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Name of Bank - ICICI Bank
Savings Account Number - 218101002212
Email ID - ycshukla67(at)gmail.com
IFSC Code - ICIC0002181
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Other Terms & Conditions

1. Though I also provide email answer to 2 questions like requests,  my recommendation is for LIVE phone / Zoom consultation for an hour, where emphasis is on understanding, so that your way of thinking changes towards right decision-making and stop useless thinking. My consultation includes my general, academic experience, common sense  apart from astrology.

2. There is no gemstone or special Puja recommendation on my behalf but if you believe in them, you should keep on doing the same , as I believe that behaviour modification is more effective than gemstones.

3. Advice works best when there is good Jupiter influence in your chart at the time of the consultation, while bad Saturn influence will require more efforts. The advice is given in interactive session of 1 hour, so be patient, listen attentively and discuss your issues. You may note down main points during the call. 90% issues get discussed in 1 hour, but if you still have few questions left, you may send email within 2 days and those will be replied by email.

4. Those who, have lot of hesitations, confusions, disbelief due to earlier bad experiences from fake, greedy,  uneducated astrologers or those who find the consultation fee as excessive, should not seek consultation, as fee charged is no value for a professional and honest advice and that happens only when Jupiter is good in your chart. It would be better if you read many astrological essays written by me and get convinced and then only opt for consultancy. It will save me from the convincing exercise.

5. Fee is Non-Refundable, once paid, as most of the time has already been spent on studying your horoscope, which starts after receiving the payment .

6. Your acceptance of the offer and payment of fee means that you intend to listen the behavioural methods for astrological conditions.

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