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Learn Basics of Financial Astrology to Avoid Losses & Earn Good Return !

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Stock investment is about being optimistic about FUTURE but without knowing the basics about FUTURE , you are just shooting in the dark . Vedic Astrology is the only knowledge which can give you some advance idea about impending booms and crashes in market .

If you invest in stock markets and commodities exchange , you must be aware of hidden future shocks , caused by Global Events and sudden developments like winning of Donald Trump or Demonetization of high denomination Currency notes in India .

Though nobody can see the Future like a video , still one can have a fair idea of possibilities in future , using Astrological transits , using common sense and planet’s changes into Zodiac signs. With a small investment in this online course , you can save yourself from future investment shocks and also have million dollar opportunities in coming years. You will not panic when markets are in turmoil and convert them in opportunities .

Read below many essays , how the change of planets brought major upheavals in stock market .

Can Anyone Learn Financial astrology ?

Yes , if you can learn driving in a motor training school , you can learn basic principles of financial astrology and then practice yourself with paper trading and then start using them in your investment decisions .

What is The Fee & Procedure ?

Fee is Rs 15000/- ( US$ 300 – Rs 20000/- for NRIs ) payable in advance . It is a 5 session online course , each of 90-120 minutes , done over Anydesk / Skype Video / Whtasapp / Phone call with email / phone / offline Study material support .


1. Send email at ycshukla67@gmail.com , expressing your interest , background , your date / time / place of birth and your short history of stock market experience . You will be asked to pay Rs 15000/- ( US$ 300 by Paypal ) if your request for learning is accepted . Bank Details are available here http://ycshukla.com/consultation-fee
2. Each person’s chart hints an investment style which should be followed in market . Some may be good in long term investing , some in day trading and some in derivative trading .
3. Your personal chart will be discussed in last session and what best approach in investing you can follow, will be told to you .

Content :

1. In first session , the installation and use of free astrological software will be explained to get the dates of planetary transits and yoga . Procedure to find out the next planetary change and creating a time table for such changes will be explained.
First part of characteristics and nature of 12 Zodiac Signs will be discussed with respect to business sectors .
2. In second session , remaining part of Signs and 9 Planets will be explained with respect to business sectors and companies in Indian stock markets.
3. In third session, the effect of Saturn transit on various business sectors will be explained to know the time of big changes in business sectors .
4. In fourth session , the different yogas ( combinations) formed by big planets through conjunction , opposition and aspect will be explained which give rise to main indices like NIFTY in Indian stock market .
5. The fifth and Final session will discuss your personal chart with respect to investment / earning and any doubts in previous sessions can be discussed .

Other Terms & Conditions

1. Only Indian stock market charts will be discussed .
2. Usual timing of sessions : Indian Time : 10AM to 12 Noon , 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM, 7 to 9 PM but these can be adjusted on mutual requests . For US / Canada clients , it can be done in morning 8.30 AM ( IST) or on holidays as per mutual adjustments .
2. All the 5 sessions need to be completed within 15 days of fee payment . Any new / repeat session will cost Rs 2000/- ( 50US$) after one month .
3. The course is for education purposes only and it does not guarantee to make you expert investor after completion of the course . A lot of self practice can make you expert in a year when you can use it in your investment decisions . You may keep following my blog to read astro analysis of future events .

Essays on Financial Astrology

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Explanation is my forte . I try to explain the astrological chart ( Kundli) to my clients and motivate them to follow the change in their behaviour , in line with their Kundli , Mahadasha and current transit . This gives permanent and immediate results ( as per Karma Theory) more effective than merely wearing gemstones or doing Lal Kitab kind of remedies.

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