Effects of Venus (Shukra) Mahadasha in Childhood

Venus Mahadasha period is like relaxing phase in 120 year long Vinshottari Mahadasha cycle . Any attempt to break that schedule would generally not give good results but once Venus period ends , person would again engage in work . It is just like a person returning from work in evening after day’s work and just relaxing watching TV , eating and sleeping in night.

If Venus is well placed without afflictions , the child will generally enjoy life and will pay little attention to learning or education because Venus and Mercury are opposite in nature.

A Real Life Example

15 year ago , one of my friends asked me to look at his 5 year old son’s horoscope . He was in Venus Mahadasha right from birth and Venus was well placed . I told him that his son would not be paying attention to study till 20 years age. He would be fond of TV, cinema , travelling , eating , good clothes , grooming and dating girls , spending lot of money.

Some children are admitted to luxury type of schools in Venus Mahadasha with very high fees and facilities .

My friend was not convinced and said that he would never give excess money to his son to spend on futile things.

I happened to meet him again after 13 years on Facebook and he immediately started discussing the conduct of his son . He told that despite his restrictions , his son would go to his neighbors and would get eatables , chocolates and toys . His son would get money from guests coming to his home by demanding it .

In school , he would share other mates eatables . Watching TV , cinema , iphone , playing with friends were the pastimes and he would pay little attention to studies.

Then my friend got him enrolled in a coaching institute to improve his grades. There , his son befriended the son of an income tax officer , who had plenty of money and a bike to roam in the city during school or coaching time . This proved that Venus affected person would get the enjoyment even without having money or he would get others money or debts to enjoy life.

By the time , his son had completed about 19 years of Venus Mahadasha , he was completely spoiled . This Mahadasha changes course in last Ketu antardasha , so I had told my friend that he would reform in 20th year .

In last year of Venus Mahadasha , the income tax officer got transferred to another city so financing of all expenses stopped. He scored poor marks in 12th and his father was to retire soon . So he had to get admission in a mediocre , non professional course .

The Sun mahadasha has started recently and he is now under immense pressure to perform . His Sun is good in chart , so I expect that he will recover from the setback of Venus Mahadasha by the time Sun Mahadasha is complete.

Therefore , Venus Mahadasha since childhood is not good unless there is good association of Jupiter or other planets. In that case child can be exposed to learning of music , dance , painting , fashion, art etc and that can make the child a prodigy in those areas .

Such children should neither be too restricted nor punished (else they would get it from outside) nor too pampered. Above cited areas are good for learning. Generally next Mahadashas of Sun, Moon, Mars force hardwork on the person like summer season and reforms the person after lazy winter season of Venus Mahadasha has ended.

( This post was originally written by me for Quora in April 2018 and published here on 29 June 2020 )

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3 thoughts on “Effects of Venus (Shukra) Mahadasha in Childhood”

  1. Hello sir, I’m an unmarried 33 year old female and I am under Ketu Dasha right now. I’ve suffered a lot (both professional and personal level)in the Ketu Dasha and it’s going to end on October. I’m a taurus ascendant, Venus in asc and aspected by retrograde Saturn from 7th house. 7th house Lord is in 2nd house along with sun and mercury. How will be my Venus Dasha. Will I get a good life in future?

  2. Next year i am going to start venus mahadasha, that too when i am going to class 10. i am worried whether i would lose interest in studies. I am a sincere student who gets good marks. i aspire to become an iitian. And my venus is present in 9th or 10 house in gemini with libra or virgo ascendant because i am not sure. different websites says different ascendant.

    1. Don’t worry too much on Venus Mahadasha as you will be already completing school education before that . But you must be careful about opposite gender relationship as that can astray you from your educational and career goals.

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