Why Astrologers Could Not Predict Big Win for BJP in 2019 Elections ?

     When results were out on 23rd May 2019 for 17th Lok Sabha Elections , everybody got big surprise including Astrologers . Like political analysts , astrologers had also predicted at most a marginal victory for BJP but getting 303 seats was beyond anybody’s estimate .

Here I will not count those who just gave some figure and by chance it got correct. Unless a prediction is supported by some principles of astrology and its theoretical reason is also given alongwith correct prediction , it would remain a chance based prediction . 

Therefore , I decided to base my prediction on BJP’s birth chart of 6 April 1980 and it was written 6 months before elections , when BJP was in poor health because t had lost assembly elections in December 2018 and many bye elections of Lok Sabha . Like many astrologers , I could also see the effect of Moon-Moon period from April 2018 to 10 Feb 2019  and Moon being in adverse 6th House , it was natural for BJP to have low performance .

But Mars being in good 3rd house and lord of 6th and 11th house of gains was to give success after struggle . That was the base of predicting moderate win for BJP.  I had even checked the past performance of these retrograde planets in earlier elections and found them working . 

Venus Mahadasha had given a coalition BJP government in 1998, 1999 as Venus was in 12th House .

Therefore , theoretically speaking astrologers were right in predicting a marginal victory for BJP  in 2019 .

Then What Mistake Astrologers Did  ?

In Astrological predictions , it is stressed all the time to keep in mind the theory of Desh ( Place), Kaal ( Time) and Paatra ( Persons) . In Economics , when any prediction is done , the term Ceteris Paribus is used , which says that the prediction would be valid provided all other parameters of environment remain the same or equal .  

The big mistake , which astrologers make in any prediction is ignoring the potential of people involved and the environment in which future action would happen . 

That is what I tell in my consultations that horoscope only tells the environment while the result is dependent up on the action ( Karma ) on that cosmic environment .

Like in this  thirsty crow story , astrologer would predict about level of water in the pot . If he sees less water , he would predict failure and more water means success . But Astrologer is not factoring in capacity and nature of crow . If crow is lazy and casual the prediction would be true as per water level condition .

But if crow is determined and addicted to success , then despite low water level , crow may succeed in drinking water .

The Desh , Kaal , Paatra Difference Before 20 years and in 2019 for BJP are quite contrasting  as given below : 

  1. In 2004 , after 5 years in power , BJP was a divided leadership . Late A B Vajpayee was the public face of BJP while L K Advani , Pramod Mahajan and score of BJP leaders were pulling BJP in different directions ranging from Ram Temple issue , terrorism , development ( India Shining) but without any ground work for common public . This leadership was narcissistic in nature where Mr Advani was running the show from behind and wanted to be Prime Minister.
  2. Late Pramod Mahajan was more a think tank and technology expert who was running war room and did not had ground connect with voters . There was win in December 2003 elections of MP , Rajasthan , Chhatisgarh assembly and over confident Pramod Mahajan convinced Vajpayee to pre-pone elections . Mr Venkaiyya Naidu boasted that BJP has already won 300 seats ,even before election schedule was announced . So every BJP leader was over confident without knowing ground situation while Congress was making grand alliance with other opposition leaders . 
  3. With this situation BJP lost as per horoscope prediction because there was no one who was to going to do hardwork for  a win . 
  4.  In 2009 also similar situation was there when BJP was trying to win with old Lal Krishna Advani and without any ground support . BJP had lost its ground workers in U.P. and elsewhere while Congress had gained by schemes like Employment guarantee and with good image of PM Manmohan Singh being the projected for re-election . 
  5. In 2014 , BJP had good fortune as shown by Sun Mahadasha . Congress had lost itself in a series of scams and 10 years of anti-incumbacy . Manmohan Singh was now become a lame duck , silent leader who tolerated corruption . BJP came with a new leader Narendra Modi was a new hope for voters . This was not alone , whole media and public was quite enthusiastic about Narendra Modi and his Gujarat model of development . Amit Shah had also arrived as incharge for Uttar Pradesh BJP’s revival . So, there was clear wave for change and any BJP leader would have won in that condition . That is what we call pot being already filled with water .
  6.  Coming to 2019  situation was difficult. After 5 years , there were many unfulfilled promises . People’s  hopes had not been realized. Crude oil prices had started rising near elections , farmers , anti and pro reservation agitations had taken place . Caste based parties had started uniting . Senior leaders of BJP were talking against Modi and Amit Shah . So, scenario was definitely difficult as shown by Moon Mahadasha . 
  7.  So, what made the difference . The positive points were : undisputed leadership of Modi as PM , his personal integrity , energy , perceived good image and ground work done in villages with good publicity . This time , there was no confusion about leadership , good ground management by Amit Shah , forming all coalitions with regional leaders well in time and selection of young , new faces for MP candidates after looking all equations . By contrast , Congress was fully banking on a failed leader like Rahul Gandhi and occasional leader his sister Priyanka with imaginary issue of corruption in Rafale deal.

That is what astrologers and political analysts did not take into account . A strong captain with a motivated team would win a game despite difficulties.Astrologers did not know what Karma Amit Shah was doing in last one year on the ground .

A crucial planetary yoga was also indicating an abnormal result . There was Saturn-Ketu degree conjunction when result was to come in May 2019. That shows extreme results : either very good majority or very less seats . Last time it was in December 1984 , when Saturn and Ketu were in degree conjunction and Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress had won 415 seats and BJP had just 2 seats . This time the situation reversed . Both time , Ketu had caused a violent event ( Indira’s assassination in October 1984 and Pulwama ,Balakot Strike in Feb 2019 ) just few few months before. Pulwama event had happened on 14th Feb 2019 and by that time Mars antardasha had started for BJP.


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15 thoughts on “Why Astrologers Could Not Predict Big Win for BJP in 2019 Elections ?”

  1. What I am inferring from this answer, is that it’s probably the bad luck and time of the Congress party, Rahul gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi that actually propelled BJP to a thumping victory. In other words, for the lack of a better alternative to BJP, voters had to vote for it again because they knew that Congress party is fractured and doesn’t have a capable leader to win these elections. So it’s probably that astrologers focused on the chart of the BJP party to predict it’s marginal victory, rather than focusing on the Congress party’s chart to predict a humiliating defeat.

    1. BJP chart looked better , not excellent . It is like you scored first division but you turned out to be topper also because others failed . One thinkg which everyone overlooked that elections happened in Saturn+Ketu conjunction which gives extreme results . Last time it happened was in December 1984 after killing of Indira Gandhi when Congress got hightest ever 415 seats and opposition was eliminated.

  2. Dear Astrologer, one question has haunted me for a long time. In every sphere of my life I could not reach the goal like my education, job, marital life or anything of great importance in anybody’s life. My question is what is the cause of my incompleteness? My Dob __ 18/06/1952. Time__ 16.41pm. Place__ Calcutta

    1. Dear Astrologer, I have sent my question but may be my e mail was not posted properly. So I have filled up my profile including my e mail second time. But now what else am I to do? Rita

    2. How is her longevity as she has a very weak constitution & she experienced the last stage of her life twice. …… DoB… 24.10.1990
      Time… 12.45pm
      Place… Calcutta
      (As my first question was cancelled, so consider it the only one).

  3. Sir, I am a new student of Vedic astrology. I found your article very nice. I wanted to ask what is the role of a navamsha chart in case of countries. If I take 15th Aug, 1947 12am as the birth time of India, I see in the namasha moon is with ketu.
    Ever since this government first came in 2014, the masses have undergone a lot of stress. Local business, agriculture all are under stress due to poor implementation of policies and preference to FDI and big businesses. The way the government has been making changes to policies, like the RTI most recently, shows dictatorial traits.
    How does the India chart reflect these tendencies of the current government and will this lead to conflict once the nation enters the mars mahadasha?

    1. Your observations are correct. Moon is otherwise also in 3rd house in Lagna chart and surrounded by 4 planets . In Navansha , it is badly afflicted being in 6th house , with Ketu . So, though visibly current Moon Mahadasha ( 2015 to 2025) will give 3rd House results of Parakrama , internally , it will be sick like Cancer in this Mahadasha. You may read this link for more https://ycshukla.com/effects-of-moon-mahadasha-for-india-till-2025/

      The Mars Mahadasha would be really bad if nothing concrete is done in Moon Mahadasha !

  4. Who said that Astrologer could not predict about the BJP win. actually fake and lier Astrologer are got fail to predict about the BJP’S WINNING. Many Astrologer could predict and were 100% sure about the Bjp’s wins and NARENDRA MODI as PM

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