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If you are searching a life coach , mentor , astrologer or guide in the time of crisis , when nobody may help you in getting a clear picture of the future path , then you have come to the right website .

  My name is  Y C Shukla . I had voluntary retirement from post of Asst GM in Powergrid Corporation of India and NTPC in 2012 after 24 years working .

  I have done B Tech (1988) from Lucknow University, PGDM ( 1995) , LLB and a Jyotish Acharya Diploma in 2002 from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi , under famous astrologer Sh K.N. Rao.

I applied my astrological learning in solving day to day problems in my personal and professional life for next 10 years and thereafter I started my own online consultation for astrology in 2013 at ycshukla.com. As an engineer , I believe in behavioural astrology as per prevailing planetary conditions in one’s chart to get benefited and avoid unnecessary situations and losses .

  I have advised few thousand clients in last 8 years of my online consultation and my most clients come from Corporate , NRI or professional background , who love to understand their astrological chart and get insight from planetary situation to modify their life in positive direction , instead of doing costly remedies of gemstone and Lal Kitab. Explanation is my forte and you are welcome to consult me if you like my approach . You may visit my Quora Answers for a glimpse of my way of consulting on astrology.



You Need To Know The Reason Behind Your Problem To Solve It At Root Level

Once Lord Buddha was sitting with a rope in his hand . His disciples were curious to know what he would do with that rope . He tied 3 knots in that rope and then asked his disciples ” Is it the same rope now ?”.  A disciple said ” Though externally it appears changed due to 3 knots but internally , it remains the same rope .” 

Then Lord Buddha said that he wanted to open up those 3 knots and for that he started pulling rope from both ends . After failing to untie the rope, he asked again ” Can these knots be opened by pulling from both the ends ?” 

The disciple said  ” No, No , that will further tighten the knots !”

Lord Buddha asked the disciple way to untie those knots . 

The disciple said ” To untie these knots , I will have to see how these knots were tied and then only we can untie them .”

Lord Buddha said ” That is the fact which people do not understand ! People want to solve their problems without knowing how the problem was created . They want instant solutions , without going deeper into their behaviour and want to untie the knots by pulling both ends forcefully , which only worsens the problem. ”

   Astrology helps in understanding how the problem was created . Every problem we face has two dimensions : At seed level and then at environment level . If these two do not match then crop would not grow . For seed , we need to know the horoscope and for environment , we need to know habits and working environment of a person.  

  Swami Sivananda tells sequence from Karma to Destiny in above image :       ActionTendency HabitCharacterDestiny

And this destiny map is available like company’s annual balance sheet via our Birth Chart . If we want to change this destiny for better , we need to know current accumulation , habits , character which a birth chart clearly explains and then we need to change our actions & habits so that we can change our destiny .

That is why I do not recommend quick short cut remedies and recommend behaviour modification after looking at your chart to change destiny , similar to doctor recommending lifestyle changes based on your medical test report .   

My Jyotish qualifications

Jyotish Alankar

Completed Jyotish Alankar Course from Institute of Astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in June 2001.

Jyotish Acharya

Completed Jyotish Acharya Course from Institute of Astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi in June 2002.

Bronze Medal in Jyotish Alankar

Awarded Bronze Medal in Jyotish Alankar Course by Respected Sh K.N. Rao

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Our Consultation Fee

Horoscope Consultation

  • Fee For Indian Client (Rs) 3000

  • For Non Resident Client $100 by Wise.com

Content : 1 hour phone consultation with 3 page details of Lagna, Moon , Navansha , Transit Charts , with Vinshottari Mahadasha details.


Horoscope Matching

Fee For Indian Client (Rs) 3000

  • Fee For Non Resident Client $100 by Wise.com

Content : 1 hour phone consultation with 6-7 Page report in pdf including both charts, Dasha Tables , Ashtakoot Milan Table ,Shani Transit Chart, Mangalik, Nadi dosha etc and comments on that .

Follow up on Earlier Chart

  • Fee for Indian Clients (Rs) 2500

  • Fee For Non-Resident Client $ 50 by Wise.com

Content : 1 hour phone consultation on same chart with respect to changes in transit and dasha.

Fee for Clients Calling from India & Middle East / S.E. Asian Countries

Horoscope Matching

  • Fee For Middle East Client (Rs) 3500

Horoscope Consultation

  • Fee For Middle East Client (Rs) 3500

Follow up on Earlier Chart

  • Fee for Middle East Clients (Rs) 3000

Fee for Overseas Clients (Except M.E. / S.E. Asia)

Horoscope Matching

$ 100
  • Fee For Overseas Client 100 USD or Rs 8000

Horoscope Consultation

$ 100
  • For Overseas Client 100 USD (Rs 8000)

Follow up on Earlier Chart

$ 50
  • Fee For Overseas Client 50 USD (Rs 4000)



    Yash Shukla


    Explanation is my forte . I try to explain the astrological chart ( Kundli) to my clients and motivate them to follow the change in their behaviour , in line with their Kundli , Mahadasha and current transit . This gives permanent and immediate results ( as per Karma Theory) more effective than merely wearing gemstones or doing Lal Kitab kind of remedies.

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