Why is Moon so important in Astrology

Why is Moon so important in Astrology

I had written one Quora answer and following is quoted from that answer :

Assume there is a big joint family with grand parents , uncles & aunties , parents and siblings including you with your wife .

Now suppose your wife delivered a baby !

This nascent baby is the center of attraction and sensitivity for all family members . But this baby does nothing , takes no responsibility , has its own schedule of sleeping , eating , crying and its daily chores are taken care of by all family members . If baby falls sick nobody in the house can feel easy and it is everybody’s concern . If baby is happy and smiling , it is everyone’s joy . All other issues of family becomes trivial with respect to this baby .

Baby also has no reservation against any family member and it can go to anybody’s lap , so it is liked by all and it is nobody’s enemy.

You see that the smallest and youngest member of the family is most important member in family despite having no responsibility . This baby represents hope and happiness for everyone .

Moon is just like this baby among 9 member family of astrological planets . On its own , it has no significant value but it represents our hope and happiness . It is planet for our sensitivity and emotions.

If we remove this baby , other members of family are just like gadgets doing their routine task for assigned life after which everything will end . It is the Moon which engages , motivates and pushes us forward in life with hopes for improvement and touching new horizons .

It represents mother , emotions , sensitivity , imagination , mind etc . Whichever house it goes , it will tell about these parameters in that house . For example , Moon in 6th house will show problems to emotions , mother , mind .

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