How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016What is common in periods of  August 2001 to January 2002 , August 2008 to January 2009 and August 2015 to January 2016 ?

Well , the answers on political event basis would be : New York Terror Attack in 2001 (Sept 11 ) , Mumbai Terror Attack (26 Nov ) in 2008 and Paris (13 Nov 2015) attack and  Pathankot Airbase attack on  2 January 2016 .

Another common parameter is World Financial Meltdown ! Let us see BSE Sensex charts of 2001 , 2008 and 2015 as a sample of world recession in those years !

A) In 2001 , Sensex crashed from high of 4500 to a low of 2600 , almost 40% fall .

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

B)  In 2008 , Sensex fell from a high of 21000 to a low of 9000 , a fall of 60% ! 

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

C) And now in 2015 the crash is in process …sensex has crashed to 25000 from peak of 30000 , almost 20% till now and we can expect as much more …

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

So we saw  a period with a cycle of roughly 7 years , giving almost similar results politically and financially and globally .

My question is now : What is another common factor in all 3 events of 7 year cycle ! And can it be predicted in advance ?

My Answer is Yes ! Via Indian astrology , this can be easily predicted and I did it in all 3 events . It happened due to 7 year cycle Yoga . First time I got the experience of this yoga in 2001 when I was doing astrology course from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and I saw 9/11 . Next time I was ready with dates and I told it to several of my friends to benefit from stock market while I personally benefited from my purchase of residence in that period and this time I had predicted more than a year before on various internet sites .

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

What more rationalist , analyst and persons with “Scientific Western education ” want from Indian astrology to prove that it works and it gives repetitive results  ?    

Now let me also give some advice from different highly paid big brokerage house  , technical analysts were predicting on media in March 2015, when Sensex  touched 30000 in March 2015 …

1. From Economic Times …

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

2. Reuter’s Opinion Poll of Brokerage Houses on Sensex in 2015-16 …

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

Whenever market touches a new high , these brokerages  always give a higher target for next year and gullible investors get trapped . And that includes all big brokerage house , who manage mutual funds of billions . They employ people trained from IIM or foreign countries in finance and forecasting the markets . But they have no clues to impending disasters and save their skin by pointing to disclaimer that past performance is no guarantee for future investment .

These very analysts start giving lower targets when market touches new lows and even that also does not happen . Nobody questions them but an astrologer will be berated for any failure alongwith astrology itself .

In August 2015 crash of Sensex for 1700 points in a day , when I told it is because of astrological reason , people started questioning me . I told in writing to see it in next 6 months again !

My Quora Answer on 24th August on Impending Financial crisis

It is due to  start of a cosmic event of 7 year cycle called Jup-Rahu meet due in 2015 end . This happened in 2001 ( 9/11) and 2008  (26/11) crisis. The man made / natural calamity also expected as happened in 2001  and 2008 .  

I had Predicted in November 2014 at this link
Repercussions of  Saturn Entering into Scorpio   

” When Jupiter changes sign in July 2015,  Saturn will again become uncontrolled , as it will look at  Jupiter  .   Rahu will also be joining Jupiter , weakening Jupiter further . So  June 2015 to June 2016 will be the period of return of BAD DAYS again for Modi Govt. ,  when there may be price rise , internal problems , fall of sensex and  weakening of govt. confidence or  govt. becoming unpopular. Guru-Rahu  meeting in the same period also means that there may be international  financial scare behind such bad days. Things will start improving  only  after July 2016 . “

See comments and my response on above answer …

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

And now see on 8 January 2016 , what George Soros is saying …

How Planetary Movements Affect Financial Markets in 2016

Now , there are many dooms day forecasters in market and media but how many can give a precise period of crisis , that too years before , when there are no such signs of crisis . I had predicted 2015 end crisis just after 2008 crisis to my many friends .

So, that is possible only via astrology and no modern science can match that ! That is why , we can predict years before , just after birth of a person for his future life .

Well , you know when the next such global financial crisis will happen … near  June 2023 (with 2 months margin) ! Watch this Video on Youtube to understand how Jupiter-Rahu conjunction works globally on financial institutions and world peace !

First Update on 28 Feb 2016 :

Worst Phase of Saturn+Mars Within  Jupiter-Rahu Yoga Begins Now …

On 20th February ,the day Haryana Jat stir erupted ,  Mars the arch rival Planet of Saturn entered its own sign Scorpio and classic Shani-Mangal Dwandwa ( duel) begins without any good aspect from Jupiter. As already discussed , Jupiter is already battling own war with Rahu , so this another planetary battle will make the conditions of economy and peace much more worse .

This is particularly worse in the sense that Mars will stay for 6 months in Scorpio , being in retrograde motion from 20 April .

Around  20th  June  , Jupiter+Rahu degree conjunction will happen again and the period until then can be considered totally dark with respect to global economy and peace .

These 4 months from Feb to June 2016 can create unmanageable situations caused by global economic crash , Earthquakes as happened in Nepal and violent clashes among people or escalating of wars in Middle East , including Paris like terror activities in any major city of world .

The Scorpio & Leo Sign are totally afflicted currently and wherever these signs fall in your personal chart, the issues related to those houses in Chart will create problems for you .

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