Astrology for Depression Treatment

Astrology for Depression Treatment


दुःख और डिप्रेशन  से कैसे बाहर निकलें  ?

This is a Great  Story (from Mahabharata ) for  Overcoming  Depression After Any Tragedy in Life … 

Astrology for Depression Treatment

After the war had ended and Yudhisthira was crowned as King , Yudhisthira lost his interest in administrative work of the Kingdom. People would come to his Court with some problems but King Yudhisthira would keep on discussing and lamenting the loss of so many kith and kins in war.

He would start telling the visitors about his grief and would say that it was a worthless war that he fought and lost all his near and dears. People would listen and King Yudhisthira was all the time in so much in depression ,that he would postpone the required action on administrative issues .

This way things started deteriorating and different sort of problems started due to inaction on part of the new King. Since he was King , nobody dared  tell Yudhisthira about such bad habit , he acquired after becoming king.

So, other Pandava brothers  and kins decided to complain about this to Lord Krishna when he was scheduled to visit . Lord Krishna was told about the procrastination habit and fixation of Yudhisthira on war events and related deaths .

Lord Krishna when asked Yudhisthira about this bad habit , King Yudhisthira replied ” O  Lord ! I have no intention to skip my kingly responsibilities but what should I do ? Whenever I want to do my routine work , I get the memories of war and the destruction it caused so I am unable to concentrate on my current work . “

Lord Krishna decided to solve this problem with the help of an elder and most senior elder available at that time was Bhishma Pitamah waiting for death on arrow-bed. So, Lord Krishna went to him alone and told the whole story to him. Bhishma asked lord Krishna to come with Yudhisthira next evening.

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Next evening , Lord Krishna arrived with King Yudhisthira to meet Bhishma Pitamah but Yudhisthira was not aware that Pitamah knew his current problem. So, in ordinary course of discussions , Pitamah raised the point that he had heard from public that Yudhisthira was not taking interest in kingly duties.

Yudhisthira gave same reply what was given to Lord Krishna and Pitamah also agreed with his reasoning . Then Pitamah asked Yudhisthira that he should declare to whole world that he had become a King and accomplished something. For this he should organise a great Get-Together function , where he should invite other friendly kings and acquaintances . Yudhisthira agreed to this wish of Bhishma and promised to organise it at grand level very soon .

After returning from that meeting , Yudhisthira called his brothers and officers and ordered them to start preparing for such Rajsuya Yagya as Emperors used to do those days. An auspicious day after one month was chosen for the congregation. A lot of preparation and planning started and people started acting  to make the event memorable .

After one month , at scheduled day , the festival happened . So many kings and old acquaintances  of Pandavas and Lord Krishna gathered , had talks , discussions , enjoyed the song and dance programs with grand feast . The event ended successfully .

After the festival ended,  Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira that they should go to meet Pitamah and tell him that his wish had been fulfilled . They went to meet Pitamah . After few minutes courtesy talks, Pitamah asked Lord Krishna ” Does general public still make complaint about King’s loss of interest in governance ? “

Lord Krishna replied ” No Pitamah ! on the contrary they are praising now King’s fast decision-making and quick actions on matters of governance. “

Yudhisthira was at a loss to understand the whole conversation so he asked Pitamah what they were discussing about him.

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Then Bhisma explained the whole issue to Yudhisthira , which is relevant to all of us , all the time in each human being’s life .

He said ” O dear grand son ! Lord Krishna had told me about your disinterest in governance of Kingdom  and I confirmed it with you also. I could also have advised you in words to stop thinking about past tragedies but it would not have  worked , just as you ignored Lord Krishna’s  advice .

Remember Yudhisthira ! we are more destroyed by thinking over miseries of past events than the actual events could damage when they happened. Mahabharta war ended after 18 days but that war  is still continuing in your mind’s memory and preventing you from your current responsibilities .

This can continue for indefinite period until another good or bad event takes place . Our mind has the habit to keep alive the memory of latest event . Therefore , a bad event memory just cannot be wished away but  it will be automatically suppressed when another big event takes place .

Now it is not certain when  next big event will happen and it is also not certain that next event will be generating any good memories only.

Therefore , only way out is to plan a good event yourself and get involved in that real and physical event. That is why I asked you to conduct a grand event of Rajsuya Yagya. Once you got a new real project, your mind had to leave the imaginary bad memories of past because mind can do only one task at a time .

Only a  lonely person , with lot of time , resources and no risk of losing livelihood or life has the luxury of observing melancholy and sorrow for departed souls and that is what you were doing.

Once you get real issues in life , which are  more important and directly affecting you , you will get out of such inaction . So , making an event successful became your real issue and your mind got away from bad memories. Further , each new action of preparation will generate new good memories and those will suppress all bad old memories .

Finally , the festival day or peak event will certainly generate new memories because of meeting with old acquaintances and happy events memories will put the last nail in coffin of bad memories. By achieving a project completion, your confidence level will also be boosted. “

Yudhisthira profusely thanked Bhishma Pitamah for his great insight and getting him out of depression and again putting him in normal mode .

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This story is relevant to all of us in life . We all have deaths in our family and each death may be very traumatic for some near relative like son-mother-father-brother, husband-wife  etc .

Sometimes the intensity of death may affect the mind of a really affected relative and such persons may commit suicide also . Because of all these possibilities of depression , we have many physical rituals starting just after a death . We are not sure how these rituals affect the departed soul but Bhishma’s story tells the real importance of such acts and these do help the living family members .

In Hindus, the family, where death happens  immediately gets into a big action by following many rituals and the peak happens after 10 or 13 days , when a feast is organised for all distant and near relatives . The preparation part is no less than a marriage preparation.

People may not come in a marriage but they do come in such events . They meet each other, talk about many worldly and esoteric things and this way the family members get more new and better memories which suppress the bad,  death event memories .

As an astrologer,  I see a great astrological value in this story and after death feast of Hindus. In astrology , the Saturn is considered the minister of miseries and worries and death is ultimate of all such miseries. So, the death event marks the maximum bad effect of Saturn , the planet for darkness and dukha. And it is not necessary that bad time will create only one death . The intense bad time can cause multiple death events also and many times it  happens also  in very short period.

So, Hindu rituals include shaving all hairs ( Saturn’s black or dark  signification) by males ( represented by Mars , the planet of masculinity and arch enemy of Saturn) and thus reducing probability of such misfortune.

Jupiter is the planet with remedial characteristics to counter  Saturn’s actions . Worship , Puja and donating food and other things  fall under Jupiter’s domain and that counters  the ill effects of Saturn . People coming for feast , have better Jupiter’s protective effect than family of departed person at that time , so their gathering at one place effectively counters the ill effects of  Saturn by aggregate Jupiter effect like crowd contributing for a moneyless person.

After about 2 weeks from death event, Saturn would have moved away from the worst position and so life can start again in positive direction  and aggrieved family members’s  senses become normal by then .

Though this  example is about extreme sorrow called death but it equally applies to any failure in life and consequent depression .

To get away from that , you have to just start a new real, physical  project instead of focussing on failure and past tense all the time. It need not be a costly and big project but it should have adequate physical action. In one such case of a wealthy lady , I advised her to spend some hours in crowded market place or travel in a crowded local train for a month and it worked .

Sitting alone with all facilities at disposal is the best invitation for continuing with Saturn’s gift of depression but  it leaves the moment person  starts acting.

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  1. Something new kind of explanation. excellent. the problem here is that before it was Arjun who got depressed and Krishna gave his advices to start the war to annihilate the adharmic enemies but after the victory , quite surprisingly, it was Lord. Yudishtra who became depressed as all of them have lost their relatives and families and therefore he could administer the kingdom properly is a paradox indeed. Here Bhishma Pitamahar came to his rescue. the questionb how yudishtra did not even listen to Krishna’s advice to ward off depression is very symbolic. His nature is such that he always stannd by the side of Dharma. am still perplxed how Lord.Krishna too Ydishtra to Bhishma who is already in the death bed. He would have got further aggravated by looking at him or worsened him further but it did not happen is surprising . anyway, it is a good tacticts to ward of depression by celebratibg Raja suy Yangya on an astrologically predicted date and became a success.

    1. Thanks for compliments .

      I think message is more important than seeking historic proof for such event . Astrological interpretations are mine . I had heard the story from a Bhagvat Puraan preacher in my childhood.

  2. This is really -a wonderful post for all our problems in the present world…….which grips us mentally…..and allows us to see things in a different perspective. The combo of Mahabharata and Astrology – gives such valuable knowledge……Jai Ho……

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