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I keep getting email request from many persons who want to ask a question on their horoscope but are not in a condition to pay my fee . It is difficult for me to answer such persons individually over phone or email because of lack of time and people wanting individual attention .It is just not possible to entertain unlimited people without fee. 

Therefore , I came with a midway solution of replying here one question free of cost .I will reply questions whenever I find spare time but within a week so you may watch only this page for answer and it will be answered in comment section .

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  1.  Do not use use your full name to safeguard your privacy. You may use your first name only . 
  2.  You should write your date of birth ( like 4 April 1987 ) , Time ( like 1300 Hrs for 1 PM ) so that there is no confusion and place of birth with district . You may mention your current city also. If you want , you may mention your qualification like B Tech and job designation if you want ( it is optional) . Understand that it is a public website , so your information and answer to your question will be available for general reading on internet . So, do not share your personal life here .
  3.  Ask one Clear Question e.g.  When I will get job , When I will get married , Do I have Kaal Sarpa Yoga , What business should I do  etc . Ambiguous , lengthy questions will not be answered ,so it is in your interest to ask small questions which can be answered by me in 4-5 sentences .
  4. If you want to ask more questions , follow up questions or want immediate attention , you should go for 1 hour consultation of Rs 2000 fee .Click this link for that  No follow up question will be entertained . Long answers not possible .
  5.  Please understand that only one question will be answered for same date and time of birth ,so there is no point in asking many questions again and again and software will automatically delete your question based on same birth data . So no point in entering it with changed name or ID . 
  6.  There is no need to enter it again if you do not see your question in comment box, as question and answer would appear once I approve it.
  7.  Please wait for your answer maximum for a week . You may keep visiting this post ( bookmark it ) . Depending upon availability of time , it can be answered within a day to maximum a week’s time .
  8.  No follow up by email or phone will be entertained after question has been answered on this page .
  9.  Answering your question is my personal choice and there is no obligation on my part to answer every question submitted here . Spams , vague questions , rude questions and absurd remarks will not be published and such persons will not be able to ask any new question in future. Only serious and genuine questions will be answered by me which have all details asked above . There is no legal or other obligation on prediction made as it is purely a charity based activity.
  10.  Old Questions and Answers may be deleted  any time to avoid crowding for new questions . So, read them at the earliest . 

I hope users will avail this facility in good faith , else this may be stopped anytime . There is no legal obligation or liability of any kind with this free service as the answers would be given with limited information submitted by people. 

Use Below comment box to send your details  in following format

  1. Name  : Girish
  2. DoB   : 12 May 1988 , ToB   : 1730 Hrs ,  Place of Birth Sangrur , Punjab , Current City   : Delhi , Education  – Graduate , Job : Executive in MNC
  3.  Question  :  Will I achieve Success in UPSC this year ?

Your question will appear with your answer after I approve it so don’t expect it immediately and don’t enter it again .

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167 thoughts on “Ask One Question Free On Your Horoscope”

  1. Sir ,namaste
    One month back I asked you a question regarding my sister in laws health in this page.You predicted that she will be in hospital till July month end which was predicted correctly .Thank you sir for the great service.

  2. Namaste Yash ji
    I regularly follow you on Quora and love reading your answers.

    Please give me career guidance as in which field will give me immense success ? What am I destined to do in life?
    D.O.B -19/05/90

    B.Tech in Comp.Sc(2012)
    Unemployed preparing for government exams .

    1. You have graduated in computer science in 2012 so now only government job is feasible . You may try govt bank jobs . You may get job during mid 2020 to mid 2021 .

  3. Shankar
    Details –
    DoB – 26 May 1991
    Time – 8.44 am
    Place – Thane, Maharashtra

    Details about time of marriage and professional characteristics of wife

    1. There is a good possibility during Nov 2019 to Dec 2020 period and your spouse may be good looking and smart and technically qualified .

  4. Name : Vi
    DoB : 16 jan 1985 , ToB : 1712 Hrs
    Place of Birth: jabalpur (mp)
    Question : Under ketu md, lost closed one/job. What worst to come and the remedies to couter it

    1. Ketu Mahadasha is difficult for everyone in its 7 years period and it will end for you in 2025. Ketu is in bad 6th house of service job , and problems like debt , disease , disputes . It is also very close in degree to Saturn and Moon so a lot of possibilities are there in coming 6 years , which cannot be discussed here in detailand would require paid consultation over phone . This space is only to tell about period for a specific question .

  5. Abhishek sharma

    DOB :- 31/08/1995
    TIME :- 23:15 HRS
    QUESTION : When will i get government job ?

  6. Name : June
    DoB : 29 April 1983
    ToB : 12:58 PM
    Place of Birth : Montreal, Quebec
    Current City : Markham, Ontario
    Job : Unemployed
    Question : When will I meet spouse and possibly description of him?

      1. So so very appreciated Sir. Is there a distinct period of months for the possibility? I ask because my brain registers that sentence as “after” 2020 being 2021. Unless you meant after the year changes to 2020.

  7. Name : Lakshmi
    DOB- 26-01-2004
    PoB – Visakhapatnam
    Time of Birth – 5.15 pm

    I am presently studying for 10th board exams. I have always been in the top 3 students in my class. I want to achieve above 90% in the board exams. Will I be able to achieve it?

  8. Name : Garima
    DoB : 04 October 1996 .
    ToB : 13: 06 Hrs , Place of Birth : Bhopal , M.P., Education – Graduate- Political Science.

    BG- I’m interested in International relations.
    Question : Is higher studies and research in International relations more suitable than diplomatic/ Foreign services for me?

    1. Because of Sun , Rahu presence in 10th house of career , diplomatic , foreign services are better for you . However you have started Shani Mahadasha in 2018 and also would have simultaneous Shani Dhaiyya in coming 3 years , so things may not be easy . You may go for paid consultation to have complete overview for coming 3 years.

  9. Birth Details – 30-05-1985 : 2:40 am @ Jodhpur Rajasthan
    Married life is miserable. Married 5 years ago and husband left me 2 years ago. Is there any chance of he accepting me back or wo there be divorce.
    Husband Birth Details
    08-03-1981 : 9:40 pm : Jodhpur


    Name : Tina
    Dob : 3rd March, 1985
    Time : 255 AM
    Place of Birth : Kolkata, West Bengal

    My daughter got married in 2009 and divorced after 2 years. Does she have second marriage in her horoscope? If so, when?

  11. Name : Kunal
    Dob : 17th December 1983
    Time : 23:58
    Place of Birth: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
    Question: I have been working in the same organization (first organization) since 2005, and have been desperately trying for a job change. Somehow things are not materializing. When will I get a job change opportunity?

      1. Sorry for another question, but I promise this will be the last. I start my Rahu-Moon dasha in 2020, which is supposed to be problematic in general and may lead to errors in judgement. Do you think it would be a good idea to change jobs in that period?

        1. Such things cannot be explained in few sentences as Dasha alone is not everything , transit positions also matter a lot . You may go for detailed consultation if you want complete view .

  12. Name : Palash
    DoB : 10 April 1992
    ToB : 03:25 Hrs
    Place of Birth : Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh
    Current City : Delhi
    Education – B.Tech
    Job : Currently not working
    Brief BG : Worked for quite sometime. Not anymore. Sitting idle since past 1.5 years because I don’t know what to pursue.
    Question : When will this phase of confusion in my mind will end ?

    1. From 2020 to 2022 , you will undergo difficult scenario which will force you to act and sitting idle will not be possible as you will undergo Saturn-Moon dasha along with Shani Dhaiyya .

  13. Name:Puneeth M
    Time:11:10 AM
    Place:Kolar, Karnataka
    Query: When will I get married?

  14. Name : Elia
    DoB : 23 December 1990 ToB : 2130 Hrs , Place of Birth: Kretinga, Lithuania,
    Question : I would like to ask which career pathway is better for me? If to be a nurse is suitable for me will have a career in this?
    Thank you in advance

    Thank you

    1. You have Saturn major period till August 2023 and Saturn being in 6th house of health , treatment , your nursing career is good for this period. Beyond that , from 2023 , you will have Mercury period for 17 years when you may continue in nursing or go for a career connected to communication ( law , teaching , publicity etc ). You are already running a time of relationship and have good chance for marriage in coming one year.

      1. Thank you a lot, Would it be possible to find out if it’s going to be a successful and fulfilling (happy) marriage. Thank you

  15. Name: Anu
    DOB: 18 April 1983
    TOB: 17:20 hours
    Place of Birth: Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
    I am having problems in my marriage and I have a 3.8 year old son. I want to know if my marriage will work or not and if it doesn’t will I get the custody of my son? Also sir if you don’t mind answering if my marriage will work then how will it be.

    1. Without going into details , a yes / no type conclusion cannot be drawn . Future actions also play part in this outcome.

      Looking at your chart , I see this problem lasting till 2022 . Currently Saturn Mahadasha is running and by next year , Ashtam Shani transit would also start which would last till April 2022.

  16. Name :Ankita
    D. O.B :29.6.1987
    Time : 8:10 am
    Place : Jaipur
    Query : Could please tell me about my marriage time, life & which business suitable for me?

    1. Mid 2020 to mid 2021 has good chance for marriage . Marital life may not be very satisfactory as 7th house is aspected by Mars and Saturn. Go for job .

  17. Name: Ravi
    DOB: 17-09-1990
    TOB: 16:24 PM
    POB: Hyderabad
    Query: When Will a Guru come in my Life who would guide me to my fullest Potential in Jyotish Learning in this Lifetime?

    1. You are already running this time and it would last till 2020 end . As for as finding Guru is concerned , you may search on internet as old style Gurus are no longer available .

  18. Name: Kanchana
    DOB: 17/07/1990
    TOB: 10:24 Hrs
    POB and current city (same): Matale, Central Province, Sri Lanka.
    Ascendant: Virgo
    Moon sign: Aries

    Sir, i would like to know about the probable age at which my marriage will take place.

    1. 2020 has good chances for your marriage when Jupiter would be aspecting over your natal Venus and Jupiter and it will be in antardasha also as 7th house lord of marriage .

  19. Name:Anami
    Query:I am sincerely preparing for the competitive exams.When will I be able to get a good govt.job?

  20. Name :- SSKB
    DOB :- 27 Apr 1994
    Time :- 13:05 hours
    Birthplace :- Kolkata, West Bengal
    Question :- I’m struggling to get a job, when I’ll get one ?

  21. Name: mm
    DOB: 22-04-1992
    TOB: 02:15 PM
    POB: Cuttack
    Query: Could you please tell me about my marriage time and life?

  22. Name Raj Date of birth 14/01/1970 time 18:45 Place of birth Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) India.
    Question: Will I settle in Canada?

  23. name – jaideep
    dob – 7 November 1997
    time – 16 : 30
    place – Jaipur , Rajasthan
    question – which business is suitable for me , when I ll start earning ?

    1. Is import export suitable business for me? Garments, hospitality products ?
      How’s my future and life ahead?

      DOB – 7 nov 1997
      Time – 16:30
      Place – Jaipur , rajasthan

  24. Name :- ABHISHEK
    DOB :- 31/08/1995
    TIME :- 23:15 HRS
    QUESTION :- Which job is best for my career government job or psu job or private job or phd? when i will get it ? Get success?

  25. khaleelah
    tob:8:35 A.M.
    pob: charlotte, north carolina, united states
    current city: charlotte, north carolina
    question: how many children will I have?

  26. Name : Pavan ,
    DoB : 04 March 1988 ,
    ToB : 15 : 48 Hrs ,
    Place of Birth : Bhadravati , Karnataka ,
    Current City : Bengaluru , Karnataka ,
    Education – B.E , Job : Software Engg in MNC
    Question : Will I achieve success in UPSC this year ? I am aspiring to become IPS. I have cleared Prelims and mains is scheduled in September. Please tell me sir.

  27. Name:kv
    POB:Tanuku. Andhra Pradesh
    Sir,. Iam planning to buy a car.Is there any chance?when can I buy?will it be new or second hand?
    Thank you sir for the great service.

      1. Name : AR
        dob : 31/07/1987
        tob : 18 : 22 hrs
        pob : Tiruppur, Tamilnadu

        Sir, I was in politics.Because of that i got few criminal cases which were falsely fabricated. Will i get acquitted in all court cases ? if so when will i clear all cases on me?

  28. Name: Advait
    D.o.B.: 12/09/1992
    Place: Thane, Maharashtra
    T.o.B.: 13:39
    Qualification: MBA
    Question: When will I get a job?

  29. Anup
    Date of Birth: 25th Nov 1976
    Time of Birth: 06: 20 AM
    Place of Birth: Changanacherry in Kottayam (D), Kerala, India
    Query: I lost my job on 27- 8 -2017 in Kuwait. After that I came back to India with my family in March 24th 2018.
    So I would like to know when will I get a job aboard?

  30. Name – S.S.
    DOB – 20/10/1981
    TOB – 06:50 AM
    POB – Delhi
    Query – second child will be , Boy or Girl ?

    1. This question was valid when contraceptives, medical abortions were not used and second child was really second child. Now it gives erratic results , worth not believing .

  31. Shivakumar Avadhani H R

    1 Name : Shivakumar Avadhani H R
    2 DOB : 6th November 1978, TOB : 1615 Hrs, Place of Birth : Shimoga, Karnataka, Current city : Shimoga, Education : Diploma in Computer Science, Job : Agriculturist and Astrologer (since 1998)
    3 Question : Does Spine Surgery relieve my pain(suffering from 18 years)?

  32. Name : KK
    DoB : 03 October 1995
    ToB : 1805 Hrs
    Place of Birth : Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
    Question : Will higher education be good for my career?

  33. 1. Name : Sanjay
    2. D.O.B : 15th January 1994; ToB : 1205 Hrs,
    Place of Birth: Almora, Tahseel: Salt. Uttarakhand.
    Current city: Ramnagar, Dist: Nainital, Uttarakhand.
    Education: MCA (Master in computer Application) 2019 paas out.
    3. Question: when I will get a job.

  34. Name: Sunil
    DOB: 23rd December 1987
    TOB: 21:53 hours
    POB: Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Question: When will I get a new job next or better paying job or promotion?

  35. Name : Shiva
    DOB : 17 Feb 1962
    Time: 09:40 hrs
    Place : Bangalore

    Question: Will I be bedridden due to bad health for long period?

    1. You were born a few days after famous 8 planets yoga on 4 Feb 1962. Currently you are running Sun’s Mahadasha which is 6th house lord of sickness and placed in 12th house of hospitals. Period till April 2022 is critical as Saturn would be visiting Capricorn sign where 7 planets will be affected , so it is a long term issue .

  36. My dob is 15/05/1998
    Time of birth is 14:25 Gonda uttarpradesh
    Sir ,
    I want to do a business related to pet care and training is it good for me?

    1. Name :tripal Kaur
      Dob: 020202002 /tob:02:30
      Place of birth : mohali, punjab
      Question: sir I want to ask about my career as I want to be someone famous and at a good level of status, would I be able to get my dream of being famous and at what age?

  37. KUNAL Velankar

    .Name:-Kunal Velankar
    Place-VileParleEast, Mumbai.
    Time-2;03 am
    Sir tell me about my career.

    1. Your question is vague . You will succeed in technology related sectors and away from your birth place .

  38. Apoorv Pandey

    Name : Apoorva (Male)
    DoB : 28 October 1993, ToB : 1755Hrs , Place of Birth : Allahabad (UttarPradesh) , Current City : Kendujhar (Odisha) , Education – Graduate , Job : Mechanical Engineer at Tata Steel
    Question : Do I have any scope of marriage with the (Muslim) girl I am in love with?

  39. Name – Mayu
    DOB – 30 September 1990, 10.44am
    Place of birth – Pune
    Current living place – Jersey City, USA
    Profession – Chartered Accountant
    Current situation – I got married in December and moved here in Feb 2019. Currently facing financial issues. My husbands visa is valid only till dec 2020 and his job seems at risk. Sadly, my career has also taken a break.
    Question – Will we stay in America for a long term (beyond Dec 2020) financially well?

    1. Your situation is difficult till May 2021 ( Moon-Saturn period) but by December 2020 , situation may improve and you may continue in US .

  40. Name: Anita
    D.O.B. : 08/09/1964
    T.O.B. : 03:51 am
    Birth Place: Thane , Maharashtra
    Occupation: Working in bank
    Question: When will I get rid of office politics?

    1. You are running Saturn Mahadasha since 2012 to 2031 and it has 3rd asepct on 10th house of career so , politics will be there till end of your retirement . So try to adjust with that or ignore it.

    1. It is not exactly Guru-Chandal yoga . But some software may show Jupiter and Rahu together as Rahu is touching Sagittarius boundary so it may form a very weak Guru Chandal yoga .

  41. Name : Sunil Pandey
    Dob : 23 Dec 1987
    Time : 21:53 pm IST
    Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Question : Im struggling big time with my finances. Any idea by when I will be earning well and how my finances will be in the future. Will I ever be very good on financial terms? Is business possible or good for me?

    1. This can take time till 2025 . Your ascendant sign is at end of Cancer sign so accurate prediction require discussion about past events which cannot be done here .

  42. Name:rm

    Dob :17 may 1966

    Tob:12.37 pm

    Pob:guntur in andhra pradesh
    These are the birth details of my wife.She is in hospital because of
    Kidney problem and fever .When will she recover? Kindly let me know.

  43. Pushkal Tripathi

    Name :- Pushkal Tripathi
    Date of birth :- 08 February 1994
    Birth time :- 1205 hours
    Birth place :- Navi Mumbai
    Sir , I want to become an IAS officer . Give me the Astrological guidance to succeed in achieving my target as administration is in my soul . Currently I am an MBBS final year student at Motilal Nehru Medical College , Prayagraj

  44. 1.swati
    D.O.B is 31 may 1993
    Time of birth: 5:30 am at chennai, tamilnadu
    2.I am currently undergoing rahu mahadsha .
    Sir my question to you is that what behavioural changes should I make in myself to surpass this phase and SHOULD I MARRY as I think marriage will come in my way of doing selfless social service till my last breath..please reply i am in dilemma sir

      1. Your one question has been replied and you can see it below . Please do not ask descriptive questions and many questions here , for that you need to avail paid services .

    1. Saturn is strong in your chart so you can do social selfless service in many ways and that can be done after marriage also . You are running Venus antardasha till Sept 2020 so the period for marriage is already running .

  45. Ajay GOVIND Dhuri

    DoB : 02 NOV 19 73 , ToB : 1115AM Hrs , Place of Birth Mumbai , Maharashtra , Current City : Mumbai, Education – MBA , Job : LOST JOB FROM MNC on 17July2017 after working for 12 years, jobless till now
    Question : Will I get desired job ?

    1. You are running Shani Sadesati till April 2022. You may get get another job by 2020 start and better job in 2021.

  46. name Raj
    DOB :19/10/1971
    TIME : 22:11
    PLACE : Surat

    Question : When will I be free from harassment of my maternal uncle who is also my partner ?

  47. Name: Raj (RJ). Leo Ascendant.
    DOB: 19 Dec 1985. Age 33 yrs 7 months.
    POB: Lucknow (UP).
    TOB: 21:55 (9:55pm).
    Current Location: Lucknow.
    Education: MBA (sales), Delhi.
    Question: Worked in Delhi 15 months insurance company, worked in Delhi 2 years ceramic tile company, worked in Rajasthan 6 years consumer durable company, worked in Dubai for 2 years in consumer durable company till July 2018. Got kicked out of every company as the time passes never got promotion, currently jobless for one year, can you advice since Venus Dasha has started since 21st April 2018 when will I get a job in India or abroad. Total work experience 11.5 years. Got one brand endorsement for advertisement in Dubai as main lead artist because of a chiseled physique with height of 6ft 3in. (British company) in Venus Dasha in October 2018. Got completely destroyed by Ketu dash ending.
    Since unemployed for last one year at my home I devoted a lot of time to learn and understand astrology because I felt a correlation in the past experience of chain of events.
    By the way, thank – you sir for having a big heart for such a service! Its really praiseworthy.
    Bye, Have a nice day!

    1. Your basic area of career has been marketing , consumer durable etc which matches with Venus . Modelling job , photography , Videos etc would also come under Venus only . With start of Venus Mahadasha , you have better chance of success in these areas as it is your career lord and looking at from 4th house . 2020 should be good for you to get a good break in modelling , advertising ,anchoring , youtube etc .

  48. Name: Utkarsh
    Date of Birth: 11.12.1992
    Time of Birth: 0525 hours (05.25 AM)
    Place of Birth: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
    Question: I have decided to quit my job and prepare for the Civil Services examination of 2020. I am considering preparing from July 2019 onwards. How will this period from July 2019 till April 2021 be for me in terms of preparation so that I can qualify in this attempt itself? This period of July, 2019 to April 2021 is the period during which the entire examination preparation + procedure will take place.

    1. You have good chance for that , though journey may be quite difficult from January 2020 and success may come by 2022 .

  49. Name: Bala
    DOB: 19 july 1986
    TOB: 3.34 AM
    married in 2017.
    POB: Anantapuram , Andhra Pradesh.
    B.E Graduate , worked as software engineer ( Lost job ).
    Question: Respected Guruji ,please suggest me … i worked as software engineer & lost job several times currently i am not working. which profession is best suited for me job or Business please suggest me if business which business please?

    1. You should go to a service provider business in communication / transport , traveling , tourism or about speaking ( teacher , trainer) .

  50. Name : Subhadarshi
    Dob : 19 Jan 1991
    Time : 5.02 pm
    Place : Cuttack, Odisha
    Question : why am I always tensed about my career & not getting good job satisfaction although i am working in a good electrical psu?
    Brief background : working in an Electrical PSU since last 5 years. Graduated from NIT Rourkela in Electrical branch. Cancer ascendant and Aquarious moon sign.

    1. Your ascendant sign is exactly at border of Gemini and Cancer and that makes it difficult . Further Saturn, Sun are at same degrees as Rahu . Both factors make you constantly worry and less confident . Saturn is in Mahadasha also till 2033. You need long term strategy by adopting behaviour changes to overcome this.

  51. Roopali
    DOB: 13-12-1990
    Time:7:20 pm
    POB: Jaipur, Raj
    I am a Manglik girl with Mars in 12th house, in a relationship with a boy for about 5 years and now we want to get married to each other. As per his pandit, the marriage could be life-threatening for him and his parents are worried. Is it true? Any remedies if possible.
    Boy’s details:
    DOB- 12-05-1990
    time 00:55 AM

    1. It is not true in 90% cases and astrologers create fear psychosis in every case . Indians have average life expectancy of over 70 years but astrologers keep telling everyone would die after marriage . The more real issue now a days is divorce . Moreover , many difficult yogas get cancelled by the way of living and profession . It is a subjective issue which requires detailed discussions for both charts and then only an opinion can be given . It is better if you go for paid consultation to clear all your confusions.

  52. Name : Sunil Pandey
    Dob : 23 Dec 1987
    Time : 21:53 pm IST
    Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Question : Will I be able to go abroad for work and is IT sector good carrer as per my chart?
    Brief background : Working in IT sector since 7 years

    1. It may be good till 2032 .After that you need to find job in new sector . You may go for learning new skills before that to switch job from IT to public dealing areas.

  53. Name : Pooja Jain
    Dob : 19 Sept 1989
    Time : 4:20 pm
    Place : Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    Question : I desperately want to take sanyas but parents against it.
    Is there any chance according to my horoscope of me becoming a Jain sadhu.
    If married forcefully how would be my married life.

    1. There is a basic promise for Sanyas yoga in your horoscope but current Rahu Mahadasha has less support . You may have been having temporary phase of detachment from worldly life due to Saturn transit in Scorpio and Sagittarius since 2014 . If it is so , then your views may change after marriage. Marriage is not that bad in your chart.

  54. shashank prakash

    Name : shashank
    Dob : 26 Oct 1989
    Time : 10 pm
    Place : patna;bihar
    Question : when will i get government job ?
    Brief background : worked in a private firm for 10 months from aug 2015 to mqy 2016………. resigned for upsc preparation. ……………… gemini ascendant and Virgo moon sign . Rahu mahadasha running from 2010 currently rahu ketu time period running.

    1. Ascendant lord Mercury is quite weak being at 29 degree , Rahu , the Mahadasha lord Rahu is also at 29 degree . Situation is weak but next year (2020) has some hope . If you want , you may go for detailed , paid consultation.

  55. Debajyoti Adhya

    (1) My name: Debajyoti Adhya.
    (2) 26th September 1975 (Friday), at 21:14 hours, in Kolkata. Current location: Kolkata.
    (3) Will I ever get married ? When ?
    Thank you !

    1. You have already discussed it. At your age , it is difficult . Your 7th house lord Mars is also weak being at end of sign . So, the situation is weak .

  56. Name: Utpal Sinha
    Time: 00:30 AM
    DOB: 22/09/1978
    Place: Ajmer, Rajasthan

    Question: When will I get financial stability in life.

  57. Name: Lavanya
    DOB: 29-10-1987
    Time:- 13:00
    Place: Rajahmundry
    Uttharashada, Makhara Raasi

    My question:. When I will get job?

  58. Name: Ashish
    Place of birth: Bhadra,HanumanGarg District,Rajasthan
    Time and date of birth: 26/11/1993. 04:35AM.
    I have problem with my scalp skin from 8- 9 years. Dandruff, infection, itching, hairfall and all. Did not get much help from doctors (a lot of them). Is there anything that can be done from astrology perspective.

    Thanks a lot for this kind service.

    1. You were running Venus Mahadasha till March 2019 since 1999.Venus is having afflictions due to Mercury , Jupiter in ascendant ( head part) so it may have cause skin ( psoriasis etc ) . Now Sun Mahadasha has started , so you have better chance to get it treated from skin specialist . If you like, you may get some Puja done by local priest for Mercury ( Budh) .

    1. You are already running good time for government job till 2019 end . After that , Mercury -Sun antardasha will have good chance for government service in 2023.

  59. Name: Avinash.
    Place of birth: Azamgarh.
    Time and date of birth: 05/11/1990. 12:35PM.
    When would he get settled in his life both financially and with a stable family?

    1. Your question is vague and general in nature . Further , the background about his current place , education , job etc is missing . Still based on his chart , I think he would succeed when he comes out of native environment as Rahu is in his ascendant and Saturn is in 12th house . I would suggest detailed discussion on payment basis . You may contact through Whatsapp.

      1. Current place:Varanasi.
        Job: right now unemployed (Qualified for a govt job ).
        Education: having a master’s degree.
        We are very tensed due to the girl he is friends with. He behavior has changed towards parents too. We all are clueless about what to do …
        Please see his chart and suggest a solution or a rough approach on how the family should deal with such situation?

  60. Shravanthi Shankar Subramani

    1) Name: Shravanthi Shankar Subramani
    2) 29/11/1992 1.22am, Puducherry (Pondicheri)
    Current city Edmonton, Canada
    3)When is my marriage likely to take place

      1. Many thanks Sir for responding so promptly. Do you match horoscopes, using the South Indian system? I may then be able to send it to you from here, should any promising prospects come our way?

        1. There is not much difference in South Indian and North Indian system as South Indian system takes up 2 additional parameter but both are based on Moon . In my view , now matching should be done by looking both horoscopes in detail and not only on Moon’s Nakshatra or Sign .

          You may send as and when you need the assessment . Many South Indian NRIs send it to me for match making .

  61. Name – Krena
    Dob – 13 – 7 – 1996
    Pob – Mumbai
    Currently – Mumbai
    Query – will I achieve success in upsc ? When ?

  62. jogaiiahh cherlla

    Name: jogi
    DOB: 18-11-1985
    TOB: 01:20 AM
    POB: Mahbubnagar
    Query: I think i am sexually weak. Should i marry or stay alone. I am worried about marriage?

    1. It is a common sense to get it checked by doctors . If there is any psychological issue or you just have illusion ,or some medical condition , then it can get treated and then you may get married . Otherwise you should get married for non sexual reasons after disclosing this issue to prospective partner . But don’t keep other person in darkness .

      Your horoscope also shows this weakness as Venus and Ketu are in degree conjunction while Saturn , lord of marriage is combust with Sun . For more discussions , contact at 8173679026 for paid consultation.

  63. 2020-21 has some hope for you with end of Shani and start of Mercury Mahadasha and better transit of Jupiter / Saturn . For detailed prediction , you may go for paid consultation, email at

  64. Name: Rashmita
    DOB: 25th September 1989
    TOB: 15:30 hours
    POB: Bhadrak, Odisha
    Question: When will she get married and how will be her married life?
    I thank you for your time.

    1. Your Lagna is at last degree . You should get a detailed consultation after birth time rectification . You may message for this at 8173979026 .

      However , transit indicates chance of marriage in 2021 .

    2. Name – Suraj
      DOB – 21 June 1992
      POB – Bhopal, MP
      Currently in – Bangalore
      TOB – Not sure exactly but between 12.30 and 15.30 HRS
      Question – I am currently in a relationship with my friend, want to know if it will be love marriage or arranged, and if married life will be happy.

    1. Name: SK
      DOB : 18-11-1993
      PLACE: HYDERABAD, Andhra Pradesh
      Job: IT
      Education: Btech
      current location: Pune
      When will my husband change job?

  65. You can wear Pearl for Moon and yellow Pukhraj for Jupiter all the time as Jupiter is your best planet and it will be next Mahadasha planet also from Sept 2022 . Mercury is not Maraka , only Venus is Maraka planet .

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