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How to Increase Your Luck Factor in Life ?

How to Increase Your Luck Factor in Life ?

When we use astrology to read a horoscope , we generally predict good or bad luck period for a given duration . I have written in one of the posts about When Destiny Takes a Turn.

The luck factor shown by horoscope is more like period of natural rain so we can get it at its destined time only . Now people who consult me , ask how  they can improve their luck factor in normal time .

When there are no rains , we need to do extra effort like digging a borewell to get water . Same way , luck can also  be harnessed via efforts and that follows from law of Karma which you can read in post Action & Destiny .

How to Increase Luck Factor

Dr. Richard Wiseman, a professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK has written a book called ” The Luck Factor “. 

Dr. Wiseman  conducted many  interviews  and did research on luck and lucky people over a decade .Based on that, he wrote a book called The Luck Factor which suggests an alternative way of looking at luck. He believes that there is a luck “factor” and he terms luck as a skill which can be increased by using simple techniques which will boost your luck confidence and success in life.

The 4 Principles of Luck Factor Increase

Dr Wiseman says in his book that there are 4 basic principles of increasing your luck factor which are quoted below from his book and quoted at this site :

Principle 1 – Maximize Your Chance Opportunities

In chapter three, Dr. Wiseman writes that lucky people build and maintain a strong ‘network of luck’, which means to say that people can become lucky by increasing the number of interactions that they make. And that lucky people are open to new experiences. When you are open to receive whatever that comes to you, you are allowing opportunities to enter into your life too.

Chapter 4: Principle 2 – Listen to Your Lucky Hunches

The author says that lucky people believe and listen to their gut feelings. Your intuition plays an important role in giving you direction in many situations. And Dr. Wiseman also writes that you can learn how to boost your intuition by assessing how well it has paid off and by learning from your previous experiences.

Chapter 5: Principle 3 – Expect Good Fortune

According to Dr. Wiseman, lucky people tend to expect that their luck will continue and they expect everything that they do will turn out good. He also says that luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. When you expect opportunities, you will often focus on them, which will eventually lead you to find them.

Chapter 6: Principle 4 – Turn Your Bad Luck into Good

In this final principle, Dr. Wiseman talks about how lucky people see the positive of their bad luck. And lucky people believe that any ill fortune or problems will turn out to be the best in the long run. When you treat bad luck purely as feedback, you can learn from the situation and move on to a better future. Perhaps, the best description for this is “the harder you work, the luckier you get”.

Therefore , we can see the similarities between the eastern and western thought . Increasing the efforts will certainly improves one’s success probability . Interacting with more people will bring you nearer to more lucky people , listening to your hunches or intuitions is basically 9th house of luck in horoscope . And good luck follows a bad luck in a cycle.

That is what I call as Behavioural astrology . It is better to follow hints given by horoscope and applied in real life using 4 Principles of Dr Wiseman.


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