Effects of Moon Mahadasha for India till 2025

Effects of Moon Mahadasha for India till 2025

India Got freedom on Midnight of 14/ 15th August 1947 . Accordingly ,Indian Chart of freedom is as given below :

Effects of Moon Mahadasha for India till 2025

I have discussed Indian Chart in detail in my India-Pakistan Analysis at this link Why India is a secular country Pakistan is not ?

A major change has happened in September 2015 with respect to this chart of India . The Sun Mahadasha of 6 years has ended and Moon period has started for 10 years . 

Effects of Moon Mahadasha for India till 2025

Before we deliberate on Moon Mahadasha possibilities , let us summarize the earlier Mahadashas in brief :

Saturn Till 1965

In 1947-1965 period , India was busy in casting foundations of new country by building democratic institutions , big industries, mostly in public sector and launching of popular schemes . Saturn relates to hardwork , scarcity , problems and also calls for reforms in overlooked areas .

India was developing in all spheres during this period like  industries, IITs, electricity boards , dams , public sector companies etc were set up during this period .

But defence sector was deliberately ignored by peace loving PM Nehru. Saturn does not like such lethargic attitude in any sector , so it gave a big blow by Indo-China war in 1962 and Indo-Pak war in 1965 , which forced govt. to pay adequate attention to defence also and we won 1971 war  . Agriculture was also ignored , so famines happened and govt had to take steps  about grains self sufficiency by opening agricultural institutes and fertilizer factories. 

Mercury ( 1965 to 1982 ) 

Mercury is a soft planet for education ,sports ,communication , self importance and propaganda .  Indians started going to western countries for higher education in this period , communication satellites and color TV transmission were launched. Nuclear explosion brought India into prominence and Asiad Games were organised . Mercury is for written statutes, intellectual debates and disputes , so India also faced Constitutional amendments and imposition of Emergency during this period .

Ketu ( 1982-89)

Ketu is a headless planet and it denotes mindless violence, called terrorism. India got introduced to this violence through Sikh terrorism which resulted in 1984 Blue Star operation, Indira Gandhi’s assassination and subsequent Anti-Sikh riots . Ketu is placed in 7th house of opposition, so Pakistan was openly behind this terrorism.

Venus (1989-2009)

Venus is lord of ascendant in India’s chart , so this was the best Dasha for India. Venus is planet for consumption , glamour , film industry , cosmetics , comfort , attractiveness and expenditure .

So, this period saw India opening its economy to foreigners , which resulted into arrival of latest consumer goods , electronics ,cosmetics, textiles, jewellery,  automobiles , computers from western countries . India got foreign investment in setting up new factories and companies .Consumer spending skyrocketed in this period. Bollywood cinema became world class and movie themes shifted to NRI lifestyle . 

Electricity production , TV Channels, Internet ,metro rail, AC trains, air travel , mobile phones saw a quantum jump in this period.

Stock market was opened and Foreign money was invested into stock markets , so it achieved new growth during Venus period. Electronic trading and setting of NSE happened in this period only. India achieved double digit GDP growth from earlier 3-4% growth , its foreign currency reserves touched 300 billion dollars while in 1991 , it had take loan on gold reserves. 

On negative side , India underwent  major corruption and scams during this period and Kargil war happened . Still, this can be considered golden period for India .

Sun ( 2009-2015)

 Except Ketu period , All periods of Saturn, Mercury and Venus may be considered good as these planets are ascendant lord friendly . 

From 2009 onward till 2032, Sun, Moon and Mars periods would not be as good because these planets belong to opposite group of Venus, the ascendant lord .

In India’s chart, Sun is lord of 4th house of insults while Sun always  denotes rulers , bosses etc , so this period saw public sentiments going against rulers . Scam cases were investigated against ministers , MP, MLAs for bribes , spectrum auction, coal mines, commonwealth games related scams etc.

Anti-govt. and anti-corruption movement were launched and demand for independent Lokpal bill was raised . Supreme Court became quite active and supervised all the CBI investigations. Indian PM Manmohan Singh , Congress Party and its leaders had lowest popularity rating, resulting in less than 10% seats in 2014 Loksabha elections .

So much  insult was heaped on people connected with power and that gave opposition BJP an absolute majority in general elections. All that forced new govt. to come up with anti-corruption and black money prevention laws and tightening of govt. machinery .  

Sun being original source of energy , solar power got the extensive support of Government of India and this is going to be main source of energy in future all over India . The private companies shifted from coal based power generation to solar power systems .

The Moon Period ( 2015-2025)

If Sun represents the sentiments of  rulers of  a country , then Moon denotes public sentiments . Moon is also the weakest planet representing emotions , public , happiness etc . India’s chart has Moon in its own sign Cancer in 3rd house of communication , valour , neighbours , sports etc .

So, this period will have great connectivity among masses through internet for communication , entertainment and business . There will be great emotional expectations among all sections of society , resulting in excessive caste and religious movements demanding benefits for themselves .

Govt. will find it quite difficult to control such agitations. Moon being 3rd lord , which is 12th from 4th house of happiness , this period will generally cause loss of happiness for public . There can be several reasons for that .

1. Water Crisis

As Solar power was focus area in Sun dasha , so will be water , milk in Moon period.

Moon is planet for water , milk,mother, sleep,emotions, happiness, housing etc so all these matters will come in limelight for good or bad reasons.

Deficit and irregular rains may cause drinking water shortage , falling ground water table, loss of irrigation may result in loss of food production ,shortage of water supply in metros,  creating big price rise for edible items and bottled water . 

On positive side , water conservation , rainwater harvesting , drip irrigation , river cleaning , dredging etc will get top priority because of repeated monsoon failures  and some visible action will be seen on ground for water management.New industries will come up in these sectors to tackle water problems.

2.  Strict Laws & Tax Compliance   

   The judiciary  and Police system will get computerised and technology will be used extensively , making life of law breakers and govt. servants a hell . There will be speedy trials and pendency of court cases may be a thing of past at the end of this period.

There will be big increase in taxation on public and almost everything get taxed at more than 20% rate . Govt will enforce tax compliance through online monitoring and it will be almost impossible to escape taxes due to electronic surveillance and strict laws for tax defaults. 

Implementation of GST , removal of exemptions in Income tax , Capital gains etc will result in increase of goods and prices , making cost of living quite high and comparable to developed countries . 

There will be little jobs in govt. sector and people will not be crazy for govt jobs in higher positions, because of reduction in corruption opportunity , longer hours of work and huge responsibility , while salaries will be stagnating compared to private sector top jobs. 

Subsidies will be eliminated and very few people will be able to get them because of electronic verification.

3. Problems with Neighbouring Countries  

    Moon being 3rd lord , India will have to face excessive problems with all its neighbours . They  will be envious of India’s progress and  would expect great concessions for themselves , while leaving no opportunity to create headache for India , by hobnobbing with China , USA and other such powers , along with sheltering anti India elements .

These neighbouring countries  will keep mum as long as they get money and concessional treatment but will act against India’s interest clandestinely.

4.  Great Development in Transport & Communication Sector 

 Moon as 3rd lord , will pave way for good , all weather  highways , trains and air travel sector through private sector involvement on payment basis . There will be massive increase in air travel , new rail tracks and airports will be  built . New water ways will also be made as Moon signifies water .

In communication field , we can expect huge information highways (4G & 5G ), with one data connection for everyone, enabling voice , TV , video calls ,internet , online transactions anywhere in country . The  TV channels, DTH and telephone companies may shut the shops . Tele medicine , Tele education in colleges in far places will be possible.

5. Becoming Mother will be a Premium Act 

   Moon is for motherhood . By the  time Moon period end , middle class women will loathe the motherhood . Celebrity would go for surrogacy and govt. / corporations will announce major supports for those going for motherhood , with long  maternity leave incentives .

6. Multinational Companies Coming in Dairies Sector

Milk is another signification for Moon . So there will be another Milk revolution in country , caused by entry of multinational companies in dairy sector .

7. Increase in Mental Sickness in Indian Population

Moon is for mind and sleep . Moon being sandwiched among 4 other planets in 3rd house ( loss of happiness) , so people will become more restless , worried , sleep deprived because of 24 hour working and waking caused by smartphones , internet and pressure to earn money round the clock .

This will lead to increase in sleep disorders, insomnia , depression , blood pressure , heart problems and cancer diseases. There will be multi-fold increase in number of suicides and divorces .

In short , Moon period though looking apparently good , positioning India in league of big nations but internally it will have deep unhappiness ,unemployment  stress , psychological problems compared to all previous Mahadashas put together.

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    1. Mars Mahadasha is Maraka and going to be difficult for India because of internal and external unrest . I think we are approaching that as indicated by current citizenship and other reactions by largest minority of country . I will write on this when I get time .

  1. Hi Sir , I read about the economic crisis predicted by you coming in 2020 and as the signs are now visible in the economy wanted to ask from you how bad it will be and for how long it will last ? what all sectors it is going to affect ? Can you please also give some analysis about the scraping of article 370 and how will it affect the nation. Will it be upheld by the SC as it is likely that it will be challenged sooner or later ?

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