Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Though India and Pakistan got freedom at same time , India became secular country while Pakistan chose to be Islamic nation . The current essay details astrological reasons for the same .

Recently India and Pakistan both celebrated 71st anniversary of Independence. These countries were born like twins at almost same time. Astrological effects can be best described through the examples of twin births and I have several of them.

In Twin births ,most of the planet configuration remains same but  change of one or two critical parameters  result in big contrast in nature and characteristics of the twins. India and Pakistan’s birth as twin nation is a very interesting astrological case study but today I am restricting my study only to study of religious aspects of the two countries.

Before we start our discussions on Pakistan and India , we need to discuss briefly about 9 planets’s relationship with God /Faith  and Guna Theory of Planets.    

Indian astrology classifies its 9 planets on various parameters. One such parameter is Guna (गुण ). There are 3 gunas : Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. Let us understand the theory behind Gunas.

We can divide a 24 hour day in 3 different parts based on lighting condition :

1. The maximum lighted part from 8 AM to 4 PM. ( 8 hours)

2. The maximum dark part from 8PM to 4AM ( 8 hours)

3. The 2 mixed parts, joining above parts, from 4AM-8AM & 4PM-8PM ( 8 hours)

The first part , with maximum light has its own characteristics. During this period, one can see long-distance with clarity. There is no scope for confusion, untruth or imagination. One can drive or act with confidence at good speed with least chances of mistakes. This part is termed as Sat (सत -the truth or real) and the property of Sat as Satoguna ( सतोगुण) . Therefore, we can say that satoguna is closely related to light or Jyoti or vision,farsightedness .

The opposite part of above,  is concerned with total darkness and during this period,  there is little chance for truth, reality, clarity of vision while confusion, untruth, imaginary things have a field day. The consequence of the darkness are rise in mistakes , errors of judgement, crimes, accidents, loss of good behaviour, insecurity , blocking of real growth prospects and so on. So, this part was termed as Tama (तम, तमस- Darkness : Sanskrit ) and the property is termed as Tamoguna (तमोगुण ).

The remaining part of time represents joints ( संधि ) of the brightness and darkness periods , hence termed as Sandhya Kaal (संध्या काल ) and in English Evening means leveling or equalising . This time span is neutral in nature and it is a mix of darkness and brightness and it can attain the characteristics of darkness or brightness both. So, this was considered equal to dust ( रज) , which can sit anywhere and its quality is known as Rajoguna (रजोगुण). During this period, your own decision capability can make some difference and  with little effort , you can know the reality, but if you do not make any effort , you may get results of Darkness. The rajoguna provides for equal opportunities for good and bad acts , crimes and its prevention , vision and distortion etc and it is almost a neutral entity.

Now let us come to  classification of 9 astrological planets :

1. Jupiter ( गुरु या बृहस्पति ) – Satoguni

2. Saturn शनि , Mars मंगल , Rahu राहु : Tamoguni

3. Venus शुक्र , Mercury बुध : Rajoguni

4. Sun सूर्य , Moon चन्द्र , Ketu केतु : Can be any of above, Decided by association with above.

Some persons may think why there is only one satoguni planet Jupiter while there are more than one in other categories. The reason is the weightage of Jupiter. Jupiter weighs almost 3 times of total mass of Moon, Mars, Mercury, Earth and Saturn combined together and it is more than 300 times Earth’s mass while Saturn is second heaviest with 90 times Earth’s mass.

Jupiter’s Sanskrit name Guru (गुरु) literally  means heavy. And this quality of Jupiter has been endorsed by NASA , for its protecting ability. NASA found in a study that many small planets, meteors and comets , which are likely to hit Earth , are deflected to Jupiter’s surface because of its excessive gravity pull created by its heaviness and chances of hitting of Earth by such bodies are reduced million times because of Jupiter only. Earth is virtually sitting in the protected cosmic lap of Jupiter.

Jupiter, The Planet Behind Faith in God

The Indian astrology  assigned  this  protective  ability to  Jupiter since  beginning  and  it is the  undisputed  planet  for  Satoguna  or  enlightenment,  vision            ( farsightedness), wisdom, hope,patience. Hope arises from brightness or light and hope is linked to future. So all future planning and its science astrology comes under the purview of Jupiter only. Jupiter being heaviest , remains undeterred (अविचलित) from its stand of truth despite various attacks from its antagonists.

Keeping all these divine qualities , the Jupiter was assigned the portfolio of religion, faith in God or supernatural powers. Its mere presence in any malefic planet combination in Kundli , gives an assurance that trouble will be finally sorted out while its absence is almost  a guarantee for a catastrophe. Sun as ruler of planets is also considered Satoguni by some scholars but it needs Jupiter’s association.

On the contrary , Saturn ( Shani) is planet for Karma ( Action believer) and hence does not believe in faith or religion. Rahu is another planet which has been assigned as planet for so-called rational thinking or secularism. Mars and Ketu are  firm believers in immediate action irrespective of consequences , so all these planets, when alone ,cause Tamoguni actions and create violence.

Moon ,Mercury and Venus are clear Rajoguni planets who would join any of the  Satoguni & Tamoguni planets  and act accordingly.

Now let us analyse the case of India & Pakistan and we begin our case with Pakistan . 

Pakistan’s Chart

Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

Pakistan’s chart has Aries (मेष-1 )ascendant , ruled by Mars (मंगल). Aries sign is first sign hence denotes borders and its planet is considered planet of war and defense. Therefore , since beginning, Pakistan has its focus on expanding the borders ( though it shrinked in 1971 !) by encroaching India and Afghanistan. Pakistan’s ascendant Aries is  without any planet and it is aspected (looked) directly by Guru and 10th aspect by Shani  but direct aspect of Jupiter(Guru) is more powerful than Shani.

Pakistan was born in Rahu Mahadasha with balance period till May 1949 . Rahu is  clearly a planet for scientific, rational and secular thinking. The founder President of Pakistan , Mohd. Ali Jinnah was a living example of secular personality. But ,his family doctor had diagnosed him with TB or  Cancer in 1946 and he was becoming physically  weak each day. Therefore, Mr. Jinnah was in a hurry to become the head of an independent country. And this haste forced him to adopt fanatic approach in politics in his last years of life , insisting  division of India.

Because of Rahu Mahadasha start , when Jinnah achieved his life time ambition of becoming head of a State , he declared on 11 August 1947, that Pakistan will be a secular country where Muslims, Hindu, Sikhs, Christians will have  equal right. Via astrology , we know that this was possible only till May 1949 and after that Mahadasha of Guru , the planet for religion , was to start for 16 years. Therefore, when Jinnah died in September 1948 ,  Pakistan moved on the path of becoming an Islamic Republic.

Pakistan had Shani Mahadasha  from  May 1965  to May 1984 . During this period, the religion theory on which Pakistan was formed was shattered because Shani (Saturn) is a non-believer in Religion. Shani aspects Lagna of Pakistan , so it punished Pakistan for not being secular or agnostic as promised before independence by its founder . Pakistan fought two wars in Sept 1965 and December 1971 during Shani Mahadsha and it was reduced to half .Religion could not unite the country , on which it was founded, and language became a bigger issue than religion in creation of Bangladesh.

Budha ( Mercury) Mahadasha from May 1984  to May 2001 had less religious overtones as Budha is a Rajasik planet , though it rules 3rd house of neighbours and 6th house of disputes in Aries lagna . Therefore in this period ,Pakistan was involved with internal affairs of  Afghanistan ( Ruling via Taliban) &  India( Kargil war and terrorism ) .

 Ketu is another planet for religious extremism  so  Pakistan had close interaction with Taliban ( Represented by Ketu, the headless planet for mindless violence) during 2001-2008 and Pakistan converted to  a full orthodox religious country and Blasphemy law started during this period , in which even saying that one does not believe in God , will invite death sentence. Its two time PM Benazir Bhutto who could become PM third time, was killed in election rally by  Taliban attack in 2008 .India also faced the heat by 9/11 actions of USA  and  deployment of armed forces on border after parliament attack happened. 

After 2008, Pakistan is currently undergoing Shukra Mahadasha till 2028 and it is again a Rajasik planet , so it will continue in its present violent state as Venus is Maaraka ( fatal) for Aries ascendant and it may slowly  lose its relevance in world politics during this period, getting internally sick and incapacitated. The emphasis on religion would get diluted during this period but undercurrent will still remain. 

India’s Chart  

Why India is Secular Country & Pakistan is not ?

 India’s ascendant is Taurus (वृष -2) and Rahu is placed in that house. Rahu as explained earlier , is secular in nature if it is not associated with Guru. Therefore, India , by nature and tradition , remains truly secular at heart.

Indian leaders had full freedom to declare it a Hindu Nation, when India was divided on religious lines but Rahu factor did not let it happen . Also, India started with Shani  Mahadasha till 1965.  Saturn is  the atheist planet so India was governed by a true secular leader Pt. Nehru till 1964. India also did not go for ethnic cleansing of Muslims as Pakistan did for Hindus and Sikhs and still doing so, to  its 2% minority population.  

 From 1965  to 1982, India was under Mercury’s ( Budh) Mahadasha , which is again religiously neutral Rajasik planet, so status quo was maintained during this period also. But Ketu Mahadasha in 1982-1989 , caused  Sikh religious riots and like Benazir killing by Taliban in Pakistan in Ketu Mahadasha, PM Indira Gandhi was killed in 1984 by Sikh extremists in Indian Ketu Mahadasha , after operation Blue Star  in Golden temple in June 1984. 

Presence of Rahu in ascendant did not alter the secular character of India even after 1989, though BJP aroused religious sentiments in 1989-93 period of Venus-Venus antardasha . Venus (Shukra) being a Rajasik planet , BJP lost its religious ground soon after demolition of disputed structure in Ayodhya and it shifted its  political stand  to patriotism.

Venus Mahadasha has ended in 2009 and country is still secular.But 2009 onward till 2015 we have Surya ( Sun) and after that , till 2025 Moon Mahadasha  of India . Sun and Moon are considered natural enemies for Rahu and Sun is considered slightly religious / Saatvik planet( planet of light) also, therefore , during these periods, secularism ( Rahu) will become slightly weak ,and religious issues may come up again on forefront of politics. But this time it will not be in pure religious symbols, but it will be more in the name of Nationalism and governance , which are Sun’s natural significations.

 But one thing is still very clear that, as long as, we have the present constitutional set up of 1947, Rahu in ascendant assures us that India will not be a religious country at least till Guru Mahadasha starts in 2050.   

Conclusions :

  If a country is destined to become secular or religious depending upon  birth time , we ordinary people are definitely bound by planetary effects of  destiny, to become theist (आस्तिक) or atheist (नास्तिक ) as per our planetary situation at birth or with change of  Mahadasha . So next time , you see somebody debating zealously on God’s existence  or Non-existence , on various social sites , you can understand the cosmic reason behind such behaviour.

But an astrologer very well knows all the time that this debate is meaningless , because nature created both, for supplementing each other and they are not going to change in this life and will stick to their inborn instinct.  

Business Applications of Above Knowledge :

 The Gun Theory (Satoguna , Rajoguna, Tamoguna ) has great applications in running of a family, business or a company. Each employee is born with major percentage of one  of  the three  Gunas , various  assignments in a  business are also divided on guna  basis .Like strategic  planning  needs  a person  with vision which comes under Saatvik Guna and hence Jupiter dominated personality suits more in strategic planning while a Shani personality will be a great failure there but will be good for routine operations. Employees can deliver best results when their  natural Guna matches with the Guna of activity / assigned  job . 

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