What is Yogini Dasha System in Indian Astrology ?

(This is copyrighted by me and it was first published on 12 July 2019 on Quora Should Yogini Dasha be given importance, especially Sankata Dasha ?)

Yogini Dasha system has been prevalent among astrologers in Himalayan area of India like Uttarakhand. Many astrologers suggest that it works better with Moon Chart .

The plus point of this Dasha system is its short cycle length so its accuracy can be more . It has total 36 years cycle divided into 8 parts in which Rahu-Ketu are included in one Dasha called Sankata Dasha .

This Dasha has following sequence in 36 year cycle :

  1. Mangla for 1 year and it is controlled by Moon . This is for achieving good results like marriage , child birth ( Mangal Karya )
  2. Pingala for 2 years and it is controlled by Sun . This may cause boss, governmental favour / punishment .
  3. Dhanya for 3 years and it is controlled by Jupiter. This is good for general well being , spiritual exposure and wealth accumulation if Jupiter is well placed .
  4. Bhramari for 4 years and it is controlled by Mars. This period can make you wander to new , adventurous or risky places / activities.
  5. Bhadrika for 5 years and it is controlled by Mercury. This is good for learning , communicating and academic exposure .
  6. Ulka for 6 years and it is controlled by Saturn. This period may brings difficult phases in career transformation etc . Ulka means falling asteroids.
  7. Siddha for 7 years and it is controlled by Venus. This is considered good for achieving new milestones in life .
  8. Sankata for 8 years and it is controlled by Rahu ( Ketu) . That again shows periods of confusion , loss of direction, wastage of energy due to wandering in different places , meeting new people , doing new things in life.

This dasha is good in the sense that its very name gives broad hint of the quality of the incoming dasha period . Again , its period being smaller compared to Vinshottari period , you need to calculate up to antardasha period only .

Its calculation can be done mentally as it is very easy 1 to 8 years in sequence . Its antardasha formula is also easy . You simply multiply the years and divide by 3 and you will get period in months. For example , Ulka-Siddha period would be 6×7/3 which would be 14 months period.

Sankata dasha is most lengthy period with 8 years period . This will give results related to houses where Rahu-Ketu are placed . This dasha may cause relocation and meeting new people , settling in alien places etc .

Over all Yogini Dasha is a good alternate dasha system which should be used along with Vinshottari Mahadasha for confirmation of the results.

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