Is Worst Scenario Over for Corona Pandemic 2020 ?

( First Published on 25 May 2020 )


I did not publish anything about Corona Pandemic since April 2020 here though I did write against extension of a 3 week long lockdown in India ( .Is Worst Scenario Over for Corona Pandemic 2020 ?

It was an unprecedented situation which did not have any authentic information from any source . There was lot of information but nothing was credible . 

So, I needed sometime to watch the planetary timeline which I had published on my main page  in April 2020.

Corona Pandemic Timeline 

  1.  Start of Pandemic  :  5 November 2019 when Jupiter joins Ketu . 
  2.  China notices Covid-19 and informs WHO by December 2019 end when Jupiter is close in degree to Jupiter .  But people remain indifferent .
  3.  By January 24, 2020 , Saturn enters Capricorn and that makes people scared of the new virus and panic starts world wide as  Saturn moves forward in Capricorn . Mars with Ketu increases it further .
  4.  By March 24,  2020 , Mars gets into Capricorn and moves forward to Saturn and the panic scales new heights , lockdown is announced in India and several countries . 
  5. By start of April , Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn , reducing panic , bringing hope . Also , Mars crosses Saturn in degree and starts separating from Saturn . So, there are 2 possibilities . Jupiter approaching Saturn may keep on increasing the panic till 15th May 2020 when it will be nearest to Saturn or there is some relief from government after 14 April 2020 in lockdown when Sun gets exalted in Aries . 
  6.  Next important date is mid of May 2020 , when Venus , Jupiter and Saturn start their retrograde motion .  So, either Virus strikes back or people get agitated because of lack of money , food , employment or treatment facilities .
  7.  By Start of July 2020, Jupiter again returns to Sagittarius , joins Ketu . This may cause some recurrence of Corona or some other tropical , monsoon related epidemics. 
  8.  By September 2020 , Rahu-Ketu change sign and virus threat reduces . Jupiter again joins Saturn in November 2020 and degree conjunction happens by December 2020 and Jupiter passes over Saturn finally . Period of November -December 2020 is again vulnerable for some disaster / natural calamity .
  9.  Virus related scare starts losing its panic value in 2021 beginning . 
  10.  By April 2022 , when Saturn moves to Aquarius , world has developed a cure for such viruses .

Much hope was focused on period post 15th May 2020 , when Jupiter and Saturn both go in retrogression . The panic scene in their direct motion when they were approaching toward each other from March last week to mid of May 2020 was to be compared with period after 15th May 2020 to arrive at any conclusion .  

Now after 10 days from 15th May 2020, some data is available in India and elsewhere about Virus :

  1. We cannot know anything with certainty about Covid 19 virus and its fatality as it appears quite subjective in nature with respect to person , nationality , race , lifestyle, age etc .
  2. We also now have a theory that infected people can live normally without any symptoms , called asymptomatic and develop antibodies to counter it . 
  3. Its fatality rate is claimed to be around 3-4 % but that is also  suspect as these may not be exclusively due to Covid 19 infections as most people who died were 60age with serious lifestyle diseases . Some states in India and other countries reported exclusive death due to virus and these were less than 1% of infected persons.   
  4. In most Indian infection cases , it was treatable just by taking fever , cough medicines supported by rest and nutritious diet . 
  5. Climatic conditions were also a factor . Like Flu , it was more affecting colder climates than warmer one . Northern hemisphere , Europe, South Korea , Japan  recovered with onset of summer and now Brazil is getting more affected as it enters winter season . 

With lot of awareness on this virus now and people taking more precautions , the scare which we had in March 2020 when we did not have any authentic data , that kind of scare is no more . 

Specially people saw that those who were working in lockdown like grocery , medical stores , vegetables , milk vendors , they did not suffer any serious medical issues , though they may have been infected by the virus . So, people started thinking that they can also work normally . Ultimately we may get herd immunity without much loss of lives . 

End of Panic Due to Pandemic 

So, post 15th May 2020, people are coming back to normalcy and panic factor is now disappearing . Government of India also started thinking on the same lines and started relaxing lockdown post 17th May deadline of 3rd Lockdown . 

This matches with astrological outcome that major planets Jupiter and Saturn are retreating now to normalcy like that in February -March 2020 period as planets approach same degrees again in next 4 months till September 2020 . 

In this period , people in general are now aware of precautions to be taken , migrants people have come back to their native places , government can heave a sigh of relief as it starts getting taxes and economy limps back to normalcy and doctors / hospitals know what to do with Covid patients . This is the New Normal in post Covid period . 

What About Next Wave of Corona  ? 

Mid June to July ( Solar Eclipse, Jupiter in Sagittarius) , September and Nov-December 2020 are the next milestones in this Corona Virus Serial . In my answer published at Quora on 17th April 2020 , I had written

It is true that Jupiter , the saviour planet of astrology meets Saturn several times from 5 November 2019 to 21 November 2021 .

During 5 Nov 2019 to 24 January 2020 , Jupiter reaches to 17 degree while Saturn is at end of sign at 29 degree 59 minute in Sagittarius , so effective distance is 13 degree and daily speed is about 15 minute per day . Corona crisis was just rising it’s head till January 2020 end .

On 31 March 2020 , Jupiter again joined Saturn in Capricorn at 0 degree when Saturn was at 6 degree and effective daily speed is quite slow at 7 minute per day . Here speed was slow and separation just 6 degree . So crisis is approaching peak .

On 15th May 2020 , Jupiter would be at 3 degree with almost zero speed and Saturn would be at 7 degree . So, this should be maximum peak of Corona virus . After this Jupiter and Saturn would start moving retrograde , increasing the gap again .

By July 2020 start , Jupiter moves back to Sagittarius , conjunction ends and gap increases to 6 degree , so situation may start easing and by October 2020 , gap is 8 degree without conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn .

Conjunction again happens in Capricorn on 21 Nov 2020 with gap of 4 degree and Speed of about 10 minutes a day .

Final degree conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn happens on 20 December 2020 but Jupiter is quite fast at 14 minute per day speed so it moves past Saturn in short time .

This November – December 2020 period may be just a short period tension .

After that , Jupiter would not come close enough to Saturn to cause very grim events . It will again come back to Capricorn in Sept 2021 for 2 months but gap will be more , so it should not be as serious as it is now .

In my experience , a slow moving conjunction is more deadly than a fast moving conjunction so current period till May 2020 is more serious than Nov -Dec 2020 period .

And not necessarily Nov-Dec-Jan 2021 period may be too difficult due to Corona virus . Also , winter season in northern hemisphere would certainly have more occurrence of Flu but then this time people, govt, doctors  will be much more prepared . Ketu separating from Jupiter , Saturn may should also help in mitigating pandemic effects . 

But economic and political fall out may be quite serious with US-China trade relations and protectionism , deglobalization ,unemployment , resentment of people against rulers in several countries may be bringing a different kind of problems to people.

Note : Corona virus is still existing and it has its own impact like HIV , Hepatitis etc so necessary precautions are to be applied in daily living. 



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5 thoughts on “Is Worst Scenario Over for Corona Pandemic 2020 ?”

  1. Sir,

    It seems that Corona issue has not subsided as we expected.

    From astrology angle, it appears that Saturn-Rahu jugalbandi is the culprit. At initial period, it was the 7th aspect relationship. Then the aspect got reduced in intensity as the planets moved, But in March-April 21, we got the 5th-9th relationship between them. The issue became more pronounced as Saturn went retro and the degreecal relationship became stronger.

    Now Saturn is margi and the Rahu is mostly retro. Hence the issue is getting better. However, somedays, Rahu becomes direct too. As the degreecal differences increase, the intensity will become lesser.



  2. Sir, you said corona will lose its grip at the beginning of 2021 but things have only gotten worse for India with the 2nd wave. Is there any relief in sight astrologically? Can you please update your analysis?

  3. Astrologer Acharya Salil has predicted World War 3 like situation may rise from August 2020,
    Sir do you think World War 3 will really happen in 2020

    1. The current year has combinations ( Saturn-Jupiter conjunction) for all misfortunes ( famine, flood ,earthquake, locust , war , epidemics, civil unrest ) so any astrologer can pick up anything , it has good chance of turning true. World War requires aggressive posturing by one of superpowers . China avoids direct war whenever other Super Power unite. Modern war threats are just an excuse for trade bargains and selling of weapons. By December , France, Russia, US , Israel would have sold 5 billion dollars weapons in name of China threat.

  4. Very Good analysis .
    Thanks for briefing us ..
    It reduces fear about Covid and we can easily back to New Normal …

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