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PM Modi Lost Battle Against Black Money !

November 28, 2016

Prediction Fulfilled ....

I had written in my 14th November post   Next 30 Days Critical For PM Modi ...

" .....This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money ."

The reason was the start of Sun-Saturn conjunction from 16th November 2016 lasting for a month, without Jupiter aspect . With today's announcement of  another voluntary declaration scheme for black money at 50% tax rate, the great opportunity to transform India by eliminating all black money has been lost .,

Now , corrupt can become clean by losing half  money and restart their operations once again and make up for the loss in present demonetization .

People who were braving the difficulty in the hope that corrupt people will lose their ill gotten money , were living in fool's paradise . This step has reinforced the old belief that rich in India will never be punished and law will remain liberal for them . 

This also proves that astrology can give hints about the impending changes, when nobody imagines . It also proves that without Jupiter's involvement , no scheme can be successful . In present case only Mars was under Jupiter aspect , so violence was avoided but Saturn blocked the intentions of PM Modi . 

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The Critical Period For PM Modi

November 14, 2016

 Next 30 Days Critical for PM Modi in Fight Against Black Money

  After returning from Japan, PM Modi made an emotional and passionate appeal to Indian citizens for co-operation for  next 50 days . He also expressed the threat perception to his life , just as late PM Indira Gandhi had said a day before her assassination . 

 Astrologically speaking,  period from 16th November to 15th December 2016 is very critical for PM to withstand political pressure, conspiracy on his life or tarnishing of image by his opponents. His success now largely depends how much he sticks or dilutes the scheme in this period . 

If you see the following chart on 16th November 2016 , you can understand why there may be mass protest by public in coming days ..

( These charts are not based on any Lagna or place or person . These are only to show graphically the mutual aspect and degrees of planets )

On 16th November Sun will enter Scorpio sign of secrecy and conspiracy where Saturn is already there . So, powerful people from political outfits, signified by Sun will instigate clandestinely the public represented by Saturn against Modi govt.

During 16 to 20 November , there will be some action by govt and then  another peak will be when Sun-Saturn meet at 21 degree during week starting 5th December 2016 . During the same period, Saturn  will also have aspect wise degree conjunction on Mars , so violent protests are also possible , to force the govt  significantly dilute the scheme .  

Only after 10th December 2016 , things would be calmed down and reasons can be many . Jupiter is not aspecting Sun and Saturn so positive solutions are difficult in this period . Fatigue in banking system will take over and public will lose patience if current state of things continue . 

By 16th December the chart will look like this ..

You can see above that, though Sun-Saturn yoga ends by 16th December, but Banking system ( Taurus Sign) remains pressurised as it has simultaneous 4th aspect from Mars and direct aspect from Saturn. Food sector also comes under Taurus sign so , by this time there may be another crisis related to food items scarcity , created by loss of transportation, trading activities or hoarding and factory production in previous month. This will continue till mid January 2017 . 

This period may see nationwide rallies by a united opposition and total shut down of Parliament's winter session and then PM may be forced to halt or dilute this mission against black money . However , I am quite sure about PM's intentions and he will soon fire his next Bramhastra against black money .  I pray him good health and long life because as long as he is there , we have hopes for India's transformation . After him , nobody is going to take that challenge for decades .  

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  You Need To Know The Reason Behind Your Problem To Solve It ! 

Once Lord Buddha was sitting with a rope in his hand . His disciples were curious to know what he would do with that rope . He tied 3 knots in that rope and then asked his disciples " Is it the same rope now ?".  A disciple said " Though externally it appears changed due to 3 knots but internally , it remains the same rope ." 

Then Lord Buddha said that he wanted to open up those 3 knots and for that he started pulling rope from both ends . After failing to untie the rope, he asked again " Can these knots be opened by pulling from both the ends ?" 

The disciple said  " No, No , that will further tighten the knots !"

Lord Buddha asked the disciple way to untie those knots . 

The disciple said " To untie these knots , I will have to see how these knots were tied and then only we can untie them ."

Lord Buddha said " That is the fact which people do not understand ! People want to solve their problems without knowing how the problem was created . They want instant solutions , without going deeper into their behaviour and want to untie the knots by pulling both ends forcefully , which only worsens the problem. "

   Astrology helps in understanding how the problem was created . Every problem we face has two dimensions : At seed level and then at environment level . If these two do not match then crop would not grow . For seed , we need to know the horoscope and for environment , we need to know habits and working environment of a person.  

  Swami Sivananda tells sequence from Karma to Destiny in above image :

        Actiontendency HabitCharacterDestiny

And this destiny map is available like company's annual balance sheet via our Birth Chart . If we want to change this destiny for better , we need to know current accumulation , habits , character which a birth chart clearly explains and then we need to change our actions & habits so that we can change our destiny .

That is why I do not recommend quick short cut remedies and recommend behaviour modification after looking at your chart to change destiny , similar to doctor recommending lifestyle changes based on your medical test report .   

In last 3 years of my online astro-consultancy to hundreds of professionals, when I ended my phone conversation , every person sighed and repented  "..... if only I had known my astro-design earlier , I would have been protected from many misadventures , loss of resources and time ..

I found many of my clients pushing too forcefully in life to be successful , while I just told them to slightly pull open the appropriate door !

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Brexit Marks Final Episode of Bad Jupiter-Rahu Yoga

The Jupiter-Rahu Second Time Degree Conjunction ends with Brexit

Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction usually happens once every 7 years and it happened earlier in 2001 , 2008 and this time it was during January to August 2016 .

This time it had 2 degree conjunction : one at 29 degree in Leo during February 2016 , when stock market worldwide made new lows and next was during 3rd week of June on Brexit Day at 21 degree and world stock markets again took a severe beating . 

That is the practical demonstration how Jupiter-Rahu conjunction creates panic situation in political and financial world.

With change of PM on 13th July , the Brexit process is to start  within Jupiter-Rahu conjunction till 12th August 2016 , which was looking difficult when new PM was scheduled for September 2016. 

Prediction Fulfilment About Global Financial Crisis in 2016 

What is common in periods of  August 2001 to January 2002 , August 2008 to January 2009 and August 2015 to January 2016 ?  

Well , the answers on political event basis would be : NY Terror Attack in 2001 (Sept 11 ) , Mumbai Terror Attack (26 Nov ) in 2008 and Paris (13 Nov 2015) attack and  Pathankot Airbase attack on  2 January 2016 . 

Another common parameter is world financial health in doldrums ! Let us see BSE Sensex charts of 2001 , 2008 and 2015 as a sample of world recession in those years !

A) In 2001 , Sensex crashed from high of 4500 to a low of 2600 , almost 40% fall .


B)  In 2008 , Sensex fell from a high of 21000 to a low of 9000 , a fall of 60% ! 

C) And now in 2015 the crash is in process ...sensex has crashed to 25000 from peak of 30000 , almost 20% till now and we can expect as much more ...

So we saw  a period with a cycle of roughly 7 years , giving almost similar results politically and financially and globally .

My question is now : What is another common factor in all 3 events of 7 year cycle ! And can it be predicted in advance ? 

My Answer is Yes ! Via Indian astrology , this can be easily predicted and I did it in all 3 events . It happened due to 7 year cycle Yoga . First time I got the experience of this yoga in 2001 when I was doing astrology course from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and I saw 9/11 . Next time I was ready with dates and I told it to several of my friends to benefit from stock market while I personally benefited from my purchase of residence in that period and this time I had predicted more than a year before on various internet sites .

What more rationalist , analyst and persons with "Scientific Western education " want from Indian astrology to prove that it works and it gives repetitive results  ?    

Now let me also give some advice from different highly paid big brokerage house  , technical analysts were predicting on media in March 2015, when Sensex  touched 30000 in March 2015 ...

1. From Economic Times ...

2. Reuter's Opinion Poll of Brokerage Houses on Sensex in 2015-16 ...

Whenever market touches a new high , these brokerages  always give a higher target for next year and gullible investors get trapped . And that includes all big brokerage house , who manage mutual funds of billions . They employ people trained from IIM or foreign countries in finance and forecasting the markets . But they have no clues to impending disasters and save their skin by pointing to disclaimer that past performance is no guarantee for future investment .

These very analysts start giving lower targets when market touches new lows and even that also does not happen . Nobody questions them but an astrologer will be berated for any failure alongwith astrology itself .

In August 2015 crash of sensex for 1700 points in a day , when I told it is because of astrological reason , people started questioning me . I told in writing to see it in next 6 months again ! 

My Quora Answer on 24th August on Impending Financial crisis

" It is due to  start of a cosmic event of 7 year cycle called Jup-Rahu meet due in 2015 end . This happened in 2001 ( 9/11) and 2008  (26/11) crisis. The man made / natural calamity also expected as happened in 2001  and 2008 .  

I had Predicted in November 2014 at this link


Repercussions of  Saturn Entering into Scorpio   

" When Jupiter changes sign in July 2015,  Saturn will again become uncontrolled , as it will look at  Jupiter  .   Rahu will also be joining Jupiter , weakening Jupiter further . So  June 2015 to June 2016 will be the period of return of BAD DAYS again for Modi Govt. ,  when there may be price rise , internal problems , fall of sensex and  weakening of govt. confidence or  govt. becoming unpopular. Guru-Rahu  meeting in the same period also means that there may be international  financial scare behind such bad days. Things will start improving  only  after July 2016 . "

See comments and my response on above answer ...

And now see on 8 January 2016 , what George Soros is saying ...

Now , there are many dooms day forecasters in market and media but how many can give a precise period of crisis , that too years before , when there are no such signs of crisis . I had predicted 2015 end crisis just after 2008 crisis to my many friends . 

So, that is possible only via astrology and no modern science can match that ! That is why , we can predict years before , just after birth of a person for his future life .

Well , you know when the next such global financial crisis will happen ... near  June 2024 (plus , minus 2 months margin) !

Please see this in this video , why Jupiter-Rahu conjunction creates big upheaval in banking , stocks and global peace


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Sh. K.N. Rao on Astrology

Watch the Doordarshan interview of Sh. K. N. Rao , the living legend of astrology and my astrology teacher at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi. He beautifully explains the usefulness of astrology while debunking myths like Upaay ( remedies)  associated with astrology .  

वही मोदी, वही शाह !

Prediction Fulfilment : Sensex Fall and How Long will be "Achchhe Din ( Good Days ) "  of Modi Govt  ?

An astrologer thinks ahead of time , so when people were busy in singing paeans or victory songs to PM Modi and his fast govt. , when Mr. Modi was being given credit for making Parliament very productive for passing so many bills in 2014 monsoon session, where even Congress was co-operating , I had written this essay on how long these Achchhe Din will survive . 

On November 2, 2014 , I wrote in last paragraph in "  Repercussions of Saturn entering Scorpio " (

3.   When Jupiter changes sign in July 2015, Saturn will again become uncontrolled , as it will look at  Jupiter  .  Rahu will also be joining Jupiter(Guru) , weakening Guru further .

So June 2015 to July 2016 will be the period of return of BAD DAYS again , when there may be price rise , internal problems , fall of sensex and weakening of govt. confidence or  govt. becoming unpopular.

Guru-Rahu meeting in the same period also means that there may be international financial scare behind such bad days. Things will start improving  only after July 2016 .   

The predictions are being fulfilled now. A co-operative opposition has turned into most non-cooperative , China Financial Crisis is causing panic in Indian Corporate world with rupee depreciation , Modi Govt. has lost all its sheen and people have started thinking that this govt. is also not much different from earlier ones.

That reminds us the famous Hindi couplet : पुरुष बली नहिं होत है, समय होत बलवान। भीलन लूटी गोपिका वहि अर्जुन वहि बान॥ ( The person is not all powerful , it is Time which makes a person powerful for some duration , otherwise great Archer Arjun could not have been defeated by a tribal archer in his later life )

And astrology can definitely warn much before the actual bad event happening ,  to improve your action if you understand it in advance and take pre-emptive action, instead of being mired in self praise and aggrandisements.