How Capricorn Saturn will Affect You & The World ?

    Saturn is now in Capricorn since 24 January 2020 and it will be there till April 2022 . The next transit of Saturn would also be in its own sign Aquarius till March 2025 . Therefore effectively Saturn would be quite powerful for next 5 years and it would shape new kind of politics and economy all over world.

How It Affects Politics & Economy ?

Saturn is natural planet for Karma , job , profession and Capricorn is the sign for work , recognition, name and fame . This sign is considered Human Resource (HR) Sign. So , expect big changes in hiring policies all over world . The permanent , secure kind of government or private sector jobs may be reduced further while there would be more short term , contractual hiring which will increase employment though high paying jobs will be few . 

Saturn represents mass people , the powerless toiling billions and they get empowered when Saturn reaches Capricorn but the results are visible when it reaches Aquarius. That shows possibility of mass agitations against authority through out its stay in Capricorn . 

Last time Saturn entered Capricorn on 20 March 1990 as shown below in image ( Saturn at 0 Cp 00 )

How Capricorn Saturn will Affect You & The World ?

It was there till March 1993 . And what happened in India during March 1990 to March 1993 :

  1. On 7 August 1990, the National Front government led by PM V P Singh declared that it would provide 27 per cent reservations to “socially and educationally backward classes” for jobs in central services and public undertaking. That caused mass pro and anti reservation stirs for next 3 years .
  2. As a reaction to Mandal Politics , Kamandal politics responded. In September 1990 , Sh L.K. Advani starts Rath Yatra to build Ram Temple and the firing on Karsevaks in Ayodhya in October 1990 led to fall of VP Singh Government on 15th November 1990 when BJP withdrew support . Chandrashekhar Government also fell in 4 months and fresh elections happened in May 1991 , in which Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a suicide bomber . PV Narsimha Rao emerged as dark horse to become PM for next 5 years in a lame duck kind of government .
  3.  Ayodhya dispute and OBC reservation were the main agitations during that Saturn in Capricorn period .
  4. On 6th December 1992 , disputed structure in Ayodhya was demolished by angry Karsevaks and there were Hindu-Muslim riots for next 4 months in Mumbai and other cities .
  5.  Supreme Court validated new OBC reservation in 1993 and it became part of government policy , dividing Indian bureaucracy and fall of effective bureaucracy after that .
  6.  New leadership emerged in politics and Congress Party lost its hold over Indian politics.
  7. Economy suffered because of political turbulence . The Reserve Bank of India had to airlift 47 tons of gold to the Bank of England and 20 tons of gold to the Union Bank of Switzerland to raise $600 million in 1991. This led to so called opening of economy by Narsimha Rao government and licensing system was done away .
  8. Worldwide , old way of bilateral trade under GATT was replaced by WTO and concept of Globalization and opening of Economy was proposed and signed by most countries . Chinese economy started growing rapidly .
  9. Gulf War started in this period in 1991 between US and Iraq . Even though President Bush ( senior) won the war , his Republican party lost in 1992 elections to Democrat Bill Clinton. 

And if you want to go even earlier , Saturn was in Capricorn from Feb 1961 to January 1964 . It led to humiliating defeat of India in October 1962 by Chinese , leading to fall of PM Nehru and subsequently divisions in strong Congress party .

So, this time also, we can expect major changes in Indian and world politics in coming 5 years with mass agitations on religious and sectarian grounds , decline of economy is natural , global trades to follow new policy of localization . New leadership would emerge at central level politics which may not be as aggressive as it is now . American Presidential election this year can see reversal to democrats .

How it  Affects Individuals ?

If you know your Moonsign ( The Zodiac sign of Moon at the time of  your birth as per Indian astrology ) , then you can read how Saturn would be affecting you while it is in Capricorn till April 2022 :

Aries : Saturn would be in your 10th house of career , job , name and fame and this is good time  to focus on career and achieve your planned goals for career . Going abroad , changing house , marriage are other possibilities .

Taurus :  This sign was under Ashtam Shani Dhaiyya transit since January 2017 and it was difficult period for Vrishabh Rashi people . They will get relief , their luck would start working again though it may take another 5-6 months to see visible effect . Financial sector would recover slowly .

Gemini :  This sign will now have 8th Ashtam Saturn Dhaiyya. They will undergo major changes in education , children , family , money and career issues which will be painful but rewarding at end . Communication , Media , Transport sector would undergo major reforms .   

Cancer : This sign will be under direct aspect from Saturn so it will bring mental worries related to partners, spouse , property , homely happiness .  Real estate and manufacturing sector would see decline . 

Leo : Saturn would be 6th from this sign so these people will feel powerful and they will indulge in disputes , litigation but at end , they may lose suddenly .  Energy sector may suffer extreme variations in prices. 

Virgo : This sign was also under 4th Saturn Kantak Shani Dhaiyya since January 2017 . They will recover and now their focus will be on new learning , children birth and starting new relationships, marriage , business partnerships.Pharma sector recovery is seen. 

Libra :  This sign would be now under 4th transit Shani Dhaiyya . So , they may face pressure in job , change in career , involvement in disputes , litigation , sickness may lead to increased worries. Retail and consumption , E commerce would undergo many statutory changes which would initially be difficult but would be good at end . 

Scorpio :  This sign was under Shani Sadesati from November 2011 and now it is in better 3rd house . So, these people will recover and perform better , can have new education, child birth in family . Mining sector , oil , gas exploration can benefit in this period.

Sagittarius  : This sign is under Shani Sadesati from November 2014 and now last phase will be running , so some improvement is expected . Finances and family situation should improve , still some worries would remain till 2021 end related to earning and homely happiness . Mutual Funds and Asset Management companies will undergo reforms . Religious issues will also see some legislation and regulations.

Capricorn  :  This sign is also under Sadesati from January 2017 till March 2025 . This will have middle phase where issues related to career , spouse , business partners , performance related worries will dominate the period . Hiring , HR sector will undergo rapid legal and corporate reforms.

Aquarius :  This sign is starting now its Sadesati  which would last until 2027 . First phase would bring lot of discomfort , loss , expenses , going abroad or new , distant places . Export sector would undergo major reforms and regulations. 

Pisces  :   This sign will benefit mostly as it will have Saturn in 11th from itself which is house for gains . After that , its Sadesati would start . Overseas related ventures, maritime, shipping , imports may benefit . 

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  1. Really happy to say that your article is very useful to me. Regardless of the range of possibilities that Astrology can open, it is still not so deeply researched and actively used in our everyday life as the zodiac astrology we are used to. Judging by all of the above, if we pay a little more attention to what planets and houses tell us, we can change this world for the better and save our planet from destruction with our own hands.

  2. Please make blog post about on-going situation in India-China border. Along with POK, Pakistan and Nepal. I fear something sinister is going on, hope govt is well preserved for whatever enemies have planned for us.

  3. Sir , most of the protests around CAA seems to be staged and funded by opposition parties not by common people as it was made to appear , which is now hijacked by left and Islamist. Will the drama end after Delhi polls ? Economic slowdown is there but apart from making political cause of it no party is interested in a solution for it. Your prediction on RAM Mandir has come true as today the government has announced the constitution of a trust which would oversee the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

    1. 2020 is particularly difficult as this year will see Jupiter-Saturn conjunction 3 times : Before 24 January 2020 , then 30 March to 30 June and then 20 November 2020 onward . So , this will continue with gaps as both sides will prepare counter attack . When nothing works and stagnation happens in economy , there is more possibility of unrest.

      1. M.S.Seetharaman Iyer

        Dear Sir, according to Sringeri and Tamil vakkiya panchangam, Saturn leaves Makara Rasi on 16th June to come to Dhanush and Jupitor leaves on 8th July to Dhanush Rasi. But, you people predict with Tric panchangam. What you said above will change after July.

        1. We have many regional Panchangam which use different Ayanamsha so dates vary . I have used Chitrapaksha Lahiri Ayanamsha . There is always an error of about 15 days because of the Ayanamsha used.

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