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  Fee  Structure 

   1. Horoscope Consultation

  • Fee For Indian Client (Rs) 3000

  • Fee for Middle East / South East Asian Countries : Rs 3500
  • For Overseas Client other than Middle East and South East Asian countries $100 by Wise.com or pay equivalent  amount by Indian Bank account. Visit this link  https://wise.com/in/send-money/send-money-to-india .

Content : 1 hour phone/ Zoom  consultation with 3 page details of Lagna, Moon , Navansha , Transit Charts , with Vinshottari Mahadasha details.

2. Horoscope Matching

Content : 1 hour phone consultation with 6-7 Page report in pdf including both charts, Dasha Tables , Ashtakoot Milan Table ,Shani Transit Chart, Mangalik, Nadi dosha etc and comments on that .

3.  For Horoscope Matching Opinion on PDF (No phone Call) .

If you get a new proposal and want just preliminary matching , go for this.

Rs 1000 for Indian caller , Rs 2500 or 30 USD  for Foreign Clients.by going to this link  https://wise.com/in/send-money/send-money-to-india

4. Follow up on Earlier Chart

Content : 1 hour phone consultation on same chart with respect to changes in transit and dasha.

5. Learning Financial or Basic Astrology

Rs 18000 for Indian residents and  300 US $ by Wise.com . Go to this link https://wise.com/in/send-money/send-money-to-india

6.  Muhurta Selection fee Rs 2000 and 50$ by Wise.com .Go to this link https://wise.com/in/send-money/send-money-to-india

Other Terms & Conditions

1.  Unlike most astrologers who give email reports, my consultation is based on phone consultation for an hour , where emphasis is on understanding , so that your way of thinking changes towards right decision-making and stop useless thinking. My consultation includes my general, academic experience, common sense  apart from astrology.

2. There is no gemstone or special Puja recommendation on my behalf , but if you believe in them , you should keep on doing the same as I believe that behaviour modification is more effective than gemstones.

3. Advice works best when there is good Jupiter influence in your chart while Saturn influence will require more efforts . Advice is based on interactive session of 1 hour so be patient , listen attentively and discuss your issues .You may note down main points during call.  90% issues get discussed in 1 hour , but if you still have few questions left , you may send email  within a week and those will be replied by email .

4. Those who, have lot of hesitations , confusions , disbelief  due to earlier bad experiences from fake, greedy ,  uneducated astrologers or those who find the consultation fee as excessive, should not seek  consultation, as fee charged is no value for a professional and honest advice and that happens only when Jupiter is good in your chart. It would be better if you read many astrological essays written at YCShukla’s Blog  and get convinced and then only opt for  consultancy. It will save me from convincing exercise.

5.  Fee is Non-Refundable, once paid, as time has already been spent on studying your horoscope . 

6. Your acceptance of the offer and payment of fee means that you intend to listen the behaviour methods for astrological conditions.

Fee for Clients Calling from India & Middle East / S.E. Asian Countries

Horoscope Matching

  • Fee For Middle East Client (Rs) 3500

Horoscope Consultation

  • Fee For Middle East Client (Rs) 3500

Follow up on Earlier Chart

  • Fee for Middle East Clients (Rs) 3000

Fee for Overseas Clients (Except M.E. / S.E. Asia)

Horoscope Matching

$ 100
  • Fee For Overseas Client 100 USD or Rs 7000

Horoscope Consultation

$ 100
  • For Overseas Client 100 USD (Rs 7000)

Follow up on Earlier Chart

$ 50
  • Fee For Overseas Client 50 USD (Rs 3500)

Use Wise.com to pay in dollars from your foreign bank account  or International  Debit / Credit Card .

Go to this link https://wise.com/in/send-money/send-money-to-india .

You can pay equivalent amount in Indian Rupee by Indian Bank transfer also.

My Email for Wise payment is ycshukla67@gmail.com .



Yash Shukla


Explanation is my forte . I try to explain the astrological chart ( Kundli) to my clients and motivate them to follow the change in their behaviour , in line with their Kundli , Mahadasha and current transit . This gives permanent and immediate results ( as per Karma Theory) more effective than merely wearing gemstones or doing Lal Kitab kind of remedies.

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