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US - China Trade War & Mars-Ketu Conjunction

                               US-China Trade War During Mars-Ketu Conjunction

     Image result for trade war us china

US- China are entering a trade war beginning 6th July 2018 . With this the economy of whole world is under stress . Let us see the astrological reasons for the same . We had discussed in our previous post that Mars had entered into its exalted sign Capricorn ( Vedic Siderial Zodiac ) on 2 May 2018 as shown in below image :

    This time , Mars in Capricorn is special . Being exalted in 10th sign Capricorn , it will give big shocks from prominent Heads of the States like US & China and not from some obscure countries spreading war in Syria or terror attack in some part of the world. 

 This Mars transit is special as Mars is in this sign for 6 months till November 2018, where it has retrogression from 27 June to 27 August and it meets Ketu 3 times In June , July and September 2018 . Also , there is no Jupiter aspect on this sign and Mars-ketu yoga , s…

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Mars-Ketu Conjunction Causing Thunderstorms

Mars - Ketu Conjunction Causing Natural Disasters

On 2 May 2018, Mars entered into earthy Capricorn sign where Ketu was already present. These two planets are well known for creating accidents ( Mars)  and natural disasters ( Ketu) . And this time , Jupiter has no association or aspect on this conjunction ,so it has more destructive power.


So, the very start of this conjunction resulted in a big duststorm ( earthy sign !) on evening of 2 May 2018 in northern India .It killed more than 100 persons with loss of crores. 

  If that was not enough , on 7th May , another storm hit the northern planes . This time it was spread as far as Andhra Pradesh , including Northern India from Rajasthan to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, killing more than 70 people. The storms in month of May are normal but these 2 successive thunderstorms broke the record of last 30 years. Local cyclones are still happening and in my city of Kanpur , we had a severe localised tornado 2 days back .

Astrological …

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Mars-Saturn Conjunction & Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018

 Violence on Bharat Bandh on 2 April 2018 Due To Mars-Saturn Conjunction

Image result for dalit bandh 2 april 

All astrology aware people very well know the impact of Mars+Saturn or Mars+Rahu conjunction in any sign . This conjunction is known for violent acts , disputes and strife . This conjunction usually happens at the interval of about 2 years . 

Let us summarize last few events in India :

A.  Mars+Saturn Conjunction had started from 7 March 2018 and it was at the degree conjunction on 2 April 2018 , so its effect was at its peak .  You can see in below image , Mars and Saturn were at 14 degree in Sagittarius (9) Sign . This time , it was a Bharat Bandh by Dalit community .



B.  Before that,  it had happened when Mars had entered Scorpio sign on 20 February 2016 and it had immediately caused the Jat Reservation violence in Haryana

In both dates , this conjunction was not under Jupiter's aspect , leading to large scale violence .

C. Rahu is considered equivalent…

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Will BJP Win 2019 LS Elections ?

Will PM Narendra Modi Win 2019 LS Elections ?

    Since start of February 2018 , this question has gained traction in media , particularly after BJP losing the 2 Loksabha seats in a by election . Many political analysts are busy in writing the obituaries for BJP after last 2 months developments where banks reported massive NPAs and absconders like Nirav Modi linked to PM Modi just because they shared a common surname . 

    Astrological analysis gives some insight in such emotionally charged environment when everyone takes one side or other side as astrology solely depends upon planets , which can not be tempered .  So, I will base my analysis on reliable data of Bhartiya Janata Party's birth chart ( 6 April 1980, 1145 Hrs at Delhi ). 

  BJP's Birth Chart

Let us see some salients points in this chart :

1.  6 out of 9 planets are in 3-9 houses including Rahu-Ketu axis which is affecting Mars, Jupiter , Saturn and Mercury . It is similar to India's independence chart wh…

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Banking Sector Under 8th Transit of Saturn

         8th Transit of Saturn & Scams in Indian Financial Sector 

     Those who have availed Financial Astrology lessons from me, had been told since 2017 , that Banking / NBFC sector was to face correction during Saturn's transit in Sagittarius . This period is known for scams , loss of money , name and fame of banking sector . Last time it was 30 years back during 1987 to 1990 and now this is due from 2017 to 2020 period so we have started getting season of scams by Nirav Modi , Vikram Kothari and many more to follow now .  

What Happened In Previous 8th Transit  of Saturn ?

 30 years before , the Indian banking sector was solely about public sector banks . In 1987 , Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government was under pressure because of Bofors scam . To win elections,  opposition led by Chaudhary Devilal promised Moon to farmers and unemployed and it got majority in 1987 Haryana Assembly elections  and then 1989 Loksabha elections were won by Janta Dal . Forced b…

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Role of Astrology in Central Govt Budget

How Will Be Central Government's Budget on 1 Feb 2018

  Indian Government’s Budget had been traditionally presented on 28th February every year since British rule period till 2016. Earlier the time was 5 PM to coincide with 12 Noon at British Parliament . But BJP changed it to  11 AM time in 1999  and now BJP has changed the date also  to 1 February .

In astrology , place, date and time are extremely important parameters and any deviation in these can bring major changes in the thought process and direction of the event .

Budgets Till 1998 ( 28 Feb at 5 PM Every year )

It is very interesting to note that till year 1998 , when budget was presented at 5 PM every year , the ascendant sign used to be at 29 degree in Cancer .

So, the ascendant was at border line , which shows weakness in the event and ascendant lord Moon as we know is for emotional issues , waxing and waning and denotes child like features .

Due to weak asc…

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Gujarat & HP Election Results on 18 December 2017

                            Will BJP Win Gujarat & Himachal Assembly Elections ?

       (  Disclaimer :  The astrological Analysis done here is totally based upon transit position of Planets on 18th December 2017 , day of counting . In absence of use of any birth date of a leader or party , the accuracy of prediction may suffer .)

 The elections were conducted from November 2017 till 14th December in 3 stages . Counting will start on morning of 18th December . 

Interestingly , there is no change in planetary signs till polling day of 14th December , when the planet position is like below :


But just before  counting starts on 18th December , the position becomes like this :

Here , Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on 15th December while Moon joins Sagittarius at 7 AM on 18th December on  the day of counting .  Saturn and Moon are quite close to Sun so both are combust and lose their power to act . 

    One of the interpretation of this…

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Why Astrology Uses Date , Time & Place of Birth for Prediction ?

According to Vedic astrology there are 12 houses in a horoscope and birth chart represents the position of planets during the time of birth. How can one predict about today and tomorrow based on the planetary positions during birth ?

Answer : 

Suppose you purchased a piece of 1000 square yard land, away from city limits and got it registered in your name . After 25 years , will the land location change in any way ? Will the water or underground things buried under your land change ? Will your address change ? Will Sunrise, sunset, wind direction change for your location ? Will the climate , rainfall , summer , winter etc change for your location ? Will soil characteristics of your land change ?

No ! All broad parameters of your land ownership will remain fixed.

The same way , the day some person or event or an organisation is born , its broad cosmic  characteristics are frozen and those cannot be changed . When any person or animal is born , most of parameters and design …

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MBTI or Astrology Chart : Which one is better ?

Isn’t it a good idea to match/check the MBTI personality traits rather than matching the Kundli in India for marriages ?

   This was the question asked on and my answer is reproduced below :


Problem with such types of indicators is that the person himself would choose a type and that will create a bias . If someone else decides MBTI , then it may not be correct . So, both way it suffers .

Astrological charts on the other hand are free from any bias as the inputs taken are fixed and cannot be tempered easily and rules of astrology are very well recorded and lastly these have been in practice for thousands of years .

This reminds me my own experience in Management Development Institute , Gurgaon , India about a decade ago . It is a prestigious Institute by Govt of India established about 45 years back .

My employer had sent me along with 29 managers from my company for a week’s course in Management . On one of the days of the training , a professor gav…

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Saturn in Sagittarius Marks End of Reforms

                Like Demonetization , GST Scheme is Being Diluted by Modi Govt .

      Over 40% business entities make zero GST payment

Demonetization announcement last year was a master stroke by Modi govt . It had all the potential to unearth black money hoarded by rich businessmen . But it appeared later on that , there was no planning at any level to implement it on all India level with a given time period . Result was that , there was all round chaos and that forced the government to dilute the whole scheme and government virtually conceded defeat to smart black money holders .

     Now , the same thing is repeated with GST implementation . GST could be a great tool for tax compliance but it has been diluted in its enactment stage by having multiple rates . If that was not enough , the shoddy implementation of that is to be solely blamed on central government . Not going for robust computer network is simply unforgivable . When trillions of tax is to be collected , the GSTN network was to be built i…

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Panchkula Violence & Mars-Rahu Conjunction

                   Conviction of Guru Ram Rahim Causes Violence in Panchkula


People aware of astrology  very well know about planet Mars for creating Violence , when it is in conjunction with inimical planets like Saturn or Rahu or when it is in debilitation in Cancer sign .  Last time , when Mars was in Scorpio Sign and it had conjunction with Saturn during February 2016 to September 2016 ,  Haryana had faced similar violence in Jaat Reservation agitation in last week of Feb 2016 .

Now Mars is in Cancer Sign and it is debilitated ( Neecha ) there . On 25th August 2017 , Rahu was in degree conjunction with Mars  without any Jupiter aspect , leading to violence in Panchkula , after CBI court held the Rock star  guru of Dera Sachchaa Sauda as guilty of rape against two disciples. Hundreds of People got injured , millions worth property got damaged and burnt while 36 People died . 36 dead in violence after conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

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Bihar Midnight Coup by CM Nitish Kumar

Change of Heart & Mind of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Last week , we saw the defection of Bihar Chief Minister  Nitish Kumar to BJP side , leaving his pre-poll partner Sh Lalu Prasad Yadav , thus weakening opposition unity against PM Narendra Modi .

I had written before Loksabha elections in 2014 , that Bihar is moving towards national parties . The astrological basis for the same was assuming Scorpio Sign for Bihar state . Scorpio sign is undergoing intense Saadesati now and it is running from November 2011 to January 2020 .

 Based on this theory , I had calculated that Bihar remained under Congress rule             ( national party) till 1989. Saturn Saadesati  last time for Scorpio was during 1982 to 1990 and power shifted to regional parties in this period .

After 30 years , Saturn makes things reverse so national parties should gain power again during 2011-2020. Since Congress is in decimated  stage , so BJP remains only national party , which should ga…

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Will the Doklam Standoff Lead to a Second India-China War ?

                         India - China Border Stand Off  Near Sikkim

   I have been discussing on  this website the Moon Mahadasha in freedom chart of India . I had written that in current Moon Mahadasha from 2015 to 2025 , India will regularly engage with its neighbors as Moon is 3rd House lord of neighbours and valour .

Moon is placed in that house , so India will assert itself in this period unlike Venus or Sun Mahadasha from 1989 to 2015 .  


In above dasha table , we can see that currently Moon-Rahu period is running from February 2017 till August 2018 . Moon is inimical to Rahu and that is also forming 3-11 relationship with each other , signifying questions of gain ( border ) with neighbors.

Rahu is head only planet so it signifies mental stress , phobia , baseless fears but it lacks severely the ground level physical action so this period will create many fears but none of them may translate into actual war .

The situation has ta…

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Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

 Breaking News of Manchester Blast & Mars - Saturn Opposition

     While discussing the transits in my online class on Financial Astrology last month , after discussing past Mars-Saturn conjunction in 2016,  I discussed the impending Mars-Saturn  opposition in May 2017 .


It was told that  18th May 2017 onward , when Mars-Saturn gap reduces to less than 10 degree , the market will make a turn , meaning if it is on upward , then a downward or vice versa . Also , it was told to watch for a violent event , just like Dhaka Massacre happened in July 2016 during Mars-Saturn conjunction . Also, tension runs on LOC of India - Pakistan , with Indian army shelling in Naushera sector .  




And the National Stock Exchange NIFTY Index on falling trend from 17th May's high of 9500 :



This is just an example for knowing the trend earlier .  Want to Learn Astrology or Financial Astrology online ?

See these links : 1.  Learn Financial & Investment Astrology …

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Beef & Wine Ban Breaking News Due to Venus Retrogression

        Breaking News on Meat & Wine Ban Due to Venus Retrogression


Venus is Planet for For Food

      Venus is the planet which signifies all the consumption which body can do and it includes food , clothes , sex, beauty , music ,perfume, good houses and artefacts, decorative items , cosmetics , jewellery etc . The most important out of all is food . Also , anything which is having highest quality or price also falls under purview of Venus . 

Therefore , costly food items like meat and wines are definitely under Venus while normal food also comes under Venus .

Retrogression of Planets

The retrogression of planet is apparent movement of planets in reverse direction as seen from Earth . Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times a year for about 15 days , Venus is retrograde every 18 months for one and half month , Mars is retrograde for about 2 months in every 687 days and Jupiter , Saturn are retrograde 4 months every year . Rahu, Ketu are always retrograde and Sun…

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Post UP Assembly Election Analysis

Analysis of Assembly Elections - 2017


     As they say , winner takes all , currently winning Modi-Shah pair is taking all credit , but if we do a fair analysis , we will find that, in 5 assembly elections and even last year's Bihar assembly election , there exists  a clear  guideline by voters for getting a full majority in elections :

1.  If a party has not performed in 5 year term and engaged in corruption , there will be a strong anti-incumbacy factor , where voters would remove such party by huge vote margins to any credible opposition party .

2. If the performance of the party is above average and its leader heading the govt has clean image , the voters will return the govt , particularly if there is no credible opposition .


In Bihar , the govt headed by Sh Nitish Kumar was above average in performance and people believed in clean image of the CM , so despite same Modi-Shah pair trying their best to uproot the govt , voters in Bihar returned the govt despit…

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Jupiter Retrogression & Assembly Elections in 2017

Effect of Jupiter Retrogression in 2017 Assembly Elections


    It is difficult to predict outcome of elections in India using astrology , because it is multi-party , multi-candidates based poll  .Neither one can trust political parties or leaders's  birth data to make a chart nor any good guess can be made as happens in US Presidential elections, where only 2 candidates are there . See this forecast on US Presidential Elections of 2016


  In Indian elections , the voters are divided on caste and religious lines and winner is based on first-past-the-post  principle.In such elections , last minute small issues can play a bigger role than all serious issues of past 5 years, as people have short memory and political leaders try to create trivial issues to distract voters . 

Under such situations , I found that studying planetary position during elections, is the best way to predict an outcome .

  I have observed since 2003 , that whenever Jupiter or Saturn…

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PM Modi's Achchhe Din Calendar

Return of Bad Days Again For 6 Months

This has reference to my earlier blog post on 2 November 2014 , when Saturn was to enter Scorpio sign . .

I had given following rules for understanding Jupiter-Saturn interplay , which affects politics and popular mood .

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th counted from Saturn, shown above in chart ) , where it creates upheavals for changes and reforms .

2.  Jupiter , where ever posited in a Rashi , stagnates the prospects of that rashi significations ( but brings satisfaction)  , while it enhances prospects for 3 other rashis it looks ( 5th, 7th and 9th) .  

Jupiter- Saturn Changes in Sign Since Formation of Modi Govt. in May 2014   

1.   Jupiter under  Saturn  Aspect  so Clear Bad Days For New Govt : Main …

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Why is Lord Bramha not worshipped !


There is only one Bramha Temple in Pushkar, Rajashthan  . There are many stories in Hindu Puranas to answer this question but I wrote my view point in response to this Quora question

The trinity of God Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh represents 3 steps in our life : Generation , Operation ( Sustenance) and Destruction making GOD .

It is eternal 3 phase cycle for any existence . Bramha represents Generation or birth , Vishnu the sustenance and Mahesh or Mahadev the end or death.

If we see human life or any life , we observe that generation takes a little time , death even less than that and major part of our life comes under sustenance or survival and everyone strives to live more .

This way , birth is least important activity for an individual . In fact we are not involved in our birth . Almost same is true for death also . The sustenance …

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Globalization Ends, Localization Returns !

      Return of Localization in World Economy 


In my 2 decades of astrological journey , I have found Saturn as the greatest Game Changer and 30 year cycle based on Saturn's revolution around Sun as the best indicator of long term changes.  I have lots of research data on this aspect , which can be used productively in investment decisions . 

In my today's writing , I will discuss the return of Localization in World Trade and Economy . 

When & Why Globalization ( liberalization)  Started ?

Most experts would agree that real Globalization started from 1990 . Before 1990 , foreign investment / trade happened by way of direct transfer of machines and commodities. Globalization was not possible before 1990 because world was divided into 2 major groups : one controlled by US led capitalist countries and another by USSR led socialist economies ( erstwhile Russian Confederation with its 14 neighbours ) which included China , India , Eastern Europe. These two trade blocks …

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