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I keep on getting email request from many persons who want to ask a question on their horoscope but are not in a condition to pay my fee . It is difficult for me to answer such persons individually over phone or email because of lack of time and people wanting individual attention .

Therefore , I came with a midway solution of replying here one question free of cost . I have decided to give an hour every week to answer one question on every horoscope , whose details are submitted here  in the comment box . The reply would be given in the comment box chain only .

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Terms & Conditions To Use This Facility 

  1.  Do not use use your full name to safeguard your privacy. You may use your first name only . 
  2.  You should write your date of birth ( like 4 April 1987 ) , Time ( like 1300 Hrs for 1 PM ) so that there is no confusion and place of birth with district . You may mention your current city also. If you want you may mention your qualification like B Tech and job designation if you want ( it is optional) . Understand that it is a public website , so your information and answer to your question will be available for general reading . So, do not share your personal life here .
  3.  Ask one Clear Question e.g.  When I will get job , When I will get married , Do I have Kaal Sarpa Yoga , What business should I do  etc . Ambiguous , lengthy questions will not be answered ,so it is in your interest to ask small questions which can be answered by me in 4-5 sentences .
  4. If you want to ask more questions , you should go for 1 hour consultation of Rs 2000 fee .Click this link for that
  5.  Please understand that only one question will be answered for same date and time of birth ,so there is no point in asking many questions again and again .
  6.  Please wait for your answer maximum for a week . You may keep visiting this post ( bookmark it ) . Depending upon availability of time , it can be answered within a day to maximum a week’s time .
  7.  No follow up by email or phone will be entertained after question has been answered on this page .
  8.  Answering your question is my personal choice and there is no obligation on my part to answer every question submitted here . Spams , vague questions , rude questions and absurd remarks will not be published and such persons will not be able to ask any new question in future. Only serious and genuine questions will be answered by me which have all details asked above .
  9.  One month old Questions and Answers would be deleted  to avoid crowding for new questions . So, read them at the earliest . 

I hope users will avail this facility in good faith , else this may be stopped anytime . There is no obligation or liability of any kind with this free service as the answers would be given with limited information submitted by people. 

Use Below comment box to send your details  in following format

  1. Name  : Girish
  2. DoB   : 12 May 1988 , ToB   : 1730 Hrs ,  Place of Birth Sangrur , Punjab , Current City   : Delhi , Education  – Graduate , Job : Executive in MNC
  3.  Question  :  Will I achieve Success in UPSC this year ?

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48 thoughts on “Ask One Question Free On Your Horoscope”

  1. Name-kailash
    2. DOB-23/11/1939, TOB-05.34 AM, POB-AGRA Uttarpradesh, Current city- Udaipur Rajasthan till 2017/Gurgaon from Jan 2018 onwards , Education- B.E. MINING, Job- Retired and intermittently work as Consultant . No pension, no free medical benefits.
    3. Jupiter Mahadasa is due to commence shortly. My Jupiter is Retrograde in Psices in 6 th house alongwith Moon 10th lord. How will be Jupiter Mahadasa Period and what precautions need be taken by me during this period?

    1. Keeping in consideration your age of 80 and Jupiter being in 6th house , its Mahadasha require good care of health by way of diet , exercise and regular intake of prescribed medicines and mental health by being in happy surroundings . Special care is needed in Jupiter-Saturn period along with Shani Sadesati from 2022 to 2024 period .

  2. 1) Sulabh
    2) 9/11/1983 1558hrs kolkata
    Current city deoband (dist saharanpur UP)
    3)Which business bests suits for me according to my horoscope. I am personally interested in food(restaurant) and hostel business in college area of dehradun.

    1. You should go for food business as Rahu is sitting in second house of face / food and its Mahadasha is to start in 2020 and it will take 2-3 years to establish in that business .

  3. Name:viswanath
    Dob:24mar1992. Tob:803hrs
    Pob: Hyderabad Telengana India
    Current city:Bangalore Education graduate
    Job :Software engineer
    Question:when will he get married?

  4. Name: lalit
    DOB: 19-02-1991
    Time of birth: 20:25
    Place: New Delhi, India
    Current place: New Delhi, India
    Question: I’m a civil engg done my better in 2017, after that no job only training I have done, I love drawing tattoo and working in events but my career is nt stable, I am liking for a stable career please suggest what should I do for my bright future, any business, private job (civil / events ) or should I start working as a tattoo artist, I am financially nt strong and my father drives an auto 🙏

    1. You can go for Tattoo for the time being . After Sept 2019 , you have better chance in something related to Venus , which can be food , tatoo, decoration , marriage planning , event management , organising parties or related to women, garments etc . Initially get attached with such company, gain experience and then start your own venture in any of the mentioned areas.

    1. You have more scope in private sector . However , you have weak yoga for government job till September 2021 in Mercury antardasha .

  5. Name-Thimmaiah
    Query-Im struggling a lot with my studies when will my studies be very good as I was a topper in school but now my Mark’s have come down,will I get placed in a good company?

    1. You are under Shani Mahadasha since 2002 and after 2012 you also have Shani Sadesati transit over Moon , which affected your progress . You will recover from next year but you need to work hard . For more, you may go for detailed consultation.

  6. Name: Tanvi
    DOB: 19th Oct 1989
    Time : 10:09 AM
    Place: Pune, India
    Gender : Female

    How will be my married life and future husband characteristics

    1. Your husband would be good looking and fond of spending on good and costly things . He should be a loving husband and married life should be also good.

  7. Name: Pavan
    DOB: 26-06-1984
    Time of birth: 23:10
    Place: Solapur. MAHARASHTRA
    Current place: NOIDA. UTTAR PRADESH.

    Question: why everything I do turns to be a failure when I do it for self progress? Remedy for this

  8. Name: Advaith
    DOB: 07 Jun 1989 Time of Birth : 22:23 PM : Place of Birth : Bangalore
    Education : MTech ; Present Work : Lecturer in Engg College
    Question : Quit well paying IT job to teach. But getting paid very less and i see no future in teaching and work environment is pathetic and very depressing. kindly guide me on my career. when will I see stability in career?

    1. Ketu Mahadasha led to this sudden turn in your career . It may take another 3 years for improvement as Venus is adversely placed in 6th house of struggle and it is now Mahadasha lord. For details guidance , go for paid consultation .

  9. Name: Krishna
    DOB: May 24, 1984
    Time of Birth: 5:54 pm
    Place of Birth: Narasaraopet, Guntur
    Current location: London
    Job: Analytics
    Question: When will he get married?

  10. Name : Jhansi
    DoB : 14 October 1989
    Time : 1:47 AM
    Place : Challapalli, Krishna district, AndhraPradesh
    Current Place : Hyderabad
    Question : Sir, As I am entering Venus Mahadasha, could you please tell me if Venus is good or bad in my case?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Venus is good in your chart . However , you should know that every planet is good in some respect and lacks in other aspects. Venus gives comfortable situation which makes person lazy and that affects in long run , so don’t fall in that trap in Venus Mahadasha .

    1. It is a temporary yoga. You are having this idea of higher education because you are running Mercury antardasha and Saturn transiting over birth time Mercury’s sign Sagittarius . You can go for this till April 2020 .

  11. Name: Ramya
    DOB: March 26, 1988
    Time of Birth: 9:43 am
    Place of Birth: Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh
    Current Place: Arizona, USA
    Question: when will I have kids?

    1. 2020-21 has some hope for you with end of Shani and start of Mercury Mahadasha and better transit of Jupiter / Saturn . For detailed prediction , you may go for paid consultation, email at

  12. Name: Rashmita
    DOB: 25th September 1989
    TOB: 15:30 hours
    POB: Bhadrak, Odisha
    Question: When will she get married and how will be her married life?
    I thank you for your time.

    1. Your Lagna is at last degree . You should get a detailed consultation after birth time rectification . You may message for this at 8173979026 .

      However , transit indicates chance of marriage in 2021 .

  13. jogaiiahh cherlla

    Name: jogi
    DOB: 18-11-1985
    TOB: 01:20 AM
    POB: Mahbubnagar
    Query: I think i am sexually weak. Should i marry or stay alone. I am worried about marriage?

    1. It is a common sense to get it checked by doctors . If there is any psychological issue or you just have illusion ,or some medical condition , then it can get treated and then you may get married . Otherwise you should get married for non sexual reasons after disclosing this issue to prospective partner . But don’t keep other person in darkness .

      Your horoscope also shows this weakness as Venus and Ketu are in degree conjunction while Saturn , lord of marriage is combust with Sun . For more discussions , contact at 8173679026 for paid consultation.

  14. Name – Krena
    Dob – 13 – 7 – 1996
    Pob – Mumbai
    Currently – Mumbai
    Query – will I achieve success in upsc ? When ?

  15. Shravanthi Shankar Subramani

    1) Name: Shravanthi Shankar Subramani
    2) 29/11/1992 1.22am, Puducherry (Pondicheri)
    Current city Edmonton, Canada
    3)When is my marriage likely to take place

      1. Many thanks Sir for responding so promptly. Do you match horoscopes, using the South Indian system? I may then be able to send it to you from here, should any promising prospects come our way?

        1. There is not much difference in South Indian and North Indian system as South Indian system takes up 2 additional parameter but both are based on Moon . In my view , now matching should be done by looking both horoscopes in detail and not only on Moon’s Nakshatra or Sign .

          You may send as and when you need the assessment . Many South Indian NRIs send it to me for match making .

  16. Name: Avinash.
    Place of birth: Azamgarh.
    Time and date of birth: 05/11/1990. 12:35PM.
    When would he get settled in his life both financially and with a stable family?

    1. Your question is vague and general in nature . Further , the background about his current place , education , job etc is missing . Still based on his chart , I think he would succeed when he comes out of native environment as Rahu is in his ascendant and Saturn is in 12th house . I would suggest detailed discussion on payment basis . You may contact through Whatsapp.

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