Why do Indian Politicians Consult Astrologers ?

This is copyrighted by me and it was first published on 16 September 2019 on Quora What is the reason that most Indian politicians believe in and rely heavily on astrology?

    Not only politicians believe and rely heavily on astrology but this is true for any vocation which has big risk reward ratio.

Today’s democracy oriented politics is quite costly and returns are uncertain . In Indian scenario, most first generation politicians start into politics as a second innings profession .

Once new entrants have settled in business , trades or industry or handed over the routine responsibility to their children ,they join politics with the aim of shielding their business from rogue elements like corrupt government officials, criminals or politicians in power. Joining politics saves them from exploitation from the politics. Retired bureaucrats with good links with politicians also try their luck in politics to remain powerful.

Politics being a long haul , uncertainty laden profession, where returns are not defined so, one has to innovate own methods to gain from politics. It could be starting a new business, company to gain a government contract or license , working as liaison person for industrialists and traders and getting the commission , brokerage etc .

All these ventures, favors may be illegal or got only by overlooking rules so whenever the ruling party changes , the fortunes nosedive . In some cases envious opponents may try to spread the news of ill-gotten favors through social media and fortune may become misfortune overnight.

With rags to riches stories being too common in politics , the risks are equally high.

The best current example is politician Azam Khan[1] , who could build own private university when his party was in power, while now being in opposition , he is facing about 100 cases for misappropriation of government property and many criminal activities done when in power . He would be disparate to know when this cycle of bad time would end and there comes the astrologer .

Every professional tries to minimize the risks in his profession by using all knowledge streams through tax consultants, business advisors, insurers, media advisors, technologists or any other expert.

Astrologers are also risk assessors in the sense that they can forecast about duration of upheavals. Imagine about Mr Azam Khan who is now under grip of political storm with his all investments under scanner. At this moment , he desperately would like to know how long it will continue or will it finish him politically.

Fighting an election is a big risk in India as one needs to invest millions but success rate is less than getting selected into IAS .

That is why politicians approach astrologers before Assembly and Parliamentary elections .I also get more calls before elections. Now Haryana and Delhi assembly elections are due in next 2 months and I have already given consultation to few aspirants.

After all, astrology is more for billionaires than for ordinary public because their stakes are too high.

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