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Astrology for Depression Treatment

April 21, 2015

दुःख और डिप्रेशन  से कैसे बाहर निकलें  ?

This is a Great  Story (from Mahabharata ) for  Overcoming  Depression After Any Tragedy in Life ... 


After the war had ended and Yudhisthira was crowned as King , Yudhisthira lost his interest in administrative work of the Kingdom. People would come to his Court with some problems but King Yudhisthira would keep on discussing and lamenting the loss of so many kith and kins in war.

He would start telling the visitors about his grief and would say that it was a worthless war that he fought and lost all his near and dears. People would listen and King Yudhisthira was all the time in so much in depression ,that he would postpone the required action on administrative issues .

This way things started deteriorating and different sort of problems started due to inaction on part of the new King. Since he was King , nobody dared  tell Yudhisthira about…

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AAP, Kejriwal And Jupiter Retrogression

March 28, 2015
Political predictions are most difficult because you never have any concrete birth data to apply astrological theories. So any such prediction based on the leader's birth chart or party's birth chart will usually fail .
It is like predicting Sensex . So , in stock market , we use Technical Analysis , which just studies the trends of Price and Volume and makes some predictions . Technical analysts say that their predictions are about 80% time true at least for short term scenario.
Jupiter & Saturn's retrogression phenomena can be similarly used as shown below in Aam Admi Party's Political Journey .
Jupiter's Retrogression Explained  
 Every year when Jupiter moves away about 4 Rashi signs  from Sun's sign , its retrogression starts. Astronomically speaking , the speed of Jupiter appears less than Earth's speed and so it appears moving backward , as observed from Earth. This negative speed reaches maximum in about 2 months from the retrog…

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After Yoga Next is Jyotisha !

March 6, 2015
After Acceptance of  Yoga in West , Next is Jyotisha !
    Indian Yogis and spiritual saints had started visiting western countries around last decade of 19th Century and by middle of 20th century they had established their organisations in Europe and North America. Despite all this , Indian Yoga (योग) did not find popular acceptance till 1970 and therefore local scientist community also did not consider it worth researching . Till then, aerobics was considered better than Yoga in these countries . 
   It was only after Indian professionals started migrating to these countries after 1970, that ethnic Indian techniques started getting more prominence in western countries, because local population could now directly interact and  learn more about Indian way of life and understand merits of Indian living , cuisine , Yoga and such things.
   The Indians took with them age old formulae of Ayurveda , herbs ,spices,  Bollywood films , festival celebrations , Y…

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Destiny Vs Action

February 7, 2015

Which is More Stronger ?  Bhaagya ( Destiny) or Karma ( Action) !

   Destiny vs Action is the eternal debate in society just like the hen & egg debate . An astrologer is always confronted with this question , so I am also no exception and 40% of my time is spent in giving a convincing  answer for this. So, today I am giving my view on this question. Since I am also an experienced engineer , I would give only practical answers. 

   Everybody would agree that any action has to happen against a background , whether you click a photograph , sow a crop , construct a building,  earn money and so on . There absolutely can not be any action without a backdrop . This background is destiny . So, your gender , body features, personality, IQ , family you were born in, education , finances at your disposal, relations, your city / village  , state , nation, continent , caste , religion , language etc form background for any action you are going to do. 

   All the backgrounds stated…

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Why Science & Astrology Fail ?

January 4, 2015

डाक्टर और ज्योतिषी क्यों फेल होते हैं  ?  


   दुनिया को असली साइंस या साइंटिस्ट से हमेशा फायदा हुआ है लेकिन नकली , तथाकथित साइंटिस्ट जो डिग्री , डिप्लोमा या सरकारी साइंटिस्ट की पोस्ट पाकर अपने आपको साइंस का ठेकेदार समझने लगते हैं , उनसे मानवता को ज्यादा खतरा है . इन्हीं लोगों की वजह से नई खोजें होना असंभव हो जाता है .असली साइंटिस्ट के अंदर अज्ञात को जानने और समझने की असीम भूख होती है और वह किसी नई थ्योरी या विचार को नकारने के बजाय उसमें जो भी उपयोगी है उसे पाने की कोशिश करता है .…

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Astrology & Osho

December 31, 2014

Osho on Astrology's Greatness 

   Astrology is perhaps the most ancient subject and also in a way the most ignored. It is the most ancient because astrology has been in existence as far back as we have been able to investigate the history of mankind. Astrological inscriptions have been found on bone remnants from the Sumerian cisvilization which existed twenty-five thousand years before Jesus. Bone remnants have been discovered with astrological inscriptions and with an outline of the moon's orbit in the sky.

    But in India this science is even older. In the Rigveda reference is made to a certain constellation of the stars which could only have occurred ninety-five thousand years ago. Because of this, Lokmanya Tilak concluded that the Vedas must certainly be even more ancient: the constellation of the stars as the Vedas describe it could only have occurred at a certain moment ninety-five thousand years ago; so that particular vedic reference must be at least ninety-five thousa…

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Lovers & Haters of Astrology

December 21, 2014

Lovers & Haters of Astrology 

In any gathering, merely uttering  the word astrology, invokes instantaneous  curiosity and subsequent debate on  its utility &  basis . If you are introduced as an astrologer in any gathering , you are bombarded with innumerable queries and it is assumed that astrologer has the responsibility to convince everybody on Earth , why he / she became an astrologer or what use astrology has in modern society. It is more so , if you happen to be a trained engineer or scientist also. So, I am penning my views  here , what I have answered many times in such gathering.

Based on my study and practice , I can say that astrology is similar to nuclear physics. Nuclear physics has many proven and unproved theories, which promise many impossible things. Only few of these theories have been tested and applied to benefit mankind e.g. Nuclear Powered Powerhouses , submarines ,spacemissions, chemotherapy etc.

For this trillions of dollars have been investe…

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Jupiter Exaltation & Commodity Price Fall

November 26, 2014

अच्छे सितारे या अच्छे दिन ?  

 Traditional Indian astrology says that when Jupiter remains in Cancer sign for a year in its 12 year Rashi cycle, it is considered Uchcha ( exalted). Jupiter is considered planet for satisfaction and contentment , so its exaltation creates conditions for plenty of supply of commodities at reasonable and affordable prices. This condition may not be good for companies but it is certainly good for general public and political administrators.

  This year , on 19th June 2014, Jupiter entered Cancer sign where it will remain till July 2015. 

As whole world economy is dependent on crude oil for its energy needs , the prices of all other commodities are dependent to an extent on crude oil prices. Therefore, softening of all commodity prices is possible only if crude oil prices relent. 

And that is precisely  happened after 19th June 2014 and that can be seen in above crude oil prices chart of one year. There …

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Repercussions of Saturn Entering into Scorpio

November 2, 2014

अच्छे और बुरे दिनों का टाइम टेबल :

Before I discuss the impact of Saturn's entry into Scorpio, it would be better to see what it did during its stay in Libra sign in last 3 years. For that , we should learn some basic rules of Indian astrology with regard to Jupiter and Saturn . There are following rules which we shall use in our  discussions.

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn is considered exalted ( Uchcha) in Libra sign , which is like India  signified more in Delhi . Libra sign symbol is Judicial Balance and Libra denotes Liberty while Saturn itself is like a minister for lower rung , rightless and powerless people. So, its exaltation happens in Libra. Democracy , liberty , equality , socialism ( objectives of Preamble in Indian Constitution) are under Saturn's domain only. 

2. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th co…

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blog post

October 23, 2014

दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं ...







पुरखों का वरदान दिवाली,

अपनों से पहचान दिवाली.

 एक बरस में ही आती है, 

दो दिन की मेहमान दिवाली .

 हँसी खुशी की एक लहर है, 

पीड़ा से अनजान दिवाली.

लड्डू पेड़े गुझिया बरफ़ी, 

इक मीठा पकवान दिवाली.

जीवन की आपाधापी में,

प्रश्न एक आसान दिवाली.

 खुशियों से घर भर जाएगा,

ऐसा है अनुमान दिवाली.

चाँद सितारे अंबर में हैं,

धरती का अभिमान दिवाली.

अपनों से जब दूर हों बैठें.…

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Lessons from Natural Disasters

September 12, 2014


कुदरती क़हर  से जूझने के फायदे 

पिछले साल उत्तरखंड और इस साल कश्मीर की बाढ़ में अपार जन धन की हानि हुई है .कुदरती हादसों से नुक्सान होता है लेकिन उनसे कुछ फायदे भी होते है . मैं इस बारे में अपना अनुभव बांटना चाहूंगा . प्राकृतिक आपदाएं बता कर नहीं आतीं हैं . लेकिन इनसे जूझ कर निकलने वाले लोगों के व्यक्तित्व में एक सकारात्मक बदलाव थोड़े ही समय में आ जाता है जो कि किसी भी और ट्रेनिंग से और पैसे खर्च कर भी नहीं आ सकते . इन बदलावों में ईश्वर में आस्था सर्वोपरि है . इसके अलावा धैर्य , अभावों में रहने और जूझने की क्षमता , समय की उलटफेर करने की सामर्थ्य पर विश्वास आदि अनेक बदलाव मनुष्य के  व्यक्तित्व में धनात्मक परिवर्तन लाते हैं .…

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Narendra Modi Was AMU Founder Sir Saiyyad Ahmed Khan !

September 9, 2014

नरेंद्र  मोदी पिछले जन्म में कट्टर मुस्लिम थे !  

प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी पिछले जन्म में कट्टर मुस्लिम थे। उनका नाम था सर सैय्यद अहमद खान। जी हां, वही सर सैय्यद अहमद जिन्होंने अलीगढ़ मुस्लिम यूनिवर्सिटी (एएमयू) की स्थापना की थी।

पिछले जन्म के सर सैय्यद अहमद और इस जन्म के नरेन्द्र मोदी की शक्ल-सूरत, दाढ़ी और आंखें ही एक जैसी नहीं हैं, बल्कि उनके जीवन की घटनाएं भी  चौंकाने  वाली हद तक एक जैसी हैं। यह दावा किसी सिरफिरे ने नहीं किया है, बल्कि अमरीका में सैन फ्रांसिस्को स्थित इंस्टीटयूट फॉर दी इंटीग्रेशन ऑफ साइंस इन्टयूशन एण्ड रिसर्च (आईआईएसआईएस) …

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August 23, 2014

End of Shani Transit for Pharma, Auto,Export &  Shipping Sectors .

    13 months earlier , I had written in this website about the bleak scenario of Indian automobile sector and also predicted  that by October 2014, the sector would have recovered from recession and many bad news like lower sales , shutdown of factories and industrial unrest would become a thing of past.

I had also predicted the strong recovery of share prices for investors who purchase the auto shares at that time. The whole write up of 11 July 2013 is here :

Now when Saturn is about to leave Libra Sign after 2 months , the positive effects for Virgo ( Kanya ) , Cancer ( Karka ) and Pisces ( Meena ) ruled sectors are clearly visible . Virgo sign is ending its saadesaati while Cancer and Pisces are ending their 4th and 8th Dhaiyya transits . The shares of all these sectors have almost doubled since last one year and are expected to rise further .

The Pharma Sector : The Virgo sign…

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The Time for Paradigm Shift in India's Governance

June 1, 2014

 अच्छे और बुरे दिन किसके और कैसे आएंगे ? 

 When I started studying astrology in 1998, I was very curious to know , which planet affects events most. Over the last 16 years , I got the firm answer for this question that it is Saturn (Shani) . The next question arising out of this answer was how and when Saturn does so ? And the answer was through its famous transits called Saadesaati and Dhaiyya , which happen 3 times ( one 7.5 years called Saadesaati and two 2.5 years called Dhaiyya ) in a cycle of 30 years revolution around Sun.  

During last 16 years , I also experienced one Dhaiyya and one Saadesaati in second cycle of life , so I have personal experience about this phenomenon. My next question was : if it also affects non-human entities like organisations, govt. , nations, industry , corporates etc or not , and the answer was nothing escapes Saturn's audit , whosoever has an entity and identity. 

Based on this p…

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Polar Vortex Winter Due to Retrograde Venus

March 6, 2014


This winter season in north hemisphere was notable for various reasons. In US , Canada and Europe , people suffered temperatures ranging upto  -50 degree Centigrade . In India , starting from around 20th December 2013, not a week passed in north India without 2-3 rainy chilled days and this continues till now . 

As an astrologer, I have also been an avid observer of weather related phenomena. In ancient classics , not much literature is available on astro-meteorology . Acharya Varaahmihir did some research into this  but it was north-central India-centric and further astrological texts are also mostly north India centric . 

But our modern world has become truly global and we can get  weather data from all over the world and co-relate it with planetary movement. 

Before , I come to my main issue , I would like to brief the readers about basic astro-meteorology as per Achaarya Varaahmihir. 

Astro - Meteorology Basics 

Of all 9 planets Indian astrology uses , Sun has a fi…

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Obama , Saturn Transit & People's Rule

February 8, 2014

सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है ..


सन 2007 से 2009  तक शनि सूर्य की राशि सिंह में था . सूर्य और शनि नॉर्थ और साउथ पोल जितने अलग माने जाते हैं . एक उजाले (गोरे) , गर्मी ,सत्ता और पराक्रम का स्थिर प्रतीक तो दूसरा अँधेरे ( कालेपन) , बियाबान सौर सीमा की सुदूर परिधि पर एक चौकीदार की तरह 140 करोड़ किमी की रेडियस पर अथक परिक्रमा करने वाला , प्रजा ,श्रम व सत्ताहीनता का प्रतीक ठंडा ग्रह .

लेकिन सन 2007   में सितम्बर 2009  तक के लिए, ऐसा ही शनि , सूर…

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Course on Babagiri Launched ...

December 16, 2013

पाठ्यक्रम बाबागिरी का

 लूटो एंड फूटो महाविद्यालय के प्राचार्य खसोटप्रसाद ने जब यह महसूस किया कि भारत में भोले भाले लोगों की संख्या बढ़ रही है, ये लोग अपनी किसी न किसी निजी परेशानी से हैरान परेशान भी हैं और बिना किसी मेहनत और प्रयास के अपनी परेशानियों से छुटकारा पाना चाहते हैं और इसी के चलते बाबाओं के चक्कर में पड़ रहे हैं.

 ऐसे में देश में बाबागीरी का भविष्य बहुत ही उज्ज्वल है तो उन्होंने तुरंत महाविद्यालय के मेनेजमेंट के सामने यह प्रस्ताव रखा कि उनके महाविद्यालय में बाबागीरी का कोर…

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Post Poll Analysis : Jupiter Retrogression & Congress Debacle

December 10, 2013

  With increasing retrogression , Congress suffered and parties opposing it gained. And this is amply proved in Delhi's case , where both opposition parties BJP & AAP shared almost equal seats.If Delhi elections would have been delayed by a week, Congress would have been reduced to 1-2 seats and BJP could have clear majority and AAP as main opposition.

Astro Analysis of Powergrid Corpn. of India

October 25, 2013

Start of Critical Period  for  Powergrid  Corpn.

 In series of astrological case  studies of Indian Corporates, after Maruti Udyog Ltd. case discussed earlier , we are discussing the investment prospects for Powergrid .  Power Grid is a monopoly large govt. transmission company of India , which celebrated its raising day a few days back. The Company was registered on 23/10/1989 at Delhi and characteristics adjusted  time is 1300 hrs. You can input  these data in any Kundli Program and  get the following Chart.

Its horoscopic chart suggests start of a critical period of 38 months from October 2013 to December 2016. The aforesaid period is of Shani Antardasha in the current Mahadasha of Shukra ( Venus ) ,as shown in the second functional chart below . 


Astrological Reasons

1.   In traditional astrology , both mahadasha-antardaha (MD-AD) periods i.e. Shani antardasha under Shukra or Shukra antardasha under Shani mahadasha are considered tough periods , because o…

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(Mumbai / Asaram Bapu) Rape Incidence National Breaking News

August 27, 2013

   I had written a detailed astrological analysis in this website on the 16 December 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya Case , just  to show how Mars ( Mangal) and Saturn's aspects or meeting creates big news on TV channels. In that article, in last para , I had predicted for similar but relatively minor incidences in April 2013 . And it did happen in mid April with rape incidence to a 7 year old girl in Delhi . Now this time, with same combination occurring again on 19th August , the similar breaking news happened on 22/23 August 2013 on Mumbai Photo Journalist rape case, followed by rape allegation against Asaram Bapu and his consequent arrest. 

    Those who know the basics of astrology , can see in above charts that Mars is in Kendra ( 4 squares inside)  from Saturn in all three cases and Mars is entering in its exalted sign (Makar), Own sign ( Mesha) and Neecha sign ( Cancer)  respectively in three unfortunate incidents  , while Saturn remains fixed in Libra (Tula) as shown in charts. …

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