Do Kaal Sarpa & Naga Dosha Remedies Work ?

Kaal Sarpa dosha and Naga dosha are frequently cited doshas by Vedic astrologers for which Puja is recommended in Ujjain or Kalahasteeshwara temple along with with donating a silver snake. Does it really affects us or it is just a gimmick to extort money from astrology ignorant seeker ? Read below to know the reality …

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Why do astrologers fail to predict correctly ?

Many people complain that astrologers failed in predicting correctly about the impending disasters in their life. Space scientists forget something and the mission fails, doctors forget something and patient suffers and similarly astrologers also overlook something and prediction fails . Practice of anything is subject to human failures . Let me concentrate on astrological prediction failure .

Maggi Ban During Taurus Affliction in 2015

In 2015, Indian government banned Maggi brand of noodles , which happened when Taurus sign was having malefic planets influence. It was good opportunity for equity investment in Nestle. The Analysis written in June 2015, shows how astrologically the business sectors get affected and short term opportunities exist for investment in good equity shares . …

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Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Though India and Pakistan got freedom at same time , India became secular country while Pakistan chose to be Islamic nation . The current essay details astrological reasons for the same . Recently India and Pakistan both celebrated 71st anniversary of Independence. These countries were born like twins at almost same time. Astrological effects can …

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Astrology & Osho

Osho on Astrology’s Greatness Astrology is perhaps the most ancient subject and also in a way the most ignored. It is the most ancient because astrology has been in existence as far back as we have been able to investigate the history of mankind. Astrological inscriptions have been found on bone remnants from the Sumerian …

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