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 I am Y C Shukla . I worked as engineer and Asst GM  in  Govt of India Navratna PSUs ( NTPC & PGCIL) for 24 years . I have done B.Tech. in Electrical Engg ( 1984-88), Post graduate Dipolma in Management , LLB and a 2 year course in Jyotish from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in 2002.

I applied my astrological learning in solving day to day problems in my personal and professional life for next 10 years and thereafter I started my own online consultation for astrology in 2013 at ycshukla.com for professionals and executives working in Corporations and Government . 

As an engineer , I believe in behavioural modifications as per prevailing planetary conditions in one’s chart to get benefited and avoid unnecessary situations and losses . I have advised few thousand clients in last 8 years of my online consultation and my most clients come from Corporate , NRI or professional background , who love to understand their astrological chart and get insight from planetary situation to modify their life in positive direction , instead of doing costly remedies of gemstone and Lal Kitab.

Unlike other astrologers , I interact with clients for an hour to understand their issues and suggest practical , positive actions based on real life situations , matching with respect to horoscope and prevailing transits of planets .

Explanation is my forte and you are welcome to consult me if you like my approach . You may visit my Quora Answers for a glimpse of my way of consulting on astrology at this link  https://www.quora.com/profile/Yashas-Shukla/answers/Astrology .

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My Jyotish Qualifications

Jyotish Alankar
Jyotish Acharya
Bronze Medal in Jyotish Alankar
Completed Jyotish Alankar Course from Institute of Astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in June 2001.
Completed Jyotish Acharya Course from Institute of Astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in June 2002.
Awarded Bronze Medal in Jyotish Alankar Course by Respected Sh K.N. Rao


Yash Shukla


Explanation is my forte . I try to explain the astrological chart ( Kundli) to my clients and motivate them to follow the change in their behaviour , in line with their Kundli , Mahadasha and current transit . This gives permanent and immediate results ( as per Karma Theory) more effective than merely wearing gemstones or doing Lal Kitab kind of remedies.

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