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Original Horoscope of PM Modi

May 9, 2016

The Original Horoscope of PM Modi


   When I was studying for Jyotish Acharya course in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's Institute of Astrology , run under Sh. K.N. Rao's guidance , I was told by several teachers , not to rely living politician's horoscope as they deliberately spread several false birth date  , so that nobody knows their real birth chart . Sh. K.N. Rao also said the same thing in his various books . The real horoscope is made available only after death of such politicians . 


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When Destiny Takes A Turn ?

April 15, 2016

                      The 3 Ps which Change Your Destiny

People go to an astrologer to know when their destiny will change . Of course , they want to know good turn of destiny i.e. when good luck will happen . Rarely a person would ask about impending dangers or arrival of bad luck when one is enjoying in life . As an astrologer , now I will explain on what factors, turn around in luck happens .

The ancient Indian astrology says that Luck or Destiny is dependent o…

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Fulfilling of Prediction on Doklam Stand off

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   This site is run by  most viewed Quora writer in Vedic Astrology and a professional with decades of experience in corporate job with education in technology , finance , management , law and astrology . Most of my clients are busy working professionals , who get little time to think on serious matters of life.

You are welcome for consultancy with  fruitful , engaging discussions, which gives you deeper understanding of human life through age old wisdom of astrology .

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You may read here  more than 400 of my answers on frequently asked questions about astrologers and astrology


You Need To Know The Reason Behind Your Problem  To Solve It At Root Level

    Once Lord Buddha was sitting with a rope in his hand . His disciples were curious to know what he would do with that rope . He tied 3 knots in that rope and then asked his disciples " Is it the same rope now ?".  A disciple said " Though externally it appears changed due to 3 knots but internally , it remains the same rope ." 

Then Lord Buddha said that he wanted to open up those 3 knots and for that he started pulling rope from both ends . After failing to untie the rope, he asked again " Can these knots be opened by pulling from both the ends ?" 

The disciple said  " No, No , that will further tighten the knots !"

Lord Buddha asked the disciple way to untie those knots . 

The disciple said " To untie these knots , I will have to see how these knots were tied and then only we can untie them ."

Lord Buddha said " That is the fact which people do not understand ! People want to solve their problems without knowing how the problem was created . They want instant solutions , without going deeper into their behaviour and want to untie the knots by pulling both ends forcefully , which only worsens the problem. "

   Astrology helps in understanding how the problem was created . Every problem we face has two dimensions : At seed level and then at environment level . If these two do not match then crop would not grow . For seed , we need to know the horoscope and for environment , we need to know habits and working environment of a person.  

  Swami Sivananda tells sequence from Karma to Destiny in above image :

        Actiontendency HabitCharacterDestiny

And this destiny map is available like company's annual balance sheet via our Birth Chart . If we want to change this destiny for better , we need to know current accumulation , habits , character which a birth chart clearly explains and then we need to change our actions & habits so that we can change our destiny .

That is why I do not recommend quick short cut remedies and recommend behaviour modification after looking at your chart to change destiny , similar to doctor recommending lifestyle changes based on your medical test report .   

In last 4 years of my online astro-consultancy to hundreds of professionals, when I ended my phone conversation , every client sighed and repented  "..... if only I had known my astro-design earlier , I would have been protected from many misadventures ,mistakes, loss of resources and time ..

I found many of my clients pushing too forcefully in life to be successful , while I just told them to slightly pull open the appropriate door !

An honest advice can be worth million dollars and you cannot become consultant & client at the same time.  Leave that job to professional consultant ! 

In  just Rs.3000 ( US$85) , you can know your cosmic design and get insights to use the strong points and avoid pit falls in future.


Sh. K.N. Rao on Astrology

Watch the Doordarshan interview of Sh. K. N. Rao , the living legend of astrology and my astrology teacher at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi. He beautifully explains the usefulness of astrology while debunking myths like Upaay ( remedies)  associated with astrology .  

The Wisdom Bank

A.  In Support of Astrology 
2. Read OSHO's excellent views on Astrology , its applications and limitations .
3.  Read about the Astronomical  Proofs for Astrology

B.  Why Astrology has Been So Important in India ..  
  Astrology is the Mathematics behind the GITA , the great Spiritual Book of India and in absence of knowledge of true astrology, all Hindu rituals , festivals , philosophies lose their relevance like Science subjects lose relevance without mathematics .Read here 3 articles highlighting this aspect .
C.  About Astrologers & Their Remedies ..
Read about astrologer's true qualities, the truth behind their remedial suggestions and how real astrologer can immensely help you  and how a thug astrologer can cheat you....
D.  About Numerology 

Numerology is a complete hoax and has no substance .

E.  Case Study of  India & Pakistan's Charts
Astrology can easily demonstrate the effects of planets on one's fate through case studies of Twin births , where except one or two parameters, all other parameters are same . So enjoy the classic case study of twin birth of India & Pakistan and how the destiny changes them over time. Why India is A Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

F.  Corporate & Stock Market  Studies
 If you think , birth chart and astrology affect individuals only , think again. Read here the case studies for Automobile sector and for individual companies , stock market , oil market etc . 
G. Case Study on Astro Meteorology ( Weather Predictions)

H.  Predictions on Current &  Political  Affairs 


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