Dr. Kalam : An Ideal Saturn Personality

 Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam , The Ideal Saturn Personality

(Astrological Obituary to The Great Motivator )

I never met him personally but always felt connected with him at soul level .

My first interest in his life and works started as a student of astrology. I had almost completed my  2 year Jyotish Acharya Course at Institute of Astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in 2002 , when suddenly it was announced that BJP will field Dr. Kalam for Presidential post . Soon , it was clear that he will be elected without any opposition .

As a recently qualified  astrologer ,those days ,  I used to see everything from astrological lens . So, one day there was a discussion on what might happen during his Presidential years . We had no confirmed birthchart of Dr. Kalam , so our astrology classmates were depending on his past actions and personality to guess about his future.

I said , that his personality matched more with Saturn because of his very poor origin, simple living and after all plenty of hairs on his forehead even at the age of 71 years and there being no trace of baldness. Another view was of being Rahu personality because of his scientific personality and advocacy for new things , innovation and remaining neutral about his muslim background and love for other religions.

So, the debate remained incomplete but I decided to observe his actions as President keenly. I was curious to see how a Saturn personality will fit into pomp & show post of President , represented by Sun and Leo  sign. I even had two doubts on his 5 year tenure that if circumstances would not be as per his conscience , he would quit within minutes or his life may be terminated because of this contrast of Sun vs Saturn duel.

But when I saw his birth year , I got some reassurance on his life . We have 3 famous personalities who were born in 1931 . Since our astrology teacher Sh. K. N. Rao is born on 12 October 1931 , so I could know that Dr. Kalam being born 3 days after , his Jupiter is also exalted . The third personality is also world famous OSHO who was born on 11 December 1931. Saturn is in religious sign of Sagittarius in all these charts .

This way , all three personalities tried by their actions to give real picture of Dharma and preached unadulterated concepts of religion devoid of rituals and appealed to intelligent minds . All three have excellent communication and popularity .

Coming back to my first apprehension , I saw what I had never imagined and I got a lesson for my astrology consultancy how a Saturn personality can transform a Sun’s place into Karma Kshetra instead of being mesmerised  by power and pelf, the way his successor did. He brought internet into Rashtrapati Bhavan . Anybody could write to him email or simple postcard for his problems and he was available there to solve it . Chief Secretaries of State / District Magistrates  all over the country used to get instructions to help the needy and report back .

I am personally witness to one such action when I was posted in Bihar . One of my colleagues had applied for passport in Patna office and his police report had been pending in SP office for months in absence of follow up ( bribe !) . One day we discussed it and I told him that Rashtrapati Bhavan has an email address so write this to President. Within a  week , the SP office called local police station and the person got a call that his police report has been sent to passport office , clearing all such pending reports immediately. Almost every other day , I read such stories about his actions for common people till he was in office . This contrasted with so called elected people’s representatives who keep on demanding more facilities in the name of serving public.

Once I was discussing it with someone that it takes a lot of Luck Capital ( Punya Karma) to get a high post like President’s  but in case of Dr. Kalam , I saw that he earned more Punya  Capital than what might have been spent from his account for becoming President.  That inspired me in my  govt. service to help the needy even if I had to fight for that with people in power .

Today , when I practice astrology and I need to refer a role model to my clients for dominant planet , for Saturn related behavioural advice to people in govt. , I have only one example to quote : Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.

Saturn likes being down to earth , being near to people , live with basic needs and even some scarcity, never have pride in one’s achievements , keep working till the last breath , never get angry but find a reasonable solution and firmly implement it .

In return , Saturn will assure you work matching your calibre , basic facilities , name and fame and long life , free of sickness and hospitalisation.

Saturn is planet for Karma but that is nowhere in opposition to Dharma (duty , not religion) and its planet Jupiter and that is why such people while doing there Karma , are equally at peace with Dharma and Dr. Kalam was a personification and embodiment of both Karma and Dharma . If Saturn is steel in machinery then Jupiter is oil for lubrication of machinery , helping it run smoothly for long life.

People in govt. posts always face the dichotomy of Sun and Saturn i.e. ruling and serving at the same time . But this can be done if Jupiter gives you balancing wisdom and Dr. Kalam’s whole govt. association is excellent example and I salute him for setting this example for all govt. functionaries.

And the quotation of Dr. Kalam,  in picture above, is my moto of my astrological consultancy . Change your future by adopting new habits as per your cosmic design and not by gemstones and rituals.


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  1. Great research Sirji.I have gone through each word of yours very carefully and I m satisfied with your views 🙂🙏🙏

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