I had written that in current Moon Mahadasha from 2015 to 2025 , India will regularly engage with its neighbors as Moon is 3rd House lord of neighbours and valour .

Moon is placed in that house , so India will assert itself in this period unlike Venus or Sun Mahadasha from 1989 to 2015 .  


In above dasha table , we can see that currently Moon-Rahu period is running from February 2017 till August 2018 . Moon is inimical to Rahu and that is also forming 3-11 relationship with each other , signifying questions of gain ( border ) with neighbors.

Rahu is head only planet so it signifies mental stress , phobia , baseless fears but it lacks severely the ground level physical action so this period will create many fears but none of them may translate into actual war .

The situation has taken some threatening posture since last one month . Reason is that Saturn is moving in reverse speed and has entered into Scorpio sign since last one month . Scorpio is the sign for China and it falls into 7th house of opposition in India's chart as given above . Therefore , China has taken tough posture assuming that India will buckle under pressure as happened earlier .

But this time , situation is different for India . India has treaty for defending Bhutan and China is claiming territory of Bhutan so Bhutan desires that Indian forces defend Bhutan's territory .  So, if India relents , then our country will lose a trusted neighbour to China . Therefore India has no option but to guard Bhutan's territory in Doklam .

This stand off will continue for one more month till Saturn retrogression continues  . After that , the tension will get released slowly and would end by October 2017 when Saturn will move to Sagittarius .


PS on 28th August 2017 :  

As predicted in last paragraph , after end of Saturn retrogression both countries agreed today to withdraw troops from border

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But if India continues to guard Bhutan's border, China will relent when Sat moves to Sagittarius?

What will be the effect of Partial Lunar Eclipse (7/8 August night) on this scenario ? Someone suggested that something BAD might happen after this date ?



Thanks, sir.